The Left is picking a fight it can’t win

By Ray Starmann

Unhinged, violent, obstructionist, ranting, tyrannical, bullying, authoritarian; they are all excellent words to describe the actions of the left during the campaign, and more importantly, since Inauguration Day.

Liberals simply cannot accept the fact that not only is a Republican, President, but that the President’s name is Donald J. Trump.

The left cannot accept the fact, that the criminal globalist, Hillary Clinton is not the 45th President of the United States, but instead has been relegated to wandering the dark woods of Chappaqua, NY, with a cup of chai tea and a cranium of delusion.

The left is all about control, and they lost it. And, now, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, ‘They can’t handle the truth.’

In Congress, Democrats are finding every opportunity to slow down Trump’s cabinet nominees, while attempting to smear President Trump’s Supreme Court choice, Judge Gorsuch, a man whose background is literally clean as a hounds tooth.

Meanwhile, for the past week, Senator Chuck Schumer has led the liberal revolt against the President’s executive order on immigration.

The Democrats’ goal is to completely delegitimize the President in any way they conceivably can, while railing against every single action the man has taken and will take.

The Democrats have absolutely no plan to change America. They know their policies; economic, national security and socially are anathema to half of the nation and in fact a proven and dismal failure.

While Schumer and Pelosi do their best to obstruct Republicans and Trump in Congress, their ally in disinformation and deception, the liberal mainstream media is conducting a 24/7 information war against the President and his administration never seen before in this nation.

News outlets like CNN, the NY Times and the Washington Post are now involved in an operation to pump out any item of negative information about the White House, regardless if it’s real or fake. CNN is nothing more than an American version of the old KGB run, Radio Moscow. The Washington Post is now no better than the old Marxist-Leninist rag sheet in Erich Honecker’s East Germany, Neues Deutschland.

The veil has been lifted. The liberal media isn’t even trying to put on the façade of being impartial anymore. Steve Bannon is right. They are the opposition.

With their allies in the leftist media unleashing lies every day about the President and his administration, the Democrats have at their disposal, their colleagues in chaos, the loony Women’s March protesters, the Refugees Welcome morons causing havoc at the nation’s airports and the DNC’s para-military wing, the anarchist scum and violent thugs who are being financed by Soros.

On Wednesday night, anarchists, street thugs and aggrieved special snowflakes went on a violent rampage at the University of California, Berkeley. Property was destroyed, fires were started and several Trump supporters were viciously assaulted. The rioting was in response to a scheduled speaking event hosted by Breitbart conservative writer, Milo Yiannopoulos.

The event was cancelled because the campus had become too dangerous. Meanwhile, the Berkeley Police did nothing as the violence ensued and they were attacked with Molotov cocktails.

Once again the left was successful at shutting down free speech. As anarchists smashed windows and beat Trump supporters, they yelled ‘Kill the Fascists.’ Strangely, the little punks have yet to realize that shutting down free speech is itself one of the trademarks of fascism.

The left doesn’t want to debate. They want to end debate.

America’s Brownshirts are probably unaware that the Free Speech movement was founded at Berkeley in the 1960’s.

Fifty years later free speech is dead to the left; graveyard dead.

Last night at NYU, violent left wing thugs and Black Lives Matter Marxists stopped Vice Media blogger and right wing comedian, Gavin McInnes from speaking. McInnes was attacked with pepper spray and fights broke out between NYU Republicans, BLM thugs and a left wing group calling itself NYU Anti Fascists.  The ‘anti fascists’ claimed that McInnes has a track record “of using incendiary language.”

In the minds of today’s Marxists and participation trophy cupcakes, anyone whom they don’t agree with must be assaulted and their First Amendment rights squashed.

Thankfully, the NYPD is not the worthless marshmallow outfit the Berkeley PD is. Eleven anarchists were taken into custody.

It’s more than obvious that the left is not going to stop. They are unhinged, emboldened, malevolent and well financed.

Look for more Trump supporters to be beaten and even murdered. Look for more businesses to be looted and vandalized. Look for more vehicles to be firebombed.

It may be a matter of hours, days, or weeks, but a street melee, what the army calls a meeting engagement is coming between the left and right in this country. The right was very restrained as Trump supporters were attacked during the campaign and as rallies were shut down by anarchists. The right has watched in horror as left wing thugs continue to assault Trump supporters and to block American citizens’ right to free speech.

It may be in Berkeley or Manhattan or anywhere in America, but a fight is coming. It’s coming for one reason and one reason only. The left is not going to stop until they are physically impeded from continuing their violent rampage against the Bill of Rights. Who stops them is anyone’s guess. It may be bikers, vets, law enforcement, the National Guard or all combined.

One thing is certain though, they will be stopped and they will lose.

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