Developing: FBI Director Comey Fired? Replacement to be Gowdy

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10 comments on “Developing: FBI Director Comey Fired? Replacement to be Gowdy
  1. OH, how great this is.!!!!!!! We are on a roll. Look out he comes the bull dog to clean up the Dems mess. What he he find out all of the lies and missed notes. Comey, Clintons, Schumer, and our obama, The crimes that they have been hiding. The dirt is coming to the top. ——what more we going to find out before it is all down. Dear Lord, help keep Gowdy from exploding with madness of all the dirt.

  2. What a great Idea…….COMEY must go…..;.Gowdy is a great choice….what can we do to move this along ?

    Has been my thought since listening to his exceptionally clear and accurate legal reasonings!!! Go Gowdy!

  4. Trey…i believe would be a better leader..the no non sense direct approach is needed..and mr gowdy shows that daily.

  5. I hope he is replaced by Trey Gowdy, except Trey Gowdy would be wonderful on the Supreme Court. That could still happen even if Gowdy headed the FBI

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