The European Union Has Just Labeled Trump A Global Security Threat


Economist, Martin Armstrong, is warning that the EU has just declared the Trump administration as major world threat.

In a move that smacks of George Soros-type extremist liberal politics, the European Union’s chief BREXIT negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, just announced the top three threats to the EU are ISIS, Putin and Trump. It may seem funny, but they are serious, and it is an indication of the global malaise of neoliberalism run amuck. It is no laughing matter.

The name of one George Soros comes to mind because he has been funding liberal EU projects for years to the tune of billions of dollars. One of his professed goals is the eradication of communism from Europe – which is more than a little ironic. As a veritable poster boy of EU liberalism, his donor status qualifies him to have huge influence over the politics and policy espoused by the EU.

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One comment on “The European Union Has Just Labeled Trump A Global Security Threat
  1. Soros and his links to Europe and the EU are surfacing…the recent, so called spontaneous gatherings, in Europe are similar to what has been happening here. Attempt at chaos…..TRUMP needs to be on his guard.

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