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Southern Types: The German Government’s Big Brother Term for MUSLIM REFUGEES!

Two women in Germany last weekend became the victim of brutal sexual assaults in two separate incidents. In both cases, the attackers were described as ‘southern types’, operating in small bands.

Carnival rape, crying woman in Leverkusen

On Sunday night, a 31-year-old woman in the city of Leverkusen was victimised by a gang of three men in the district of Lützenkirchen. She was attacked by all three of the perpetrators and subsequently raped on a lawn by one of them. After the assault, the men fled in an unknown direction, Freie Zeiten reports.

Passers-by had, later on, found the crying woman sitting in the streets. She was dressed up as a hippie since she had been out celebrating Carnival.

According to the victim, the men were dressed in dark clothes, in between 20 and 30 years of age, and all had a ‘southern appearance’. This usually means they come from countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

The police are asking the public for help, and an arrest has yet to be made in this case.

Violent gang rape on Hamburg riverbank

In Hamburg, two men on Sunday evening sexually assaulted a 46-year-old woman after beating her. The violent gang rape took place near a bridge called the Lombardsbrücke, which is located on the riverbank of the Alster.

On  Monday morning, the injured victim went to a hospital where she was investigated and treated, and other local media report. Afterwards, she spoke to police to file a complaint.

In this case, as well, the woman referred to the rapists as being of southern descent, meaning Northern Africans or, in German police lingo, the so-called ‘Nafri’s’. She could not describe the assailants more accurate.

During the interrogation, the victim mentioned an elderly couple passing by the location of the attack. They may be important witnesses, police have stated.

Cologne’s NYE changed everything 

Sexual violence appears to be on the rise in Germany, where this category of felonies is often committed by refugees and other migrants.

Public attention to the problem skyrocketed after the so-called ‘taharrush‘ in the city of Cologne, where on the New Year’s Eve of 2015/2016 several hundreds of girls and young women were stripped, groped (some even raped), and robbed by some thousand Nafri’s and Arabs, virtually all of whom have escaped punishment for their crimes. Since then, German police are on the alert.

  1. Let’s Just Call Them “Southern Types” & Cover Up Their Crimes
    Rape is just a Cultural Misunderstanding

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