Off We Go Into the PC Yonder! The Air Force has Lost the Right Stuff

By Ray Starmann

The Air Force has lost the Right Stuff.

The Air Force has lost the warrior spirit, that indefinable quality that enables men who are terrified to do the impossible and to win wars.

The Air Force is turning into a politically correct encounter group in matching clothes with weapons.

President Trump may be in the White House and General Mattis may be the Secretary of Defense, but the leftist acolytes of the Kenyan commander in chief’s Maoist Revolution are continuing to infest and destroy the armed forces like a stage four cancer.

Last week, Fox News broke the story concerning a senior officer at Lackland Air Force Base, and an obvious card carrying Marxist, who had distributed a memo instructing personnel under their command to avoid using the following words and phrases:

  1. Boy
  2. Girl
  3. You People
  4. Colonial
  5. Blacklist
  6. Blackmail
  7. Blackball
  8. Sounds Greek to me
  9. Blondes have more fun
  10. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

The memo continued:

“Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate,” the email read. “Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate, and help others seek assistance if they are struggling with compliance.”

When Fox News contacted the public affairs office at Lackland, the base PAO responded:

“The Air Force has no list of prohibited terms,” a public affairs spokesperson told me. “It was sent out by an individual simply reminding Airmen to be respectful to others.”

This is the kind of Marxist, thought police, gender neutral horse dung and hay that was pedaled in the 4D horror show called the Ash Carter Pentagon.

Apparently, Air Force personnel at Lackland should not use the terms boy and girl. This is your typical communist academic double speak coming out of the nation’s universities. Since, we are all apparently gender neutral mannequins, the sexes no longer apply.



This also stems from the left’s insane idea of pushing women in the combat arms. If there are no genders, women can easily hack life in the Green Berets. It’s all part of the estrogen charged fantasy called the girl power movement, which brainwashes young, 20 something women to think they can take down a platoon of Jihadis with a couple Angelina Jolie karate kicks.

The memo also ordered personnel to not use the term ‘you people’ when addressing people. Just what the hell are people in the military if they’re not people? Are they supposed to be addressed as ‘you gender neutral bots?”

According to the memo, Air Force personnel should not use the terms blacklist, blackball and blackmail, because no doubt these are highly racist terms. Perhaps they should be called whitelist, whiteball and whitemail? How about greenmail, yellowball and redlist?

Good God…

Then there are the capital offenses of using the terms: sounds Greek to me, blondes have more fun and more chiefs than Indians.

One, Greek is a hard language to learn, two, blondes do have more fun and three, the Indians, aka the Native Americans are making a killing by scalping the white man at casinos. I doubt they care what they’re called these days.

The Air Force seems to have a sensitive feather up its backside about Native Americans. In 2015, Major General Michael Keltz, a real warrior who had flown hundreds of combat missions was ‘retired’ after he made the mistake of stating that a young officer at an Article 15 hearing was ‘drunker than 10,000 Indians.’

Keltz was ordered to report to his perfumed prince commander the next day who informed him that that kind of thought crime was not tolerated in the new and totally worthless US Air Force. Keltz signed a few papers, fired a star cluster and retreated with a footlocker of medals for valor.

Message received: warriors need not apply in the Air Farce.

The memo also mentioned that Lackland has a zero tolerance policy toward any normal human conversation, such as referring to men as men and women as women. Also noted was the reference to diversity, which is a real combat multiplier in the minds of the liberals who are still imbedded in the military. Nothing can win wars like diversity!

Is this the US Air Force or some kind of safe space, triggered group of candyasses sucking up helium and idiocy in some collegiate Ivory Tower? The Lackland memo is in sync with the kind of nurturing, peace and granola, kumbaya insanity going on at the Air Force Academy, as reported by US Defense Watch.

It doesn’t take Einstein to deduce that the Air Force is severely lacking in leaders who are warriors.

Where are the types of officers who led bombing missions over Nazi occupied Europe?

Where are the types of officers like Jimmy Doolittle who led the famous Thirty Seconds over Tokyo raid after his brave pilots took off in B-25’s from the deck of the USS Hornet?

Where are the types of officers who flew B-52 missions over North Vietnam, dodging and sometimes eating SAMs, missions that included flying with Brigadier General James Stewart who had flown numerous missions over Nazi Germany before returning to Hollywood.

Where are these men and where do we find them again?

All services in the military are reeling from eight years of social engineering under the Obama administration. Sadly, most of the studs, free thinkers and general all-American ass kickers are gone and the military is now saturated with moral cowards, professional bureaucrats and worthless PC liberals who would be better suited running a day care center in Santa Monica.

No doubt General Mattis has some top priorities such as dealing with North Korea, China, ISIS, Iran and Russia. But, he must begin the process of purging the feminists, fodder and feather merchants from the United States military before they can do anymore damage to the greatest fighting force on God’s green earth.

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  1. With the exception of SAC and pilots, the Air Force has long been the most left-leaning of the US military. It had become politically correct when I served (Nam era).

  2. The police forces in most major cities now follow the most PC rules there are, and Black crime is through the roof, apologies to roofers! LOL!

  3. President Trump should relieve/retire the lot of them much like the US Attorney purge. Keep the FEW good ones, and replace the remainder with those worthy of being followed: Probably a pretty tough hunt 🙁

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