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Free speech advocate Pat Condell has released a blistering video directed at European women whose hard-won freedom, equality and suffrage are already facing an existential crisis as the continent is Islamized at a dizzying pace.

Condell urges women to reject the silencing tactics of “ignorant progressive dimwits” and feminists who are content to see them raped, assaulted and covered in hijabs or burqas, all the while begging for more violent migrants to flood their cities as they fervently proclaim, “Refugees Welcome!”

“You stupid women who still applaud this invasion, who welcome these fake ‘refugees’ – as long as they live in somebody else’s neighborhood – you are like spectators at an approaching tsunami,” he chided. “You’ve got no idea what’s coming your way, and by the time you find out, it’s going to be too late.”

He stressed the vital importance that women utilize the most powerful weapon still at their disposal (for now) – their right to vote for leaders who will seal the borders and begin to undo the damage caused by the mass immigration policies of treasonous politicians.

He noted key elections in 2017 in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, “where it’s clear that the people in charge have no intention of changing anything, and will continue letting in hordes of men who are a proven danger to women and girls,” he said.

After pointing out that public spaces in France are being completely overtaken by Muslim men who threaten or assault females who unwittingly ‘trespass’ on their turf, Condell appealed, “Here’s your chance to push back against that, and against all the other Islamic intrusion and violence that’s poisoning your society, and that always impacts most strongly on women, including Muslim women.”

“How threatening to women does this invasion have to get before you vote against it?”

“If you prefer, you can wait until the Muslim third-world has arrived in your neighborhood, or your daughter’s neighborhood, and the streets are full of men who won’t keep their hands to themselves, men who have been raised to believe that an uncovered woman – that’s you – deserves to be assaulted and raped, and who think it’s perfectly normal behavior, and who have no intention of being educated out of it,” he warned.

“These men will now be part of your daily experience, and their ugly values will cast a permanent shadow over your life. That is what you wanted when you said ‘Refugees Welcome’ isn’t it?” he asked sarcastically. “And if you complain about it, other women who still live in nice, safe neighborhoods will call you a ‘racist’ to impress their friends.”

Condell cited just a small handful of the thousands of horrific sexual crimes that have been inflicted upon women and children in Europe by Muslim migrants in recent months, including an hours-long gang rape of a German teacher by a family of nine Iraqi ‘asylum seekers,’ and the new trend of Muslim men video streaming their rapes in live-time.

He ridiculed and condemned the phony feminists of Europe who have hardly raised a voice against the escalating abuse of women, mocking the smugly-proclaimed “world’s first feminist government” of Sweden, who recently sent a female delegation to Iran where they obediently donned headscarves in compliance with the male supremacy of Sharia Law.

Condell drew attention to the fact that most of these criminals are treated with kid gloves by European governments and law enforcement who often let the offenders off with minimal-to-no charges or sentences in a shocking system of double standards that does not apply to European men.

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