House Judiciary Committee Has Just Given FBI Director Comey Two Weeks To Explain

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Anyone who followed the last presidential election remembers that it was not easy to get the proven misdeeds of Mrs. Hillary Clinton pursued with any lasting intensity. This is not uncommon among all levels of law enforcement in regards to the left. Eric Holder can be known to be guilty of a list of offenses so long that it freezes up operating systems when listed and nothing happens at all. However, when someone within the GOP leadership simply neglects to inform the Vice President fully after doing HIS JOB and talking to Russia, Flynn is flung from his post without forgiveness due to leftwing (hypocritical) insistences. The same is being attempted towards Jeff Sessions who was only doing his job, too.

Well, now the House Judiciary Committee is giving just two weeks for F.B.I. head James Comey to tell why it is that his agency had NOT remained unbiased and independent in political stances.  The Committee asks in the letter why the Washington Post published that “an agreement” was reached only weeks before the election that admitted to paying an author “of an unsubstantiated dossier” that put forth that there was a “conspiracy between Trump and the Russians, Christopher Steele, and to continue investigating Mr. Trump” This is VERY big in that it paints quite vividly how fake the news was about any Russian connection to Donald Trump really was.

The correspondence goes on to say that the Washington Post article also reports that the F.B.I. knew that Steele was “creating these memos as part of a work for an opposition research firm connected to Hillary Clinton.” This means that while Trump was correct in calling her “Crooked Hillary,” no one, including the president himself, knew how right he really was. Here we have for all to see the F.B.I. being illegally used against Trump, just as he has alleged to have been the case.

It goes on that questions about political independence are raised due to the very “idea” that the F.B.I. would work with people who are connected to Clinton and pay them to “investigate the Republican nominee” in the run-up to an election. It mentions that further cause for concern can be seen by how in January of 2017, Comey of the F.B.I. said, “the IC (intelligence community) has not made any judgment the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.” Also pointed out is that the “deal fell through” only when the dossier was published showing who the author was. Steele (the author) may have stayed on with the plan otherwise.

Comey has been on both sides of this in the past, but it seems as if he did not want to pursue Hillary Clinton to any degree, but was hungry to devour Donald Trump for anything that he could unearth. Steele’s involvement only deepens the left wing corruption trail. Steele also only abandoning the “idea” once his name was known shows for all to see the kind of people operate within the Democratic Party. This is all corruption that they justify because they say that any means are needed to stop Donald Trump, a baseless lie that just shows how angered they are that America rejected their leftist agenda in order to see America great again. There has never been any truth to their claims that Trump is anything like Hitler, it is simply a lie used to slander a good man.

Some on Reddit are saying that his life of protection in a prison will be a good place to be safe and a small price to pay for bringing down the Clintons, but it is not sure that was the case. More than anything, the people discovering what a terrible, evil person Clinton was, as well as getting to know how stomach turning much of the people within her inner circle really were did far more than Comey. It was Comey’s job to make sure that NO ONE as corrupt as Clinton is free to walk the streets much less run for president of the country, yet that is what he did, so saying that he brought Clinton down is only somewhat true. It may have happened in spite of Comey, not because of him.

This has long been the case with the left. Why is it that George W. Bush got the kind of fire that he deserved from the American people for his war crimes, while Obama committed far more war crimes and it is never mentioned. The left was against war when the “evil white Republicans” were killing terrorists, yet when Obama did the same, he was called a hero by the Democrats. When innocents died on accident under Obama, it was just that, an unavoidable casualty in the “War On Terror”. HOWEVER, if the GOP has a leader who does the same, he is a baby killer, a monster, and should be hung from the White House flagpole.

If each side keeps covering for their side, then what is going to happen is that soon neither side is going to mind breaking the law. This will happen because they will know that their side will come riding in to defend them. None of this is to imply that there is not corruption on the right, Chris Christie and his bridge antics show that there is, but the left forgives their leaders for so much more than any GOP supporter would be apt to defend theirs for when guilty at the same level. That is because the depth of outright corruption that is within the Democratic side is safe in large part due to the media being well over 80% anti-Republican/Libertarian.

The good news is that while the left hates it, social media is still the medium of choice for those transmitting and posting facts before the hidden hand can have the posters killed, which was the common ploy among the Clinton left (unless one does believe that so many “accidents” follow the Clintons. If so, who would associate with them?). As the facts keep coming in, perhaps enough of the left will support Trump in order to not be arrested for crimes committed long before Trump. For that to happen, Comey will be the one to watch in the next two weeks. This could be massive.

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  1. Comey, if he knows whats good for him better spill the beans. I think his job is already on the line. Come to think about it someone better protect him should he already was a target on his back. Their are some panicky people out there, who will do anything to keep their rear out of jail.!!!

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