The flurry of anguished news stories and protests surrounding President Trump’s executive action temporarily suspending “immigrants and non-immigrants” from “countries of particular concern” appears to be part of a coordinated PR effort financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Rather than a complete “Muslim ban” as promised during the campaign, Trump’s executive order contains moderate refugee restrictions, similar to those that have been implemented by President Obama.

If reports are true that restrictions are being applied even to green-card holders, that is an unfortunate misapplication of the law that will likely soon be corrected.

Protesters quickly materialized Saturday at JFK Airport, where some refugees were being temporarily detained.

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  1. ………………….George Soros Targets America……………..

    Protests ‘masking’ as anti-Trump… Are only anti-American

    There are ‘no’ ‘Radical Protests’…..There are only ‘Paid Protestors’….. This is ‘Treason’ not political….

    Protests paid for and organized by George Soros are not anti-Trump…. They are not pro-Hillary; in fact, they are not pro-anything except:… Pro-riot, Pro-chaos, pro-instability, pro-violence…

    The purpose is to destabilize the United States of America and allow Soros to manipulate the U. S. financial landscape and enrich himself by billions of dollars at our expense……

    This is George Soros’s modus operandi… He destabilizes countries then, steps in and sells-short, thus enabling him to become a billionaire….This vile, unscrupulous strategy has destroyed millions of lives…

    George Soros’s target,.. now, the United states of America……

    George Soros should be arrested, prosecuted and punished for the crimes he has committed…

  2. Soros is funding these things to mainly insight hate, conflict, and chaos. Doesn’t matter what Trump is (allowed) to do at this point, because there are already millions here as far back as the 70’s. This stuff can’t be walked back anymore….

  3. How many American HEROES died putting locks ON America’s doors.
    Now these TWITS want to take them off? Take the locks off the doors of anyone who supports “open borders”, ILLEGALS, and Refujihadis …… and I do mean, get their names, go to their homes, and TAKE their locks OFF. See how “open & loving” they are then.They want to take the locks off YOUR country, they should not be allowed to have locks on their homes or fences or guards around “THEIR” property.

    As for Chuckie Schumer and the Jewish AIPAC —
    Americans, YOU, are paying to build a 25 foot tall WALL all around Israel ……. but if You ask for a wall to protect your Families from ILLEGALS you are told you are a RACIST BIGOT By GUESS WHO —– Soros, Schumer, Jewish directed LIBERALS.

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