Ramblings & Tidbits…for the week of March 12

By Joe Ragonese

Once again a federal judge has stopped the President from denying immigration of dangerous people into America.  This overreach by an Obama judge may just be the beginning of a Constitutional crisis that will bring to a head all of the anti-Trump stonewalling.  The law is clearly on President Trump’s side, in more than one area.

While the Constitution does not specify the division of power between the co-equal branches, the judiciary has historically been the weakest, in that its only power lies in judicial review.  The judiciary is supposed to interpret the law, not create it.  Its only check on power is that the court determines if the actions of the other two branches are allowable within the limits of the Constitution.

Therein lies the conundrum facing the President.  His actions dealing with both executive orders on limiting immigration of certain people who may present a danger, were clearly authorized by the Constitution as well as statutes.  Therefore, the court’s ruling becomes overreach into the executive branch of government.  The reason the court is the weakest branch is that it finds one way or another, it has no power to enforce its finding.  That is the balance.  President Trump can do what Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln did when the courts found in opposition to their orders, they ignored them.

While this may spark a Constitutional crisis, it will most certainly mark the beginning of the end to the obstructionist left’s attempts to undermine this President.  It may be wise to seek congressional assistance before invoking his right to simply ignore the latest series of court orders against him.  The Republican Congress needs to invoke the nuclear option to appoint Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  President Trump needs a majority of justices to be Constitutionalist to insure that the crisis he invokes ends the way he desires.  While acting unilaterally to force a solution to the problems the President is facing, allowing this obstruction of the will of the people who elected him may be more frightening.

Speaking of frightening, my wife, exasperated by the Hawaiian judge’s decision to stop the President’s executive order, on top of Republican’s unwillingness to repeal Obamacare, simply stated that she fears that no one will allow President Trump to do the things that he was elected to do.  That is a sentiment felt by everyone who loves America.  This writer believes that we are nearing the time for the drastic actions stated above and forcing compliance to the President’s will.

Soon world events are going to overtake us and the political drama being played out by the obstructive Democrats will place us in terrible jeopardy.  We are living in very dangerous times and President Trump must keep his eye on fast moving world events in North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and Syria.  With little warning something can explode at any moment and the obstructive Democrats are going to cause great harm to this nation.  It is what leftists do, create havoc.  President Trump was elected to normalize this country, not continue with the chaos.  He must become the leader that he was elected to be.

Speaking of chaos, Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister, met with President Trump on Friday.  As the two made their joint appearance it was evident that things are not rosy between them.  Trump spoke about his solid backing of NATO and its need to protect Europe and America, while reiterating that its member’s need to meet their monetary obligations of a minimum of 2% of their nation’s GDP for defense.  When Merkel spoke, she made a tepid commitment to meeting that goal by 2024; seven years away.

Germany only spends 1.2% of its GDP on defense; relying on America to take up the slack on their behalf, while not providing protection for its own people.  Look at the rape mess they have going on, by allowing unlimited access to Muslim migration.  They had over 70,000 rapes alone last year, in a country that had only a few hundred prior to the migrants taking over their once beautiful nation.  This year’s number of rapes isn’t known because they are now hidden in official files.

Speaking of providing protection, a Las Vegas couple saw two men lurking in their back yard and called the police.  Before officers arrived, the two men broke into the residence, armed with handguns, tied up the couple, using duct tape and began to loot the house.  The man managed to free himself, retrieve a weapon, and shot and killed one suspect and wounded the other.  The wife was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

In a clear cut case of self-defense, no charges were brought against the homeowner.  Nevada is a ‘stand your ground’ state and defending one’s home is a basic legal principle.  Yet, Clark County Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, is a liberal bastion within the state.  A spokesman for the district attorney’s office observed, prior to deciding that no charges would be filed, that even though Nevada is a stand your ground state, the prosecutor makes the decision on whether to or not to charge someone for defending themselves.  This is what it is like living in a leftist nation, following the law isn’t enough because big brother always knows best.  Now, that is frightening.

Speaking of guns, Jim Warren, a policy and political columnist for U.S. News & World Report, a magazine not known for its conservative writing, said, “The Cook County (Chicago) court system, the largest in the country, is traditionally very, very soft on most gun charges.”  Later he called the court system a joke.  In a city where the soaring murder rate is out of control, it is about time that someone take notice that liberal judges once again create havoc rather than protect the citizens that they are sworn to protect.

A big part of Chicago’s murder problem lies in the fact that, “They shoot and keep shooting,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said, “because they know they can get away with it.”  Added to a weak court system, probably the most liberal in the nation, the ACLU filed a suit during Obama’s tenure that put handcuffs on the Chicago Police by forcing them to fill out a 70 question report every time they make a street stop on any gangbanger standing at his drug corner.  This requires anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to complete, and then the officer has to provide a receipt to the suspect, with their name and star number on it.

After this 2015 federally mandated order went into effect, Chicago’s murder rate went through the roof.  Those street stops the ACLU is so worried about was the last line of defense for innocent civilians caught in between warring drug gangs.  The end result has been 800 murders and over 4000 maimings last year alone.  This year Chicago is ahead of last as far as shootings and murders are concerned.

Chicago U.S. Attorney, Zachary Fardon, left office recently and in a parting shot at Chicago City Hall and the ACLU, sent an open letter to the media where he said, in part, “The ACLU’s settlement (the federal mandate was brought about due to their suit) swung the pendulum hard away from pro-active law enforcement,” later saying, ”a key reason for the spike in violence, that began in early 2016, was federal oversight that had a chilling effect on many police officers.”

As if we needed any more proof that liberalism is a failed system, those dead kids and innocent bystanders, whose lives were snuffed out by criminals emboldened by leftist policies, stands as a testament to leftism’s failure.  Eight years of Obama almost destroyed the greatest nation on earth.

And one more thing, during the press conference with Trump and Merkel, the two did find one thing in common, both had been wiretapped by Obama.  Maybe they can build a mutual trust based on this commonality; or maybe not.


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