Trump threatens to cut UC Berkeley’s federal funding after violent protests break out at the campus in response to planned speech by right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos

Daily Mail

  • Violent protest broke out at UC Berkeley campus over plans for Milo Yiannopoulos to give a speech
  • Event was cancelled and the polarizing Beitbart News editor and his team were swiftly evacuated
  • Trump later tweeted a threat to cut the school’s federal funding
  • Yiannopoulos later posted a video complaining that UC Berkley was ‘no friend to free speech any more’ 
  • Reports of protesters setting off fireworks, tearing down barricades and setting fires at the university
  • One motorist drove off with a protester still on his hood after demonstrators began attacking cars 
  • Police reportedly responded to the chaos on campus by opening fire with non-lethal bullets
  • Campus was placed on lockdown and students were ordered to take shelter on Wednesday evening
  • The speech would have been the last stop on Yiannopoulos’ anti-political correctness Dangerous F****t Tour
  • Berkeley’s Chancellor said Yiannopoulous ‘uses odious behavior in part to ‘entertain’ but also to deflect any serious engagement with ideas

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