A Tale of Two Americas

By Joe Ragonese

When John Chisholm, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, District Attorney, launched a series of midnight raids against conservative supporters of Governor Scott Walker, utilizing tactics reminiscent of Joseph Stalin in communist Russia, this writer could take no more, I had reached my breaking point.    Each reader will have reached their own breaking point somewhere along the line with all of the radical left’s antics. No doubt, we have all reached ours by now or we would not be surfing the internet to find others who think like us.  That breaking point was something that made us understand that we could no longer accept any further erosion of our once great nation.   Enough of us had reached the point of no return when we took out our frustration on November 8, 2016. We went to the polls in massive numbers to elect a man who thinks just like us, Donald J. Trump, as our 45th President of the United States.

That was our act of retaliation against an increasingly marginalized, yet aggressive, Democrat Party, whose only interest was in empowering themselves into one huge political class of people, special and separate from the rest of us, who would have to foot the bill for their duplicity.  We were able to do that because they underestimated our determination to stop the decline of our principles; the very same principles that made America great in the first place; the principles that they loathe.

What they could not see before the election, and still do not accept, is that we now understand that our interest and theirs are opposite of each other.  The truth is in front of them, but they cannot see that truth.  It is why they continue doing all of those outrageous things that made us vote for President Trump in the first place; somehow thinking that we will change our minds now.  To understand them, we must first know who they are.

There are solidly 31% of Americans who believe that this nation is evil and must be changed.  They call themselves progressives.  There are another 40% of us who love this great country.  We call ourselves by many different names: conservatives, Republicans, ordinary or common folk, we the people, and more. But, all of us love America.  In between are the remaining 28% who can be swayed either way, but a majority of them still think America is the greatest nation on earth.

Two Americas: that is what we have in 2017, divided between those who love it and those who hate it.  Those who love America live from sea to shining sea, but not generally on either coast.  Those coast dwellers tend to be the haters.  When we look at a political map of the last election it makes it very clear who voted against America, the blue dots on the map, they voted for Clinton, and those who voted for America, shown in red on that map.  That great red mass on the political map was everywhere except along the New England and Southern California coasts.

There is where the big socialist cities are located, cities that harbor people who think themselves different from rednecks, hillbillies and yokels, who reside in less urbanized areas.  Those coastal dwellers believe they are superior to the rest of us.  They think that they are smarter, more sophisticated, educated and intellectual than the rest of us.  They believe that we common people are so stupid that we cannot see that Donald Trump is only one of us, and therefore, not qualified to be the President of the United States of America.  In their minds, to be the President, one must be one of them.

Therein lies the difference between the two Americas.  Who is right?  The politically correct answer would be that it depends on your point of view.  But that would be intellectually dishonest, because there is an answer to that question.  It is an answer drawn up by those who founded this nation.  The answer lies in the Constitution.  The Constitution is clear, we the people rule, except for those items that are written on the pages of that document.  Progressives do not like that because it will not allow them to form a tyrannical Marxist structure where the power lies with a large overbearing national government.

They are trying to revise the Constitution by calling it a living document; malleable to their changes whenever it doesn’t fit their worldview.  The left also adapts it through activist judges appointed by Democrats.  To restructure American culture, the left enacted laws and rules that are counter to our majority culture and they are changing how we think and act through other nefarious means.

They started out by taking control of labor unions and Democrat politics, wormed their way into education, from kindergarten through university post graduate studies; and finally infected the mass media.  When those structures were securely under their control, they made their move to the golden apple at the top, the Presidency.  They were successful, having elected Barack Obama.  That success was their downfall.

In his first term of office he began to implement Marxist policies, first with a willing Democrat controlled congress, and when they lost both houses because of it, he openly violated the Constitution by implementing policy by fiat, instead of through the Republican controlled congress.  He cowered those congressmen through fear and intimidation of losing their coveted positions if they opposed him.  Once Obama saw how easy it was to intimidate the Republicans, his second term became a nonstop marathon of implementation of his vision of a Marxist America.

The problem with that dream was that he forgot that there was an entirely different America than those who agreed with him, and those whom he could cower into acquiescence.  It was most of America.  Only a very small group of people agree with Obama’s vision, and they controlled those institutions which had been able to rule over the rest of us for many years; the main stream media, educators and Democrat politicians.

We had been lied too so many times by those groups that we no longer believed them.  Americans were hurting for decent work and pay checks, and instead got part time jobs with wages slightly above the poverty level.  The main stream media told us that we were doing great under Obama’s policies.  We knew that to be false.  After becoming vocal about our concerns through groups like the Tea Party, and being completely ignored, the second America finally found a champion in Donald J. Trump, a man who thought just like us.

We elected him on his promise that he would not lie to us, and he is keeping his word.  The left doesn’t understand that is what he is doing.  Those who oppose him are somehow unable to accept the truth that Donald J. Trump is not simply a man who is President, but that he is doing exactly what we asked of him.  It is why the main stream media is unable to crush him as they would have any other politician by now.  So when they attack him, and it has no effect on us, they are shocked and dismayed.

Those tactics had worked on every politician in the past, why isn’t it working on President Trump?  The answer is plainly simple; it is because President Trump is not a politician.  It is as plain as the nose on their faces, but they will never get it, because it is something new to them, a man who tells the truth.

It is a tale of two Americas, we the people versus those who cannot see why they lost; they are as out of touch with what they call fly over country as we are miffed by those who live in those socialist havens along the northeast and southwest coasts.

Those two Americas will only come together again when one side is crushed, because neither will abandon their vision.  Who will be victorious is anyone’s guess; however, this writer believes that we the people will win because we have God on our side…after all, they don’t believe that He exists.  And, just to be sure of our victory, we also have a world class fighter duking it out with those nasty Democrats, President Donald J. Trump.  How can we lose?

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