A source claiming to work for NBC has contacted Infowars to warn of a CNN/Buzzfeed plot to release a damaging video tape of Donald Trump just 48 hours before he is inaugurated as president.

According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous, a two minute clip has been cut from out-takes of Trump’s appearances on The Apprentice which is “very damaging” and “nuclear in impact”.

The tape has been circulating for a while in an effort to attract rich backers such as Mark Cuban or Larry Flynt who would be prepared to take the substantial legal risk of releasing the video.

However, with Trump’s inauguration looming, “the plan is to leak it to CNN and Buzzfeed (as the ultimate f**k you) on Wednesday at 3pm,” claims the source.

The source added that he had the names of the people who were set to leak the tape and would be getting in touch with Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to pass on the information.

Previous reports containing the existence of such a tape circulated before the election and resurfaced again on December 16 when comedian Tom Arnold claimed he had seen the footage and that it contained Trump saying, “every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children.”

Arnold also claimed that “he had talked to several other Hollywood players who had also seen the tape”.

According to Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, MGM, which acquired his company, has not released the tape due to contractual and legal restrictions.

The goal is to neutralize the impact of the tape by pointing out that it is yet another underhanded attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s presidency and put him on the back foot as soon as he enters office.

According to the source, the original plan was to release a portion of the tape on Sunday or Monday as a teaser, but Trump’s feud with Congressman John Lewis caused the leakers to reconsider and hold off.

“They should have released it on MLK day, but they want assurances of financial backing in case they get sued. One person still works for the Apprentice, he even thinks this will help with ratings!” states the source.

The tape contains Trump allegedly using the n-word off camera and the objective is to “discredit the president before the inauguration,” states the source.

We will update this report with more information as and when it becomes available.

  1. I know you won’t post this because you have deleted my two previous attempts to post it. But I will take this third opportunity to explain the symbolism to you further. Read it first, then you can delete it.

    “Make America Great Again” = “we would have healed Babylon but she is not healed.”

    Do you see the irony in Trump’s WALL to keep out aliens ??

    Also ironic, the fact that Trump’s campaign slogan, “make America great again”, makes me think of Jeremiah 51:9 “we would have healed Babylon, but she cannot be healed.” This points directly to Cyrus who conquered Babylon via a covert invasion and surprise attack.

    If you knew me… you would know I have been researching/discussing Cyrus since 1993. Cyrus has been my main theme since I arrived on the internet in 2000.

    What if Trump is one of the kings [note the word is plural] of the east [Rev 16:12.] What if Trump really is allied with Putin… like the Babylonian governor of Gutium who was secretly allied with Cyrus. Cyrus’ clever military tactic was to divert the water of the Euphrates river. Cyrus conquered Babylon by stealth when the governor of Gutium led Cyrus’ troops UNDER Babylon’s WALL that was too strong to overtly breach. Cyrus’ brilliant military strategy won him an empire, made him king of the ancient world and changed the course of history.

    If Trump is indeed a modern version of the Babylonian governor who defected to Cyrus [Putin]… he is poised to steal Babylon right before everyone’s eyes on Friday January 20. Recently, Trump repeated his position against NATO… saying NATO is “obsolete.” Ironically, if Trump is Putin’s secret invasion of America-Babylon, NATO is indeed obsolete.


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