The Tougher the fight, the Sweeter the Victory

By Joe Ragonese

Thomas Paine, that famous writer and provocateur, whose prose helped launch the American Revolution, wrote: “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly…”. I am reminded of those words as I watch the tumult surrounding President Trump’s every move, blown out of all proportion by the MSM and acted upon by George Soros inspired rent-a-mobs.  The latest fire storm brewed by the fake news MSM is surrounding the executive order on limiting immigrants from selected countries known for exporting jihad, followed by the wall with Mexico and the lies being told about the Supreme Court pick.

They are all false narratives to destroy President Trump; however, it isn’t only him the left is trying to destroy, but each and every one of us that voted for him, support his policies or love America.  This is a civil war, pure and simple, and the victor in this struggle will determine the future of the United States no less than the last Civil War did when it ended in 1865.

In 1860, a President was elected and those who opposed his Presidency, refused to accept President Lincoln as their elected leader.  They didn’t vote for him, and by golly, they were going to show those northerners who voted for him what they would do rather than accept his governance.  They succeeded from the Union, and then to seal their fate, attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay, South Carolina.

In 1861 the issue was whether anyone had the right to keep and hold slaves.  It cost 650,000 lives, over half of them Union, to decide the issue.  It was a bloody and protracted affair, highlighted by the hatred on both sides.  Each side, which was absolutely sure that they were right, was filled with so much vitriol toward the other, that neither logic nor reason could change the other’s mind.  The South was sure that President Lincoln had not won the election fairly, even though many in the South refused to vote in the election, and that he would end those wealthy southern slave owners’ way of life, even before he had a chance to govern and show what he planned.  The north; however, felt that slavery was such a heinous violation of humanity, that they could no longer accept the practice.  The battle lines were drawn and no amount of reasoning was going to avoid the inevitable.

Southern Democrats refused to attend President Lincoln’s inauguration, and some simply left for their home states that had already begun to succeed.  It was a time where the hatred for the north from the south could not be vilified.  They were out for blood and would settle for nothing less.

If any of this sounds familiar, it is because that is exactly what is happening right now.  President Trump will not be accepted by the left no matter what he does.  After all, he is trying to destroy their elite club by allowing all of us into it.  Just like those southern slave holders, today’s left will not be satisfied until, not only President Trump falls, but those of us who believe in America; you know, we the people of the United States, also go down in total submission to their superior ways.

Radical leftist have always wanted to destroy America, and those elitists are radical leftists.  During the Presidential campaign this writer said that this election was between those who love America and those who wish to destroy it.  The left tried their best during the 1960’s to start a revolution, including utilizing the terrorist tactics of bombing their opponents.  Friend of Obama’s, Bill Ayers, and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were terrorists who utilized bombs indiscriminately.  They were responsible for bombings in Washington D.C., New York City, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago; which included Military Recruiting offices, university research buildings and police stations.  They committed armed robberies to finance their illegal activities, at least one of which caused the death of police officers and innocents.

Dohrn was convicted and sent to prison for her part in a murder at the University of Wisconsin, only being convicted of a lesser charge of Aggravated Battery and serving less than a year in jail.  Ayers was able to skirt conviction in the Cook County court system; but was just as guilty.  Both Ayers and Dohrn were members of a radical group who openly declared war on the United States.  These were among Obama’s closest friends; in fact it was in their living room that he started his political career running as a State of Illinois legislator.  The depth of depravity by the left knows no bounds.

Today they do not need to commit armed robberies to finance their revolution against America.  They have an almost unlimited supply of income from George Soros, a man who believes that he is God. (Soros actually said and meant those words in an interview several years ago.)   Believing that he is God, he can do whatever he wants, including inciting riots, the murder of police officers, property destruction, voter fraud and anything else that he pleases to shape the world into his vision.  It is exactly what he is doing right now.  Soros is at the top of the elite pyramid.

Without his support and money, we would not be seeing the level of resistance that we do today against President Trump.  Soros and his minions will do whatever they can to topple Trump because he has vowed to relegate the elite to ordinary status, just like you and me; so he will not stop financing the chaos until he is stopped by legal or other means.  Within the framework of the resistance to President Trump is the overriding Marxist philosophy that has been in place since the 1960’s.  Yes, what is happening today against President Trump is the culture war on steroids, mixed with a megalomaniac who believes that he is God.

It is a coming together of all the evil elements that have plagued America ever since those Marxists were able to cause America’s defeat in Vietnam.  The reason for these fanatical outbursts of resistance now is because the radicals (who call themselves progressives) thought that they had finally won the battle.  Eight years of Obama set the stage, but a follow up with four years of Clinton would have sealed America’s fate.  Once the Supreme Court was in the left’s hands, America would have been theirs.  The Marxist would have won, and George Soros would have played God by reshaping the world in his image; both were intertwined.

Enter President Trump.  He, like President Lincoln, entered office with the promise of changing the status quo.  It took President Lincoln the rest of his life to stop those who thought they were above the Constitution.  President Trump has only just begun his fight.  A good thing for America is that just like President Lincoln, President Trump is a ferocious fighter.

And a fight it will be.  Not only a political one, but on the streets as well, as shown by incidents like the recent riots at UC Berkeley, where radicals attacked anyone who wanted to hear a different narrative than what they preach.  Let’s hope that it does not become necessary to defend ourselves against those who disagree with Trump supporters, because the stage is set for violent reprisals against those leftist who capriciously attack us.  Make no mistake, I am completely opposed to violence in any manner, but those radicals on the left are very provocative and sooner or later they will have to account for their violence against us.

When President Trump’s Attorney General is finally appointed, let us hope he quickly and aggressively prosecutes those lawless leftists.  They are acting out in this violent manner now because they have not had to pay a price for their bad behavior for many years.  If he does not, anything can happen.  I cannot be the only one who is near the breaking point with this nonsense.  There is no justification in America that the left can repeatedly attack those of us who love America for either having supported President Trump, or that someone believes that we have.

That type of behavior is a Nazi brown shirt tactic that was used to propel Adolf Hitler to power before World War II.  Yet day after day we read the stories of people being physically attacked for supporting the President.  Even those on the left who only want to try to get along are viciously savaged on social media and in the MSM.  The Hollywood elite withhold work to actors and actresses who sound support for or want to get along with the President.  These are the same people who accept communists within their ranks with open arms.

The level of animus, now on both sides, is such that I fear it will not take much more before the left’s violence is answered.  They would welcome a violent confrontation with those of us who love America, to further their cause.  There is no way that it would not be portrayed as anything other than we conservatives having viciously attacked those poor innocent leftists who beat us first and threw rocks at us.  Those facts would not be reported.

The provocations against us are growing rapidly.  Sooner or later, those of us who are on the right side, will join together to right the wrongs committed by the left.  And then anything could happen.  Remember, at the core of the radical left are the same violent, murderous people who tried to bomb America into open revolution.  The left is the most violent group of people on earth.  They are the first to riot and murder, and then blame conservatives for being violent.  The left killed both President Kennedy and his brother, started WWI and bombed indiscriminately throughout America.

In the 60’s those Marxists controlling the narrative that is occurring now by the leftist haters, wanted young people to take up arms against conservatives, but it did not happen.  Those same people, and their minions, want the same outcome today.  These are people who openly hate America and have led those useful idiots who are not bright enough to see the treachery of their leftist handlers.  Those not too smart minions have been led to believe that we are the hateful ones and in turn they truly hate us.  This writer has heard their hateful rants first hand.  Could they be foolish enough to take up arms?

The left smells blood on the water and they want to destroy America now and forever.  They believe we are wounded and an easy kill; but they are badly mistaken.  President Trump’s election is proof of that, yet they cannot see it.  The left is blind to reality.

There is no backing down from the fight that we have already joined.  We didn’t want the fight, but have no choice other than to engage.  There can only be total victory over those forces of evil.  Where the battle will take us is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t going to be pretty or easy.  The hatred on the left is unshakable, and it isn’t simply directed against President Trump, rather to all of us who support him.  The left wants to run all of us into the ground and they are willing to destroy our property, our dignity and our lives to achieve that end.

Anyone who has ever been in a life or death struggle knows that the outcome of such cannot be predicted.  There has never been a time in history when a battle began between two opposing forces that the outcome has been known.  God help us all, for only He knows what is going to happen; but I will predict here that by the end of President Trump’s eight years in office, that the elite Marxists in the large radical enclaves of the east and west coasts will be as extinct as the Confederate States of America.

When that comes to fruition, I will be the first to bask in the sweet glory of having been in, and won the toughest fight of my life.  The tougher the fight, the sweeter the victory.


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