Ramblings & Tidbits…for the week of March 19th

By Joe Ragonese

Paul Ryan is, and has been, a part of the problem. Somehow, he simply can’t wrap his brain around the fact that Republicans won the election on the promise of repealing Obamacare, along with building a wall, immigration, increased military capability, destroying Islamic terrorism, smaller government, and draining the swamp.  All of these issues are conservative issues, not elitist, which catapulted President Trump and a majority of Republicans into office last November.  If Ryan can only accept that, the President can begin to implement his agenda.

If it wasn’t for the Freedom Caucus, we would now be saddled with another cumbersome healthcare bill that requires mandates that all people must purchase insurance. That singular point is what spurred a movement into existence; cumulating with the present Republican control of the executive and both houses of congress, for the first time in 10 years.  Yet, the senate doesn’t get the fact that Americans do not want watered down versions of big government, they want it gone!

The Freedom Caucus stood firm, under immense pressure from fellow Republicans and President Trump, to pass a healthcare bill that was not suitable. Thankfully, they held to principal and waited until a real conservative bill could be formulated and passed.  President Trump even went on Twitter Sunday to complain about them allowing Planned Parenthood to keep operating.  Defunding them was a part of the bill.  But to accept a bad healthcare plan because there are some good parts would not be the right thing to do.  The Freedom Caucus did the right thing.  We must send thank you letters and emails to these brave men and women and let them know that we applaud their actions.

What has to happen is that Obamacare must be fully repealed. We would be much better off, and with much better health care, if we simply undid what Obama did to us and had the very same healthcare coverage that was in place seven years ago.  There was no medical insurance crisis then, but there is one now, because of big governmental interference in the capitalist system named Obamacare.  It destroyed our healthcare system.

I am not sure that all of those doctors who retired rather than suffer under Obama’s rules would return to their practices; however, it would offer the promise of a productive career to those who filled their shoes. Healthcare did not need to be fixed in the first place, and a really bad healthcare bill, Obamacare, does not need to be tweaked, it needs to be gone.  This repeal and replace mantra is nothing more than caving into a false narrative that we had a problem in the first place.

Congress has to deny the left any acknowledgement that there was a problem in the first place, it simply did not exist. They also have to stop pandering to cry babies that they need to keep their children on their policy until they are 28, it’s time for them to grow up, both parents and children alike.  As to preexisting conditions, that is a Pandora’s box that should not be opened.  Let the insurance companies handle that by charging more to those who have conditions that will cost more in the long run and let those without preexisting conditions pay less.  Capitalism works if it is allowed to.  Everyone really needs to be accountable for themselves; that was the lesson of the 2016 Presidential election.

Speaking of the election’s results, we elected a President to do the job that he said that he would, not a judge in Hawaii. By denying the President the right to implement his policies fighting international terrorism, that judge overstepped the boundaries between two coequal branches of government as written in the Constitution. That issue has already been adjudicated, although I am sure that leftist judges do not read the Constitution or the findings of the Supreme Court.

In 1803 a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court found that the judiciary cannot expand its mandated authority as written in Article III of the Constitution, and that “it is the role of the Judicial system to interpret what the Constitution permits.”   While some have already forgotten about the left hampering the President by judicial overreach, it is a breach of the Constitution to try to force legislation from the bench and an egregious overt act against our system of government.

This has to be stopped and soon. We need Judge Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court and now, rather than later.  Without him President Trump will not be able to govern without the obstructionist on the left taking him to court endlessly.  The Senate must move next week for his confirmation and if Senator Schumer carries out his threat of filibustering the nomination, the nuclear option has to be invoked.  He has to be on the court as soon as possible.

A 14 year old girl was raped in Rockville, Maryland by two illegal immigrants. Those illegals, one 17 the other 18, were allowed to be in the same classroom with 14 year olds because of idiotic liberals on the Montgomery County School Board who welcome illegals into class with open arms.  In fact, the city of Rockville was in the process of becoming a sanctuary city.

The 18 year old illegal, Henry E. Sanchez, reportedly had been stopped by Border Patrol agents crossing into this country under Obama’s reign of terror, and forced to release him, while the 17 year old, Jose O. Montano is one of those dreamers that Obama tried to give amnesty to through an illegal executive order. His parents brought him here illegally as they snuck across the boarder with him in their arms.  Illegal is illegal, his parents crime was compounded by his in not applying for citizenship when Obama gave them the opportunity.

There is no need to say more about the rape other than that it is proof that leftist policies are dangerous to Americans on so many levels that there isn’t enough room to write them all. It is simply a case of another an American suffering while criminals are treated as heroes by the left.  And, illegals are criminals.  That is what illegal means when talking about people who are here against the laws of this land, they are criminals because they are breaking the law.  What can’t the left see about that?  They are in open violation of the laws of this land, that in itself is criminal behavior.  Well, we all know that the left doesn’t like this country anyway, so I guess that it makes sense that they would welcome criminals here.

On a happier note, a U.S. Air Strike in Afghanistan has killed an al-Qaeda leader, Qari Yasin, who was responsible for a bombing at a Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, that killed dozens of people, including two American servicemen, U.S. Air Force Major Rodolfo Rodriguez and U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class Matthew O’Bryant. The air strike was a part of the ongoing counter-terrorism campaign in Afghanistan.   Soon, President Trump is going to have to state our future goals in that country.  No need to keep our military in harm’s way if we have no end goal there.

More good news, EPA head, Scott Pruitt said on ABC’s Sunday show, This Week, that President Trump is going to sign an executive order within the next few weeks that will unravel Obama’s sweeping plans to cut carbon emissions.  Pruitt said that the President’s actions were meant to bring back coal jobs and to reduce the cost of electricity.

The truth is, that carbon dioxide is not now, and never has been a pollutant, as the wacked out left keeps screaming that it is. There is no evidence that it is a “greenhouse gas” that holds in heat, and in fact, ask any high school biology student, and you will learn that carbon dioxide is one of the most necessary gasses on earth, second only to oxygen.  In fact, without both, the earth cannot exist.

Animals breathe in oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, and then vegetation absorbs the carbon dioxide and emits oxygen back into the atmosphere. It is the way God made everything fit so that the Earth works.  If you add liberals to the mix, then nothing works, so maybe President Trump should sign an executive order outlawing progressives and progressive non-science to insure the health and safety of our planet.

This writer is flummoxed over the way everyone thinks that there really is such a thing as man made global warming. It does not now nor has it ever existed.  It is a radical leftist attempt to control the economy and cause chaos in the balance.  Chaos is exactly what the left wants.  It is time for President Trump to direct his Department of Education to limit any mention of man made global warming in any classroom that receives either directly or indirectly, any federal funds.

This nonsense has to be put to an end. For anyone who disagrees with this assessment, do the research yourself, more than half of all scientists disagree with the theory that there is man made global warming of any type.  That half who do, are generously funded by pro-left funding sources and are trying to prove something that cannot be proven. Typical left-think.

And one last thing, James Woods has been credited with posting the following lines on his Twitter account:

Let criminals out.

Let illegals in.

Let boys in girl’s locker rooms.

Prosecute innocent officers.

Persecute Christians.

Accept barbarity in the form of Islam.

Overtax the hardworking.

Coddle the lazy.

This is what Democrats have created in America.

I wish I would have said that!

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