Deep State Maskirovka and Democrat Hysteria

By Ray Starmann

Maskirovka is the Russian use of deception to confuse, mislead and camouflage oneself from the enemy, and is employed at all levels from tactical operations in war to global, strategic developments.

Once upon a time senior members of the US government created a Russian fairy tale. It is nothing more than a total fabrication, a spider’s web of lies that continues to occupy the news cycle, waste tax payer dollars and threaten the Presidency of Donald, J. Trump.

In fact, it may very well be labeled the greatest story ever told – that President Trump, members of his cabinet and senior advisers all conspired with Russia to throw the election for Mr. Trump, while continuing to operate as paid acolytes of the Rodina.

It would be incredibly laughable if it wasn’t being taken so seriously by the liberal media out to destroy the President, the Democrats and the Deep State that invented the whole wilderness of mirrors to begin with.

The Russian fairy tale has lingered for several months now. It is like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls, opening one doll reveals another lie and another and another.

Yet, there is not one iota of evidence that Russia influenced the US election, enabling Donald Trump to be elected President. Former DNI, James Clapper has stated this and so have Republicans in Congress.

But, it goes on and the falsehoods and conspiracy theories continue to metastasize.

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey said that the FBI has been investigating Russia’s attempts to influence the election and Mr. Trump’s possible involvement with Russia since last July.

Comey also pointed out that he had no information pertaining to US wiretapping of Trump Tower. In fact, evidence of the government’s surveillance of Mr. Trump and his family for nearly a decade was completely ignored by the media after Drudge and InfoWars broke the story 48 hours ago.

Even more bizarre is the apparent sidelining and silencing of Judge Napolitano on Fox News, after he spoke of British involvement in the wiretapping of Trump Tower.

Nothing to see here folks, move on…

Director Comey also revealed that the FBI is investigating conservative media outlets Breitbart and InfoWars for possible collusion with Russia.

So…Alex Jones is now a Russian agent? What possible information does Alex Jones provide Russia? Alex Jones has no security clearance nor does he have access to classified information.

Yet, in the parallel world of 2017, Washington, DC; Alex Jones, President Trump and anyone else who believes in freedom and America First doctrine is an enemy of the state.

Besides, Jones, the Boys from Breitbart and Mr. Trump, the government is also investigating Roger Stone, Mr. Trump’s unofficial adviser and veteran Republican strategist for ties to Russia.

Stone is obviously a serious threat to the Deep State. Someone has tried to kill him twice in the last three months; once with polonium poisoning and last week, when he was nearly killed in a hit and run car accident.

A Ukrainian lawmaker today said he has fresh proof that Paul Manafort, who went on to be a campaign manager for Donald Trump, received illegal, off-the-books payments from Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych before he was toppled.

At a news conference in Kiev this morning, Serhiy Leshchenko, a member of Ukraine’s parliament, presented what he alleged was a contract showing Manafort received $750,000 in a fake deal from a company connected to Yanukovych’s party.

Leshchenko said the allegedly phony deal, which he says channeled money through offshore accounts, was meant to conceal what was in reality an illegal payment for Manafort’s work as a political consultant for Yanukovych.

Leshchenko said the contract, which he says bears Manafort’s signature and company stamp, provides possible proof of allegations raised by investigators in August that Manafort received illegal cash from Yanukovych, who is accused by Ukrainian prosecutors of large-scale corruption.

Manafort has of course denied any wrongdoing and claims the contract and his signature are forgeries. Why do I have a picture of some CIA operative planting the contract? Or, perhaps, Tom Cruise was actually in the Ukraine wearing a Paul Manafort mask?

The Deep State has one mission: DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP and restore globalist economic, domestic and foreign policies which benefit the global elite and weaken the US military and American workers.

In a nutshell, a small group of traitors in the American government are launching a velvet coup d’etat against the White House in order to continue the policies that hurt America and benefit Mexico City, Brussels and Riyadh.

While the Deep State wrote the script and controls the leaks, the Democrats are in an unhinged state of hysteria and obsession over Russia.

Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff have swallowed the Russian fairy tale hook, line and sinker.

Classic liberal naivete is now combined with delusion and the inability to face the reality that they not only lost the election, but more importantly, WHY they lost.

The Democrats fail to realize that they have been abandoned by Middle America, blue collar America and every red blooded American who doesn’t want his daughter urinating in the same bathroom with a guy named Jake in a sports bra.

The Democrats have absolutely no message and are nothing more than a bi coastal party catering to nasty women and Millennial candyasses.

Cognitive dissonance on steroids…

The Democrats have bought into every possible conspiracy theory concerning Trump’s imagined ties to Russia.

Yeah, that’s the ticket, yeah, Russia, yeah…

Strangely, the new Cold Warriors on the left spent the majority of the real Cold War being the useful dupes of the Soviet Union and the KGB which had just about infiltrated every left wing, radical, Democratic Party sponsored group in America.

With the media on their side, the Democrats have buried the real facts, the truth that they are up to their ears in business deals and treasonous actions with Russia. They don’t discuss John Podesta’s 75,000 common shares of stock he owned in the Russian energy company, Joule.

We also never hear about Hillary Clinton’s sale of 20% of the US uranium supply to Russia when she was Secretary of State, with cash flowing out of Mother Russia to the Clinton Foundation. N.B. Uranium 235 is used to make atomic bombs.

The Democrats are very good at projecting their own corrupt ties to Russia on to President Trump and his advisers.

Where is this all going?

The Deep State won’t stop until Mr. Trump is impeached or sharing an eternal flame with JFK.

The Deep State represents globalism and globalism is the enemy of America First nationalism and freedom itself. The Deep State has not only declared war on Mr. Trump, but on every American who believes in liberty and justice.

The Democrats are their political barnacles, riding on the back of the Deep State, and hoping to cross the end zone for a touchdown as Mr. Trump is thrown out of office on imaginary pretenses.

The President must locate and prosecute the Deep State traitors who are not only leaking information to the press, but feeding the fraudulent Russian fire. It is kill or be killed and the Deep State is out for blood.

And, keep going Democrats; you’re definitely on to something here. Where’s there’s smoke…there’s more smoke…

5 comments on “Deep State Maskirovka and Democrat Hysteria
  1. Gloves need to come off no more by the book – it’s War – No Rules – Only Dead Enemies! Freedom or Death! Go Trump! Strike 1st, Strike Fast, Strike Mercilessly!

  2. Global totalitarianism’s top enemies are Russia, the USA and Europe, where Christians and Christian principles of personal freedom and creative genius must be eliminated. But don’t confuse Christianity with the Jesuit coup which has taken control of the Vatican, from which efforts to impose occult based religious unification upon humanity via the apostate Francis are abysmally evident. That’s in part why God gave the book of Revelation to John last, wherein he delineated in chapter 17 that phony whoring religious fraudulent enterprise riding on the back of the Satanic global control monstrosity called the beast.

    So, Yugoslavia had to be crushed—by the Clintons. The Mideast had to be destabilized by the Bush and Obama criminal efforts. That destabilization is creating the refugee Trojan horse to destroy what the Satanic bankers have now left behind, the bankrupted western amalgamation of national corpse states. So, the final efforts of evil incorporated are this insane push for a war between the west (NATO) and Russia, and concurrently between the Muslims and Israel to destroy both the Jews and Christians.

    The pipe dreams of the late Albert Pike and David Rockefeller whose UN led totalitarian takeover engineered out of their NYC headquarters (the prophesied fulfilling manifestation of Rev.18) by means of his evil deep state, is now insanely seeking war with Russia, and with it our destruction to open the way for Satan’s global empire.

    It is literally a war of the reprobates (“and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind” Rom.1:28 and the resultant behavior (Rom.1:29-32) vs. the deplorable folks (to Hillary and her Lucifer led friends), the Christian principle following opposition, which they despise.

    So—this is all about forcing the Christian and Jew destroying wars with Russia, the “west” and Israel which Lucifer and the reprobates lust for. The snowflakes and the stupid leftists have no idea what they are causing. But the Jesuit Vatican and our occult led neo-con/Nazi right, and the communist progressive left are all working for the same evil entity which is seeking our destruction, and that reality is in our face.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the Trump administration can be victorious against this enormous force for evil in our midst.

  3. ok so u proved me wrong re u don’t post comments.

    Do we have to keep hearing about T and the russkies? This is very old news. You are reporting NO NEWS.

    Do u realize this is how we recognize all the gov controlled websites (FBI, CIA, NSA, ALT RADIO, MSM)? You are all playing the exact same games with the exact same dialogues. You all work for the gov. Not for the people. You exposed yourselves and continue to repeat it, day in and day out.

    Ya’ll could care less about Americans or anyone else for that matter.

    This is going to affect your entire families (wherever they happen to be, and your grandchildren, great grandchildren, your parents, siblings, etc., and yet you still continue to work against America.

    Impeached? We don’t believe it.
    Shot? We don’t believe that either (unless it’s his clone or shape shifter Manchurian).

    So can you get totally off these designed and controlled distractions? We are so sick of hearing this same dialogue on all the websites including radio and tv that we want you to know that we either click the channel or click off these stories.

    If u think 3000 others, for every single person like us, aren’t doing the same thing, guess again. Oops, there go your sponsers.

    I suppose Trump has a chip in his head, as do bumma and Hillary and Pence, etc., etc., etc..

    They’re all the same tribe. Benjamin is it?

    No winners here. All of us, including you and yours, regardless of what country you are from, will die from all this or from the outcome of all this.
    But you still do it. Someone from hell is giving you a very false sense of security.

    You had all better reassess what you are doing and act accordingly. FAST! REAL FAST.


    usdefensewatch, me arss.

    I’m still calling them as I see them. If I see it so blatantly, then so do millions of others. You make yourselves, not only sound stupid and ignorant but you have exposed yourselves as the enemy. The enemy of each and every single real American.

    Now go suck an egg.

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