ISIS Forging Passports To Enter Western Countries

The Federalist Papers

The Islamic State is forging passports, ostensibly for purposes of infiltrating the refugee program to gain admittance to Western countries.

An Iraqi general found about 20 blank Iraqi passports in an abandoned ISIS safe house in Mosul, where he believes fighters are trying to gorge the documents in order to flee the ongoing assault by military forces.

Within the safe house were 16 Russian passports along with four French passports.

Both the Russians and French have thousands of citizens fighting for ISIS, raising security concerns for Europe, The Daily Caller is reporting.

As it is now, these fake passports are largely being used by cowardly ISIS fighters to escape the front.

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One ISIS commander wrote of a French fighter, “He doesn’t want to fight, wants to return to France.” He continued, “Claims his will is a martyrdom operation in France. Claims sick but doesn’t have a medical report.” ISIS refers to suicide missions as martyrdom operations.

Another file reviewed by WaPo says a French fighter assisted “in the departure of Abu Azzam al-Fransi and his wife from the land of the Caliphate.” The nom-de-guerre al-Fransi indicates the fighter is French.

These cowardly fighters who return to U.S. are a major security concern for American and Europe, as citizens of countries like France do not need a visa to enter the United States.

President Trump’s travel ban only applies to seven terror-prone countries like Iraq, and only for 90 days. The travel ban is currently being held up in court after a judge’s decision to stay the order.

Then-FBI Director James Comey feared in June that defeating ISIS would make it even more dangerous because, “through the fingers of that crush are going to come hundreds of really dangerous people.” Comey called the phenomenon a “terrorist diaspora” and drew a parallel to the spread of al-Qaida fighters after the Afghan jihad in the late 1980s and 1990s, saying the defeated ISIS fighters will be “10 times that or more.”

Veteran fighters of Osama bin Laden’s Afghan jihad went on to carry out attacks such as 9/11, the embassy bombings in Africa, and the 2000 bombing of a U.S. destroyer in the Gulf of Aden. Comey said the attacks in Paris and Brussels were a preview of a “challenge that is going to come.” The Paris attacks were carried out by Syrian battlefield veterans, and received direction and funding from ISIS’s core territory.


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