OPERATION BEDLAM: Snowflakes, SJWhiners, Marxists and Freeze Dried Hippies Plan to Shut Down Trump Inauguration

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Far left protesters announced on Thursday at a press conference that their goal next week is to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. 

Protesters from Disrupt J20 have several events organized to disrupt the Trump Inauguration next week.

The group announced several activities next week including protesting the DeploraBall on Thursday night and numerous protests on Inauguration Day.

Via NTK Network:

NTK reported:

#DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour said Thursday that #DisruptJ20 members were “not in favor of the peaceful transition of power.”

The left-wing protest organization, #DisruptJ20, met Thursday to announce its intentions and plans to obstruct the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20. The group’s website reads: “We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over.”

“We need to stop the peaceful transition of power,” Carrefour said at a press conference at St. Stephen’s Church in Washington, DC. “We need to stop this kind of fascist government from coming to power.”


3 comments on “OPERATION BEDLAM: Snowflakes, SJWhiners, Marxists and Freeze Dried Hippies Plan to Shut Down Trump Inauguration
  1. Have those hateful people nothing better to do? I’m sick of wimps like that who spew lies and hate and apparently have nothing better to do than create chaos. If Trump “isn’t their president”, then I wish they’d leave the country. I’m really quite proud to say he’s my president!

    • 🚨If the left’s lips are moving, they are apparently lying or deluded.

      The Michael “Smores;” the Joy “Beheads;” the Whoopi “Dupies;” the Alec “Shmecklewins;” and every over-privileged, over-rich, filthy, stupid, lying, Hollywood scum, Fake News pervert, and drug addict.

      The Trumponian Message would be: don’t listen to them; don’t look at them; don’t BUY ANYthing they are selling.

      Don’t buy their CDs, don’t buy the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.

      Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV, don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch their dumb, leftist-activist, TV “shows.”

      If they are among the low-life, scheming, oily, lying, Schumer-Obama type, leftist, lib politicians, don’t believe any lying word they say, defund them, block their plots, “find them, fix them in place, isolate them, and ridicule them.” (To paraphrase their own leader, Saul Alinksky)

      Think, you might actually wipe them out financially or have them praising Trump in about 6 weeks? 👍🏼
      How about maybe you pass this idea on and forward?

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