Like Caesar, Trump is surrounded by Enemies

By Ray Starmann

Like Gaius Julius Caesar in ancient Rome, President Trump is surrounded by enemies; foreign and domestic, governmental and corporate; big and small, young and old.

Whether they are Silicon Valley CEO’s catering to cheap foreign labor or shrieking college snowflakes, the enemies of Trump all have the same goal; the destruction of the Trump Presidency, the savaging of the President and the continuation of the globalist corruption that benefits the elite and bludgeons the average American, while masquerading behind the idiocy of political correctness and the tyranny of tolerance.

The liberal elements of the mainstream media attack the President and his administration on a daily basis with obscene fake news stories that are pumped out like sewer water and fed to a naïve and economically burdened American public. The media will not stop their attacks until they have achieved their goal, the collapse of the Trump administration. Their messages are repeated over and over again, like the banging of a drum: Trump is a Russian agent, Trump is a racist, Trump is an Islamophobe, Trump is Hitler, Refugees Welcome, Not Our President, Love Trumps Hate and the beat goes on into oblivion.

Democrats in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are determined to impede, obstruct and conduct outright sabotage against President Trump. Several days ago, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who believes the Russians are invading Korea, called for the impeachment of the President after only two weeks in office. The President’s cabinet appointees have been largely disrespected through the nomination process and most likely it will take the ‘nuclear option’ to ensure that Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch makes it through Congress .

Activist judges who are outright supporters of open borders have temporarily blocked the President’s executive order on immigration. These judges know that President Trump’s order is constitutional and only seeks to protect this nation. But, they don’t care. The mission is to unravel the Trump administration. Their actions border on extreme recklessness and outright treason. They are playing with the lives of the American people for political gain. If one of the refugees who has been allowed into this country this week, commits an act of violence in this country, the judges will have blood on their hands. No doubt this tactic will continue to be used against the White House by Democrats.

Billionaire leftist donor George Soros is financing most, if not all of the protests and riots that have occurred during the campaign and continue to this day. Soros’ money is behind the anarchy and the violence and the repression of free speech. As long as the money keeps flowing, and it will, the riots against free speech and the President will continue.

Sanctuary city mayors like Rahm Emanuel and the State of California itself, vow to ignore any immigration orders by the President calling for the end of sanctuary cities. The complete and utter disregard for the laws of this country are now business as usual for the Democratic Party, as they pander to any Third World immigrant group that will pledge their allegiance to big government and endless entitlements.

GOP establishment turncoats like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Boehner and others have reportedly taken money from Soros. McCain and Graham use any excuse to go after the President. Paul Ryan is already waffling on tax cuts and moving slowly on Obamacare.

Last week, over 1,000 State Department employees signed a so-called ‘dissent cable’, a five page tirade that outlined in detail the grievances of leftist State Department officials concerning the President’s executive order on immigration.

In October, a Secret Service agent took to Facebook to make a startling admission: she would not “take a bullet” for President Donald Trump. Kerry O’Grady, Special Agent in charge of the United States Secret Service Denver District, wrote in October that she would rather endure “jail time” than take a bullet for Trump.

“As a public servant for nearly 23 years, I struggle not to violate the Hatch Act. So I keep quiet and skirt the median. To do otherwise can be a criminal offense for those in my position. Despite the fact that I am expected to take a bullet for both sides.”

She continued her rant by letting the world know she was supporting Hillary Clinton.

“But this world has changed and I have changed. And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. Hatch Act be damned. I am with Her.”

Last week, retired Brigadier General Gregory Touhill, the Chief of Information Security at the White House was suddenly escorted by the Secret Service from White House grounds after his summary firing. What Touhill did to cause his sudden dismissal is unknown, although he was an Obama appointee.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a liberal and another Obama appointee, was immediately fired by President Trump after she publicly stated that she would refuse to enforce his executive order on immigration.

Last week, more than 100 technology companies — including industry big guns Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and newcomers such as Snap, Lyft and Scopely — joined forces Sunday to file a friend-of-the-court brief, arguing against President Trump’s ban on refugees and travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

The brief stated that “The order makes it more difficult and expensive for U.S. companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees,” the companies said in the filing. “It disrupts ongoing business operations, and it threatens companies’ ability to attract talent, business, and investment in the United States.”

The companies are all maintaining the globalist mantra; hire foreigners over Americans and national security be damned for the pursuit of political correctness.

Since taking the oath on January 20th, the President has faced backlash from the big brother tyrants running the EU, including a harsh reprimand from the Queen of Open Borders, German chancellor Angela Merkel. Even the Pope has gone after President Trump, maintaining a constant scornful attitude towards the current administration’s immigration policies. As Pope Francis hides behind the walls of the Vatican, two million Muslims in Germany are in the process of destroying the whole continent.

The media in Western Europe is just as leftist as in America. Several days ago, the German publication, Der Spiegel’s cover portrayed President Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty. Instead, Spiegel might want to focus on the EU’s monstrous open borders policies which are decapitating European culture and society.

Finally, there is the para-military wing of the Democratic Party, the ranting snowflakes, the ant-like anarchists, the freeze dried hippies and the feminist fools who will march into oblivion as long as the funding continues to roll in from Mr. Soros. The goals of the marches, the protests, the riots are the same as Senator’s Schumer’s on the Hill, to destroy the Trump Presidency.

The left will not stop until Mr. Trump is impeached, forced to resign or worse. They are unhinged, emboldened and well financed.

Over two-thousand years ago in ancient Rome, Julius Caesar faced a Roman Republic in serious decline. The economy was in shambles; Rome’s enemies were gaining strength, while a corrupt establishment wallowed in excess privilege as the average Roman citizen suffered economically.

Sound familiar? The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Caesar defeated Rome’s enemies and turned foes into friends. He restored the economy and became the hero of the Roman working class, while the oligarchs and politicians despised him. Like President Trump, Caesar communicated with the republic on a frequent basis, by distributing policy pamphlets to allow the average Roman to understand his policies and actions.

Caesar enraged the establishment by bringing in talented outsiders and promoting people based on merit, rather than privilege. To the establishment, Caesar was an out of control dictator and the establishment’s worse nightmare. To the Roman masses, Caesar was a hero for the ages.

In a conspiracy involving nearly 60 Roman oligarchs and politicians, on March 15, 44 B.C., Caesar was assassinated in the Roman Senate by a group of senators who stabbed him 23 times.

President Trump has only been in office for 19 days, yet the country is witnessing political chaos not seen since the 1960’s and division not seen since the Civil War, all courtesy of the left and their globalist backers.

The left is now calling in De Gaulle-like, martial tones for a ‘resistance against Trump.’

The obstruction, the violence, the hatred and the general bedlam is going to continue because like Caesar, President Trump is surrounded by enemies.



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