Sweden sacrifices its women for political correctness: two women raped in taxi; perpetrators at large


While Swedish media are fighting the ‘good fight‘ against Trump, Swedish police broke the news that two women were reportedly raped in Järfälla, a community North East of the Swedish capital Stockholm. Alerted to the scene at 4:30, the two victims were, according to police spokesperson Carina Skagerlind,

taken to the hospital to make the checks needed on these occasions.”

So what happened in Sweden on the night of Saturday to Sunday? Two women are reported to have taken an unbooked minicab from a restaurant. But instead of being driven to their desired location, the driver and another person took them to a wooded area outside of Järfälla. Described as an old military barracks, the area is now a recreational area. There, the women were raped in a way that one report describes as “rough.”

The forensic investigation of the “scene of the alleged crime” has taken almost the entire day. The area was cordoned off and searched with dogs. The technical investigation was closed at 2.52 PM, after which the area was opened to the public again. One person was taken into custody for questioning, but has since been released. According to Skagerlind, “this person is still being investigated.”

This rape case has been the third in about a fortnight. Last week there was an attempted rape, with a woman alerting the police that two men attacked her and dragged her into the woods. This was a day after a woman reported she was subjected to rape on a track course. Skagerlind commented that:

this case is not like the others. These women came from a place other than Barkarby. So I do not want to speculate on that, but one cannot rule out a connection. We will look at this case alone but also look at any possible similarities.”

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