Trump 2017: Is Our Society Unraveling?

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2 comments on “Trump 2017: Is Our Society Unraveling?
  1. Indeed this society is unraveling as it is in Europe, Japan, Latin America and elsewhere. The Fascist/Progressives are ready to make their move and Save Us From Ourselves.
    Rome 49 BC
    Rome 1922
    Germany 1933
    Prague 1948
    Argentina every third Tuesday

  2. No, our society is fine in the mainstream. Only the democratic party has gone off the rails. Dems have ‘snowflakes’ and require ‘safe spaces’ and moronic notions that creatures like LGBTQ etc. are actually different sexual realities. Get real… there are only two sexes … male and female. a few years from now this goofiness will be a great embarrassment to the fools who bought into this silliness. Trump will remain in office and the rioters… aka ‘protesters’ will be in jail.

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