Tolerant Liberals Destroy Property, Assault People and Threaten Drivers at Berkeley to Protest Right-Wing Journalist

SF Gate

A protest at UC Berkeley over a scheduled appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned fiery and violent Wednesday night, prompting police to cancel the event and hustle the Breitbart News editor off campus.

But even after the event’s cancellation, hundreds of protesters spilled off campus into the city streets, where the violence continued as they confronted drivers, engaged in fights, smashed storefront windows and set fires. Protesters decried President Trump’s policies as much as they did the visit by Yiannopoulos.

6 comments on “Tolerant Liberals Destroy Property, Assault People and Threaten Drivers at Berkeley to Protest Right-Wing Journalist
  1. Oh how tolerant and peaceful they are! Someone please explain to the media that once they engage in fighting, smashing windows, and setting fires they are no longer protesters, they are CRIMINALS

  2. If they are destroying property they are rioting, not protesting and as such should be dealt with appropriately, police using fire hoses or batons the longer we wait to employ such measures the more emboldened these RIOTERS become!!!.

  3. We need a significant police crackdown on the violent Left and start with harsh prison sentences with a zero tolerance edict! If a person wants to be violent and destroy property and injure people, then they should pay for the financial damages along with a hefty fine to cover the cost of police activities required in their arrest. Plus, they should be responsible for all hospital charges for those they injured. Their actions should be a felony offense with prison time, not jail. Also, known repeat offenders should have their fines and prison time doubled at each reoccurence. Actually, I would prefer that we reopen the old French penal colonies and send the violent offenders to live on these islands in the ocean. There they could enjoy a life of many years of solitude raising goats and scratching the soil to seed their vegetables. If they wanted to burn something down they could torch their neighbor’s grass hut!

  4. These radical leaders and their followers are unemployed losers mostly on welfare. Anyone vandalizing banks, businesses, should be shot. Police do nothing, like the New Orleans police during Katrina, just stand by and watch. These idiots need to be put to work bldg/upgrading the infrastructure, a 21 st century WPA. Some need to be shipped to the middle east or China so they can enjoy a dictatorship big time.

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