The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

By Ray Starmann

The intelligence community released a 27 page report to the public today, detailing the “Russian hacking” of the recent presidential election.

The report can be summarized in one sentence, “A little smoke, but no evidence of fire.”

There are 17 intelligence agencies in the US Intelligence community, yet strangely only three signed off on the report. The community itself, has deliberately created a wilderness of mirrors surrounding the issue.

While the report stated that the Russians, with Vladimir Putin’s authorization did ‘interfere’ in the US election by apparently hacking into the DNC servers, there was absolutely zero evidence, according to Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, that one vote in the election was tampered with by the Russians.

While the report finds the Russians responsible for the ‘hacking’, Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange claims that the Russians are not the source of the hacked emails from the DNC, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Palmieri.

Strangely, the people pushing the hardest line against the Russians are the Democrats, who spent nearly the whole Cold War appeasing the Soviet Union and every Soviet leader from Stalin to Gorbachev.

Where were the Democrats during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968?

Where were the Democrats while Soviet sponsored terrorist groups like the Baader Meinhof Gang and the Italian Red Brigade went on a terror and killing spree in 1970’s Western Europe, which included killing American GI’s?

Where were the Democrats while the Soviets were rounding up dissidents and hanging out the no vacancy signs on the hundreds of camps in Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago?

Where were the Democrats when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1978?

Where were the Democrats while the Soviets continued to subjugate hundreds of millions of people in Eastern Europe in the 1980’s?

They were nowhere to be found, except perhaps at thousands of anti-war, anti-nuke rallies that were being fed and led by KGB propaganda and officers. The Democrats were more than ready to dismantle the US military presence in West Germany and the US tactical nuclear umbrella, which would have given the Russians a green light to move through the Fulda Gap and seize Western Europe.

The Democrats post 1968, were no friend of those in the Cold War who fought for freedom; the Polish workers from Solidarity, the brave souls who attempted to escape across the Iron Curtain, the US military on the Inter German Border and every man, woman and child who longed for freedom and finally experienced it because of President Ronald Reagan.

The Dems are drinking a lot of vodka these days. They are drowning in Stoli and flying harum scarum on Grey Goose.

The Russians are coming frenzy is just another and the final card being played by the Democrats to delegitimize President-elect Trump.

In a nutshell, the Russian hacking report is much ado about nothing. It is a crock, a golden one being spoon fed to the American people by high ranking members of the intelligence community who have sold their souls to the Democratic Party.

Liberals have tried just about every strategy imaginable to bring down Trump and have failed miserably.

We have watched the left protest, cry, stamp their feet, threaten electors and of course, who can forget Jill Stein and her little recount circus.

By the way, where is Dr. Stein these days? She seems to have disappeared with several million dollars in the Green Party’s coffer. No doubt, she’s having the time of her life, dancing on a tropical beach in a sarong and laughing all the way to the Bank of the Caymans courtesy of Mr. Soros.

The Democrats can’t get it through their gluten free craniums that they lost for a myriad of reasons that don’t have anything to do with Vladimir Putin and his GRU circus act.

Did the Russians field a candidate who was the most corrupt, unethical person to ever run for the office of President of the United States?

Did the Russians set up a private server in the bathroom of a Rocky Mountain company to conceal from the public a pay for play scheme?

Did the Russians create a foundation that claims it’s helping the poor, when 95% of foreign donations line the pockets of a former President and his wife who ran for office?

Did the Russians commit widespread voter fraud across the nation?

Did the Russians incite riots and pay professional anarchists to vandalize police cars and beat up people at Trump rallies?

Did the Russians rack up more national debt than every President in US history combined?

Did the Russians eviscerate the US military and turn it into a social experiment for crackpot Marxists and feminist nuts?

Did the Russians run a presidential campaign with no message to blue collar voters who have watched their wages stagnate for 15 years?

Did the Russians support a policy of open borders, which has allowed millions of illegals to flood into the country, stealing blue collar jobs and suppressing wages?

Did the Russians call millions of American deplorables because they go to church, own guns and are pro- life?

Did the Russians run a campaign with no message other than vote for Hillary because she deserves it?

Are the Russians responsible for 95 million Americans out of the workforce and 50 million Americans living in poverty?

If the Democrats ever wake up from their grass fed, organic induced fugue state, they might realize that they only have themselves to blame for losing this election; not Putin, the GRU, Julian Assange, deplorables or whoever else they can conjure up in their minds. The Democrats might want to adhere to the words of Cassius, when he said to Brutus in Julius Caesar

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

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3 comments to “The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!”
  1. Ray –

    The one thing nobody stresses, although you allude to it but not directly enough, is that whatever information was released by whomever, it was ACCURATE. Even the sore losers don’t claim it was false. Even for them that would be an impossible case to make. They are just angry that it was exposed and made public. They want to shoot the messenger. Righteous indignation! Of course it’s info that our miserable MSM should have reported. I assume they knew it but withheld it. Republicans should simply focus on and keep repeating the accuracy of the information. Truth is truth, however it found the light of day.

  2. Obama and the Democrats want us to believe a CIA that assured us that the 9-11-2012 Benghazi attack was due to a video, a FBI that cannot investigate Clinton’s obvious felonies from pay to play and compromising national security, and a NSA that hacked into countless American’s emails and cell phone records, at Obama’s behest.


  3. Ray, your article is excellent. What bothers me the most is how dangerous the democrats are in pushing the issue of Russia hacking the election. This type of foolishness is not only a play to delegitimize Donald Trump, it is a move in a very dangerous direction that could start an armed conflict with Russia! I also see that Obama recently sent special forces into war games along the Ukrainian border. This is an obvious move to further bolster the false narrative of Russia having impacted our elections. Although Russia did egregiously attack the Ukraine, the timing of a show of force is il conceived and misplaced.

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