The Democrats: Out of Touch, Out of Ideas, Out of their Minds

By Ray Starmann

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discern that the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy is an unhinged, untethered time bomb that needs to take a very long sabbatical on a very large and very soft shrink’s couch.

President Trump’s speech on Tuesday night was nothing less than spectacular. It was a Cubs late inning grand slam, a Payton Manning touchdown throw, a Bill Murray, ‘Mirac’ all in one.

Even Van Jones, seated on the CNN Trump kangaroo prosecution court said it best, “Trump became the President with that speech.”

The Democrats didn’t think so…

The ‘Not Our President’ crowd arrived in white outfits, led by Nancy Pelosi and looking like they were on their way to a Kool Aid party with Jim Jones after a quick stop in Congress.

Mr. Trump spoke on many of his favorite issues; securing the border, destroying ISIS, fixing the decaying 19th Century infrastructure in the country and above all, repairing the economy and providing the forgotten men and women of America with quality jobs and a decent life.

You would think that the Democrats would have applauded several of these issues. After all, everyone needs a job; whether you’re a liberal or a conservative.

You would think…

The Democrats reached a new low when the President hailed fallen US Navy SEAL, Chief William ‘Ryan’ Owens, who was killed in action during the SEAL raid on an Al-Qaeda camp in Yemen.

Owens’ wife, Carryn, was given a standing ovation as she stood in the balcony, sobbing. It was an extremely emotional and maudlin moment. It was an occasion when all Americans should come together to honor a US serviceman who gave all that mortality can give.

The Republicans stood and applauded with the President, Vice President Pence and Speaker Ryan. Most of the Democrats refused to stand and sat glumly, doing something Democrats are very good at, being unpatriotic.

If the Democrats’ conduct was beyond disgraceful on Tuesday night, the comments made by former Hillary Clinton campaign operative Dan Grilo can only be labeled vile and the work of a coward. What kind of man mocks a military widow? Grilo called Carryn Owens an idiot on Twitter for letting herself be used by Mr. Trump, before he was savaged and forced to delete his account.

After the speech, the Democrats rolled out former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, who looked like the guy from the Heaven’s Gate cult and who had seated around him, the last ten white people in mid-America who call themselves Democrats.

Beshear said nothing, which is what the Democrats have to offer the nation in terms of solutions to fix the disaster brought upon by the globalist marionette, Barack Obama.

Once the Democrats saw the CNN poll which indicated 78% of Americans liked the speech, they went into action. It was time to pull out their go to conspiracy; the old Russian fairy tale.

To counter Trump’s speech, the Deep State wheels began churning. From Obama’s residence in DC and with the help of the always dutiful Marxist, Valerie Jarrett, a new angle was quickly invented:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador, claimed the Democrats. And, he failed to inform Senator Al Franken during testimony before Congress.

Of course what they failed to mention is that as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, it was Sessions’ job to meet with foreign ambassadors. When questioned by Franken, Sessions may have not provided the most articulate answer, but there was no intent to deceive Congress, which certainly knew when and where Sessions was meeting dignitaries from Russia.

Any logic provided by Sessions and James Clapper and Paul Ryan is thrown out the window by hysterical Democrats. The Russian fairy tale is just that, a story created by Deep State intelligence personnel loyal to Mr. Obama and his gang of Chekists.

But, the Democrats never operate with logic. They run on emotion. Since they have nothing to offer the nation in terms of ideas, liberals are clinging to the idea that somehow, some way, Russia caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election and everyone in Trump’s cabinet and the President was in on the imaginary conspiracy.

The Russian fantasy lingers like a boil in the brains of Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas Warren and the rest of the barnyard animals and circus performers that are called the Democratic Party these days.

Today, Senator Al Franken, former SNL comedian and Minnesota liberal acted like MASH’s paranoid Colonel Flagg as he spoke of the possibility that Sessions is somehow in cahoots with the Rodina.

When Al Franken is the nation’s counter-intelligence expert, you know the lunacy has reached new heights.

You would think it would be impossible to top the paranoia and helpless hysteria of Schumer, Pelosi, Warren and Franken.

Enter New Hamsphire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who stated today that “We should think about whether it is an act of war or not.”

“If the United States isn’t going to take any action in response to that Russian intrusion against your elections, then how can we think that the United States is going to take any action to protect us against Russia?”

Wow, now the Democrats want to go to war with Russia over the imaginary idea that the Russians got Trump elected.

Welcome to the Cold War liberals. You’re about 30 years late and 30 Rubles short.

The fact is the Democrats are in a tailspin and they have no idea where the eject handle is on their kamikaze.

The fact is the Democrats have nothing to offer Americans; zippo, nada: no new policies, no ideas, no solutions, nothing but a big fat goose egg.

The fact is the Democrats are a bi-coastal party serving up politically correct horse dung for Hollywood jackasses like Meryl Streep and for Manhattan liberals who think they’re cultured because they live down the street from an art museum.

The Democrats are the useful tools for the global elite, who have not given up their plan to continue the train wreck of open borders and trade deals that suck the life out of the American worker, while lining the pockets of billionaires.

When you don’t have any plan to fix America, the plan is to deceive the population and to destroy the current administration.

The Democrats need to remember one thing; if they ever win another Presidency, which is doubtful, payback is going to be a bitch.

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  1. I bet I know what happened!!!

    The Russian Psychological Warfare unit wrote Trump’s Speech!!

    yea, yea, that’s it – We GOTTA blame the RUSSIANS!

  2. The Democrats are a dying party who only represents Communists, Socialists and Islamic Jihadists. Thank God Americans have awoken to this.

  3. When can I read that our Spec Ops folks removing the true world terrorist from our Country. The Democrats are behind everything wrong with this world. Just follow the money.

  4. The Democrat Party is in shambles, yet they continue to act like the small minded and petty losers that got them to this point in the first place. Their shameless behavior during our president’s speech the other night simply reaffirms their total disconnect from mainstream America.

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