The Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem, and It’s Getting Worse

Daily Caller

A record 16 out of 100 Navy women are reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

That number is up 2 percent from 2015, representing hundreds more who have to cut their deployments short, taxing both their unit’s manpower, military budgets and combat readiness. Further, such increases cast a shadow over the lofty gender integration goals set by former President Barack Obama.

Overall, women unexpectedly leave their stations on Navy ships as much as 50% more frequently to return to land duty, according to documents obtained from the Navy. The statistics were compiled by the Navy Personnel Command at the request of TheDCNF, covering the period from January 2015 to September 2016.

The evacuation of pregnant women is costly for the Navy. Jude Eden, a nationally known author about women in the military who served in 2004 as a Marine deployed to Iraq said a single transfer can cost the Navy up to $30,000 for each woman trained for a specific task, then evacuated from an active duty ship and sent to land. That figure translates into $115 million in expenses for 2016 alone.

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4 comments on “The Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem, and It’s Getting Worse
  1. We need to reconsider the policy…..It’s evidently not working. If it has that much of a negative impact on our readiness, it needs to be changed

  2. ummm…”unexpectedly” ?! These idiots actually pretend they couldn’t see this coming?! Even this old army
    guy saw it coming years ago!

  3. 115 Million! Ha! Now do a “study” of how many (females-v/s males… as a percentage, of course) get out after braking nails/pregnancies et al with less that 4 years in and get disability benefits for the rest of their worthless lives while partying/flocking their lives away?!

    Bet it’s more the the F-35 program (@ 1.5 trillion)!!!

  4. So you want to integrate the vigina in a pool of horney penis’s. Did you really think that these people would keep theirs parts out of the mix. There is some very stupid people that are making decisions at the pentagon.

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