Why the Left Loves Islam

By Joe Ragonese

Allah Akbar is shouted from the tops of minarets, in open markets and when terrorists shoot and kill innocent people.  It means, ‘God is above all’ or ‘God is great’.  Muslims purport to be religious people who worship God above everything else; but that is not the religion that they preach.  Islamists preach the teachings of Mohammad.

Mohammad was a warlord, whose every action was that of a man entitled to rob, loot, rape, murder, and maraud.  He was a cruel leader, with many wives, whom he treated badly, with more children than he could remember and slaves that were made up of from those whom he captured in raids against innocent villages. He earned his income from selling those slaves to others like him.  The tale is spread that he talked directly to God, whom he didn’t believe was God, but eventually came to accept that he was the chosen profit of God.

The only thing was that after that conversion, Mohammad didn’t modify his behavior, he continued behaving as a cruel warlord, only shouting the name of God, that he called Allah, while inflicting his rein of terror across the sands, mountains and trading routes that he raided.  His followers were required to behave like him and accept his every idiosyncrasy as the way God demands of the followers of Islam.  Islam is translated as submission to the will of God, submission being the operative part of the translation.

Mohammad did not read or write, so his words were later written into a book, that Islamists follow, called the Qur’an.  The teachings in that tone range from how the followers should bathe, all the way to how they should treat those who are not Muslim.   In several of the chapters, which they call surahs, there are 114 in the Qur’an, it is demanded that they kill those who do not follow their faith.  Mohammad, himself, led the way to transforming non-believers, he had his favorite sword that was used as part of that transformation, he named it, Dhu al-Faqar, meaning the cleaver of vertebrae, which he used to behead non-believers.  It is what he taught his followers, and what is written in the Qur’an.

Those teachings are the basis for groups like al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other offshoots across the world.  They use Mohammad’s words as they behead Christians on beaches or crucify them in front of girl’s schools.  It is the words of Mohammad that cause these groups to burn women and children alive and to take and sell them into slavery.  For those who discount these organizations as being an anomaly, unlike what the majority of Muslims believe, surveys indicate that up to one-third of all Muslims believe that those actions are necessary to form their worldwide caliphate.  All believers in Mohammad’s words understand that their goal is a Muslim caliphate.

Many, ex-President Obama included, love to compare the Crusades with the actions of these Muslim organizations.  Without going too deeply into history, suffice it to say that the first Crusade was called for by Pope Urban II in response to the atrocities that the followers of Mohammad had been inflicting upon Christians and Jews for over 250 years.  The Pope called for Christians to take back the Holy Lands, which were by then overrun by Muslims who behaved just as Mohammad had demanded; by beheading, enslaving and crucifying anyone who did not submit to their will.  This point is too often overlooked by those trying to justify Muslim’s behavior today.  One final comparison, Pope Urban II, nor any other Pope, owned a sword, while Mohammad had at least nine to carry out his mandate.

The followers of Mohammad are not a religion, rather a political movement whose goal is the control of vast populations of people through intimidation, cruelty and terror.  Islam may be based on a belief in God, but those who profess to be Muslims are the followers of Mohammad, the warlord.  Progressives are very much like Muslims, they wish to control vast populations of people through intimidation, cruelty and terror.  It is what they are doing to those who do not follow their belief in progressive values.  We all watched as their hordes rioted and looted after President Trump was elected.  We saw how they beat women and children trying to go to or from Trump rallies before the election.  If they could have beheaded those non-believers in progressivism, they would gladly have done so.

Ivanka Trump is not a follower of the religion of the progressives, so she must be destroyed.  She is ridiculed, her business is thrown out of Nordstrom’s, she is taunted on airplanes while sitting with her family, and her only crime is being the daughter of the President.  Aaron and Melissa Klein were made to pay a heavy price for not worshiping at the church of progressivism; they were forced out of business and fined by the State of Oregon for following their faith in God.  Progressives encircled their shop, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, harassed and taunted them and their employees, not allowing anyone to enter or leave without tormenting them, until the shop closed its doors.  Their crime, refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.

The list is endless, as is the list of dead, maimed and enslaved by the followers of Islam.  There is no compromise, no middle ground and no getting along with either.  To them, both progressives and Muslims, the path to world domination is clear, do whatever it takes.

One cannot paint every progressive and every Muslim with the same brush.  Certainly the nation of Jordan exemplifies what moderate Islam looks like.  Among Muslims are hundreds of millions who do not behead non-believers, and there might be a few progressives that you can say the same thing about; but not many.  The reason the left loves Islam is that they, at least with respect to the jihad movement, are of one mind.


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