Why We Need Immigration Reform, Now

By Joe Ragonese

The Emergency Quota Act of 1921, which was later codified as the Immigration Act of 1924, was enacted primarily to restrict the immigration of Italians and Eastern European Jews into America.  It also stopped all immigration of Africans, Arabs and Asians.  These acts were passed by congress, with the blessing of President Woodrow Wilson, “To preserve the ideal of American homogeneity,” the President said as he signed the bill into law.  This act restricted immigration of Italians and Jews to 2% of their numbers listed in the 1890 census.

Those laws, besides being good for America’s labor force, couldn’t have come at a better time, as the Great Depression struck only five years later.  During that economic collapse we had up to 25% of our labor force unemployed.  That five year hiatus on immigration, prior to the start of the worst economic crisis in our history, kept the unemployment numbers lower than what it would have been with the additional immigrants who would have crowded our shores.  The positive benefits of enacting those laws for the good of the American people could be seen by everyone.  It was just common sense to limit access to what jobs were available, when new workers were not needed.

After World War II, due to our compassion for those poor souls caught up in the war, we allowed a trickle of immigration back onto our shores, with the Displaced Persons Act of 1948, and by 1952, America’s industrial engine was roaring again and a new source of labor was needed; hence the Immigration Act of 1952.  This act did away with the racist and religious limitations on those who could come to the land of opportunity.  It did; however, limit the numbers, giving priority to those who had relatives already living in this country.  It was a sensible immigration act to fill a need, while not flooding our nation with countless people who could not contribute to the greatness of this nation.  Those who came wanted become Americans.

Things were working very well in 1965, when for no good reason, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was enacted.  It did away with the limits on immigration in effect since 1921, and enabled a flood of unlimited numbers into America.  The act was touted by Ted Kennedy, who insisted that “Our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually…Secondly the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.”  President Johnson said, “This system (the Act of 1952) violates the basic principle of American democracy,” later saying that it was un-American to not allow this unlimited hoard of immigration into America.

The real reason that it was enacted by the Democrat-controlled congress, in conjunction with a Democrat President, was that by 1965 the Democrat Party was already suffering because of the radical Marxist left who were calling themselves Democrats.  Their extreme behavior turned off American voters in the 1960’s, just as it did in 2008.

The Democrat Party knew very well that they needed a new source of reliable voters.  The Democrats have always done very well with poor immigrants, who readily fell for their lies about being the party of the little people.  Look at the makeup of the Democrat Party today, it consists of elitists, who think they are above everyone else, and poor uneducated people, who make up the majority of their numbers.

Since passage of that infamous act, immigration has doubled the population of the United States, completely changing our culture.  Millions have immigrated annually, in spite of what Kennedy said, and those same arguments used by President Johnson, ‘that by not allowing this flood of immigrants into America, it is somehow un-American,’ are still being bandied about as sacrosanct.  Most Americans, we the people who always love the underdog, bought into that line until the mass of immigrants deeply hurt us.

In 2008, the second worst economic crisis ever hit America, yet year after year over one million legal immigrants continued to flow into this country.  Since 2000, with a net loss of jobs in America, almost 30 million legal immigrants have come to our shores looking for work; yet, after the 2008 crisis, there weren’t any jobs to be had.   American citizens could not find employment as jobs left to go to foreign lands and immigrants replaced American workers.  In one of the most egregious acts of shamefulness, American workers at Disney World were fired in favor of immigrants, which they were required to train to replace them.   Yet, our legislators never even slowed down this mass of legal immigration.

Added to this flood of legal immigrants, are millions of illegal immigrants, many crossing our southern border.  The press keeps telling us that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in America today; however, Ann Coulter, in her book “Adios Amigo”, flatly states that there are at least 31 million here.  Surveys taken show that more than 10% of illegals admit to being registered to vote.  Of course, they are solidly Democratic voters, as the left knows that they will be.  These are illegal immigrants who are registered to vote, further eroding our unique American culture.  This dynamic, both legal and illegal immigration, has done more to change American mores than anything else in our history.

Democrats know this and encourage this flood of people into our country.  They want these immigrants to refill their base of voters that they need desperately, in order to win any elections.  They could have kept a large portion of their base by supporting working people; yet they made the decision to abandon them in favor of the immigrants to fill their new base.  This is why Democrats fight tooth and nail to protect this illegal mass of people, as well as the legal flood of immigrants.

Republicans, on the other hand, have not stopped this deluge of immigrants for their own reasons.  Immigrants, both legal and especially illegal, work more cheaply than do American workers.  Those Republican legislators (as do Democrats) take money from big businesses that profit from having this cheap labor force available to them.  These immigrants take jobs away from American working people.

Even though the main stream media insists that they only fill the jobs that Americans will not take, that is a lie and working people know it.  You find illegal immigrants driving trucks, in the construction trades and any other trade or endeavor available to every worker; only they do it cheaper.  In the meantime, the American labor force has shrunk to its lowest level in almost 50 years, while our welfare rate is at an all time high.  This is all thanks to a Democrat Party who willingly displaces Americans with immigrants to fill their base of voters.

The American people knew and understood that they were out of work because of this unwarranted massive flood of immigration.  They also knew that the things that made America great in the first place were being displaced by these same immigrants, who did not wish to assimilate into our culture, rather they wanted to change it.  This is why they went to the polls in unheard of numbers and across the board voted for Donald Trump for President.  He saw the problem and said that he would fix it.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans wanted him to become the President because they did not wish to change the status quo in regards to the immigration problem, they had all of that cash coming in from businesses that profit from cheap labor and the Democrats to replenish their voter base.  But the American people demanded it of him, knowing that it was the root cause of our problems.

As a result of his promise to limit illegal immigration, when he was elected President, the Republican Party was carried in with him, clinging to his coat tails.  Republicans benefited because of Donald Trump’s promise to the American working people that things were going to change.  His presence at the top of the ticket created the largest number of Republicans in Congress and in state houses, in over a hundred years.

It is now time for our Republican congress to pull up their big boy / girl pants and to enact comprehensive immigration reform and keep the faith of those who voted them into office.  Not Marco Rubio style reform that only touches on the need to stop the flood of illegal immigration, while giving amnesty to millions of illegals who are holding down American’s jobs; rather real reform that severely limits all immigration into America.  It is time to do the right thing for the American middle class, those people who work for a living or want to work for a living.  They were the people who put this congress in place, and now they want to see the results of their efforts.

Let’s make America great again, by putting Americans’ interest first; after all, it is only a matter of common sense to restrict immigration when there is no need for more people in an already overstocked work force.