While Jihadis Plot our Deaths, Liberals Live in a Fantasy World

By Ray Starmann

This week’s ruling by the activist U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, aka the 9th Circus was another indicator of the absolute fantasy world liberals inhabit every day. Judges Canby, Clifton and Friedland upheld a nationwide temporary injunction on President Trump’s executive order.

In its unanimous decision, the three-judge panel denied the Department of Justice’s bid for an emergency stay, saying that the president’s previous remarks about a Muslim ban potentially could be used as evidence, saying rights attached to non-citizens and saying the government did not present evidence that nationals from the affected countries perpetrated attacks in the U.S.

“We hold that the Government has not shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its appeal, nor has it shown that failure to enter a stay would cause irreparable injury, and we therefore deny its emergency motion for a stay,” the panel, from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote in the decision Thursday.

The judges’ reasoning is anything but logical. One, the executive order is not a Muslim ban, since the majority of Muslim countries in the world, including the world’s largest, Indonesia are not included. Two, the concept that people in Somalia are subject to US constitutional rights is simply false. Only American citizens have a constitutional right to reside in this country. Three, and most importantly, the importation of refugees and travelers from the seven countries listed (Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya) poses a threat to our national security.

In actuality, the President’s executive order, which indefinitely barred Syrian refugees from entering the United States, suspended all refugee admissions for 120 days and blocked citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, refugees or otherwise, from entering the United States for 90 days: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, is well within the realm of his constitutional duty to protect this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed the Smith Act, empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to “any class of aliens” considered to be “detrimental to the interests of the United States;” in other words, a threat to America and in the interests of our national security.

The 9th Circuit judges claimed that no refugees from the Trump 7 had ever been involved in terrorist operations on US soil.

That’s simply complete and utter nonsense.

In a recent article by the Washington Examiner:

Since 9/11, 72 individuals from the seven mostly Muslim countries covered by President Trump‘s “extreme vetting” executive order have been convicted of terrorism, bolstering the administration’s immigration ban.

According to a report out Saturday, at least 17 claimed to be refugees from those nations, three came in as “students,” and 25 eventually became U.S. citizens.

The Center for Immigration Studies calculated the numbers of convicted terrorists from the Trump Seven:

Somalia: 20, Yemen: 19, Iraq: 19, Syria: 7, Iran: 4, Libya: 2, Sudan: 1

The left, as it always has, is residing in a fantasy world, seeing the world they want it to be; a Disneyland Main Street utopia of smiling wax figures and magical unicorns, when in actuality it’s a brutal Nightmare on Elm Street world where psychotic devotees of radical Islam want us all dead or subservient slaves to Allah.

The moment President Trump’s pen touched the executive order; liberals went into an apoplectic frenzy of protests, riots, whining, assaults and unhinged screaming; motivated by political bloodlust and financed by George Soros.

To the left, Trump is Hitler, tearing up families and stopping honest, hard-working people from failed states like Libya and Syria and Somalia from coming to our shores. In the liberal mind of candy canes and safe spaces, no refugee could ever mean us harm, and if one did, we would only need to dispatch James Taylor, his guitar and a C-141 of Pier One candles to a foreign country for a night of crying, hand-holding and Kumbaya singing. Liberal illogic states that if only those poor ISIS butchers and rapists had jobs, then they would see the light of day, start singing God Bless America and become devotees of the 700 Club.

The liberal media does their best to obfuscate the facts after every terror attack or arrest. Muslims implicated in terrorist attacks are simply Frenchmen, German and Brits; your regular Tom, Dick and Harry’s of Western Europe. Nothing to see here folks, move on.

Only after the conservative media jumps on the stories is there finally a revelation that the bad men have struck again, with names like Safwan, Abdul and Mohammed. Dark-skinned Middle Easterners are Photo-shopped by editorial staffs to make them look like your everyday WASP.

It is the ultimate whitewash of truth, all designed to hide behind the insane, hideous and sickening tenets of political correctness.

The left can only push so far in the United States, for they know that half the country will not put up with the rape, pillage and plunder of our nation by crazed foreigners.

On the other hand, Western Europe for all intents and purposes is done. Countries are whipped, feminized bastions of political correctness, bowing to the EU octopus, where citizens are trapped in an upside down snow globe of terror and crime.

In Germany, to criticize the Islamic murderers is racism, while the real criminals like German chancellor Angela Merkel, a one woman demolition derby for Europe, tells a nation under siege to open their hearts and abandon their culture to two million unvetted refugees.

Feminists in Germany scream ‘Allahu Akbar’, in defiance of Trump and in support of the Muslims who are throwing their culture and society on to a giant bonfire.

And, where are the men of Europe while this takes place? They are gone, completely neutered by cultural Marxists who have created a whole society of Eloi males who allow their women to be raped and molested by Middle Eastern thugs.

The left in America would love for us to become like Germany or Sweden, totally feminized once great nations where terrorists, rapists and thugs run free like escaped carnivores in Jurassic Park.

The left declared ‘Peace in Our Time’ as Hitler marched through Europe.

The left appeased the Soviet Union and would have allowed the armored legions of the Third Shock Army to roll to the Rhine, if not for Reagan and Thatcher.

Now, the left appeases the greatest evil the world has seen since Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Make no mistake about it. ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups are at this moment plotting and scheming a million in one ways to kill us.

Make no mistake about it. ISIS and other radical Islamic killers have infiltrated into the US under the guise of the refugee program in the last week and will continue to do so until they are stopped by this administration.

How many San Bernardino’s, Orlando’s, Ohio State’s, Bataclan Theater’s, Brussels Airport’s, Nice’s and Berlin Christmas Market’s do liberals have to witness to realize that the soldiers of radical Islam want us graveyard dead?

Will it take a suitcase nuke going off in a major European or American city for the left to finally realize that bad men walk this earth wishing us harm?

The number one national security threat to this nation is not ISIS, Iran, Russia, China or North Korea. It is the Democratic Party and their politically correct minions who are trying to lead us to the abattoir.

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  1. So, we have three judges running the country? Their opinion was not based on what President Trump did! Section 212(f), states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    The 9th district court is widely known to twist, wrench, hammer, rewrite, distort, and otherwise torture the law to have it say whatever the hell they want it to. They never cited Section 212(f) in their opinion! do we need a competency hearing for these legal scholars? Further, if people and property come under attack from any terrorist proven to have entered the country due to their ruling, shouldn’t they be held liable for malfeasance?

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