Paul Ryan Received Funds From A Democratic Organization Called “ActBlue”

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Paul Ryan received funds from a Democratic organization called “ActBlue”. He’s one of two Republicans on the list. The other is Rob Portman of Ohio.

Quick rundown on ActBlue:
ActBlue bills itself as “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action.” As a federally registered political action committee, it serves as a conduit for online contributions to Democratic candidates and committees. That is, ActBlue bundles and transmits earmarked contributions from individuals raised on their website to specific candidates.

The organization assists Democratic candidates and committees of all ideological persuasion, helping moderates and liberals alike. Through mid-2010, it has helped funnel more than $134 million — and counting — in contributions. Because much of that money comes in donations below the $200 threshold for itemized disclosure, the total amount given by donors via ActBlue is considerably greater than the totals listed below, which are based on FEC filings of candidates and committees that receive this money.

Their summary on Twitter reads:
“Our mission is to democratize power by putting powerful fundraising tools in the hands of grassroots donors across the United States.”


Tied to Shareblue as shown here in a 2015 tweet:

This organization is always tagged with things like “resist” and resist accounts on Twitter.

Guess who received funds from Act Blue? Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and..


This is like one big naughty list.

Paul Ryan Received Funds From A Democratic Organization Called "Act Blue"

Seems they are rewording their apps and website now that people are taking notice.

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  1. And you expect the American people to trust you. YOu have run in the last time you were in the Congress. What do you have stocks in the medical health plan if it passed. Your greed will get you all the time. Remember that is why you lost the last time. This health care better be above board that even the dems can’t stand And when the Dems can’t stand it then we will know it is correct.!!! Don’t you dare bring down Trump or you will be FINISHED. GOT IT.!!!

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