Rambling Thoughts and Other Useless Tidbits

By Joe Ragonese

Too many things are going on in my head to put into one cohesive piece; so I will just ramble a little.  First, the Democrats just elected a new chairman of their party.  Tom Perez, a former Department of Labor head under Obama; he is an ideal choice.  He is non-white, a radical leftist ‘s progressive who supports all of Obama’s past policies and already attacked President Trump on his immigration policies.  This choice couldn’t be better for those of us who love America.  Perez is exactly what drove us to the polls to vote for President Trump in the first place, to stop those policies.

Somehow, the Democratic Party seems to think that being white is a really bad thing.  They shun any white person and especially white men.  A white woman gets a little play for being a woman.  This anti-white stance is exactly what sent most of their base to the polls, in huge numbers, to vote for President Trump.  Democrats took their base for granted, and still are.  They just can’t see that they are pushing more and more away from them with these policies and statements.

This may be the reason they have lost their base and pushed them to the Party of Trump, according to the 2010 census, 63.7 percent of Americans are white; making 31.5% white males.  That group is larger, by itself, than any minority in the U.S. counting both male and female.

In fact, that number is greater than the combined male and female black and Hispanic population together; blacks making up 12.2% and Hispanics 16.3%.  It is interesting to note that in the 2000 census, whites were 75%, blacks 12.3% and Hispanics 12.5%.  Whites declined rapidly, blacks only a little and Hispanics increased greatly.  I am assuming that all that illegal immigration played a role in those increasing numbers of Hispanics.

Putting a man at the head of the Democratic National Committee that believes that what they are doing is working, is exactly what the Party of Trump needs to remain in power for a long time.  That base of American loving Democrats who abandoned the Democratic Party will not return and that assures that they will not win elections.  Speaking of the Party of Trump, he is not a Republican, even though he won as one.  Republicans are showing their loser side already, attacking and abandoning President Trump, afraid of the hit pieces on them from the main stream media (MSM) and the pushback by rent-a-mobs at their town halls.

Those rancorous town hall meetings are not grass root populism as were the ones six years ago when angry voters, loosely called the Tea Party, attacked legislators on Obamacare and the fiscal recklessness of Obama.  Those town halls that the MSM are reporting on today are filled with bus loads of paid agitators.  The MSM will not tell you that, but it is true.  They will disappear as quickly as the money stops flowing, just as the phony obstruct Wall Street crowd did when George Soros’ money stopped paying them.

In the meantime, those Republicans who were happy to be reelected on President Trump’s coat tails, are showing themselves as the hypocrites that they are.  These are the same Republicans who we elected over and over again on the promise to stop Obama, who once elected did nothing.  Well, here they go again, only this time attacking the people’s choice, Donald Trump.  California Representative, Darrell Issa, went on leftist Bill Maher’s television show and said that President Trump should be investigated by an independent special prosecutor over allegations of his Russian connection.

This is the same Darrell Issa who headed the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s many indiscretions at the State Department, mishandling of classified information,  and her email server, yet never once did he suggested a special prosecutor for her.  In fact, not even one time during all of the Obama scandals, like fast and furious, the Solyndra scandal, the Pigford scandal and on and on, did one Republican utter a sound that maybe Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, could investigate the facts of those crimes.  Those were exactly the times when a special prosecutor was needed, not now with unverified allegations against the President’s dealings with Russia.

During the run up to the Presidential vote, this writer said that no matter who won the Presidency, that the Republican Party is done.  They sure made that prediction easy.  The Party of Trump is here to stay, while the Republicans will fade in the the trash heap of failed political parties, just like the Whigs did.  History will show that those elitist Republicans just couldn’t see that people were no longer going to give them any more chances.  This election was their last reprieve.  From this point forward, The Party of Trump will lead the way and all others will have to get out of the way.

Speaking of the trash heap of history, as I write this article the Academy Awards show is being broadcast on ABC (almost a broadcast company).   I have no intention of watching those wacked out leftists trash America anymore.  I am not alone, my wife, who looks forward every year to watching Hollywood pat itself on the back, is not going to watch it this year.  She cannot stand listening to people trash this country and President Trump anymore herself.  I do not believe that she is alone.  After Meryl Streep showed what the Oscars will look like when movie stars are given a podium to espouse their venom, my wife decided to take a pass this year.

I believe that it reflects the mood of America.  We will know tomorrow when the ratings come in.  If the Daytona 500 has at least as large an audience as last year, and the Oscar show’s ratings have fallen significantly, then we will know if America is as fed up with the left as in this writer’s house.  It worked for the NFL, this year was their lowest ratings year ever.  Even Super Bowl LI was more than a half million viewers lower than the year before.  Those falling ratings happened after the NFL would not allow the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, to wear patches on their helmets in honor of the five murdered Dallas police officers, who were assassinated by a black lives matter follower, yet allowed a number of black players, from several teams, to disrespect America.

Like the Democrat party, they do not see that they are doing anything wrong.  Wake up NFL, America is tired of your anti-Americanism.  We deplorables, as Hillary so eloquently called us, are not those sophisticated Republicans who have also left us out of their party, to play footsie with big business whose interest is themselves, not the middle class.  We are a little rougher around the edges than that.  So when sophisticated Republicans refused to boycott those institutions that insult us, we deplorables boycott in large numbers and rather loudly.  OK, most of us didn’t shop regularly at Nordstrom anyway, but you can bet your last dollar that I will never set foot in one of their stores.

The left is in denial about this new phenomenon, look at the NFL, they have made all kinds of excuses as to what is causing their ratings drop.  Of course, we know what it is, us not putting up with any more of their crap.  When the Oscar ratings come in way below last year, (they won’t compare it to the Daytona 500 which we deplorables will watch in huge numbers) again they and the MSM will make excuses.  Even when we stop going to see Meryl Streep movies, and movies of people like her, excuses will be made.

Slowly it will sink in, we are not Republicans; we are the Party of Trump, as deplorable as that may be.  We will remake our culture into what it should be; we will make America great again over the screams and shouts of those elitists on the left and right.  The slumbering giant has been awakened by people who forgot their history.  That history is how America was born in the first place, way back in 1775, when middle class colonialists would take no more insults from elitists in England.

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  1. Issa is another phony billionaire, playing at being a Republican….All of the investigatory committees he chaired, had zero results is terms of punishing the guilty parties, or making persons accountable for bad actions. They were a waste of money & time.

    I can’t remember anything he has done for California, that has benefited us..

    As usual it’s all about him. He must have a book coming out, he’s doing the Liberal TV Book tour

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