Hypocrisy on Steroids

By Joe Ragonese

Saturday, January 21, 2017, hundreds of thousands of women (and men who don’t know what being a man is) marched in the streets of cities and towns across this nation.  Some tried to tell us that this was not an anti-Trump demonstration, rather a show for women’s rights.  I am not sure what rights women believe they need to demonstrate for, and no one articulated what need there was.  This was, no matter what the fake news tells us, a slap in face to everyone who supports President Donald J. Trump, pure and simple.

I remember fondly eight years ago when an extremely radical black man became the President.  This man promised to fundamentally transform our nation from a world leader into a failing state.  He was radicalized by his mentor, communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and believed that the most beautiful sound was the call to Islamic prayers.  The man ascending to the most powerful position in the world, openly used illegal drugs and scammed his way into the most prestigious universities by pretending to be a citizen of Kenya as a young man and even had the audacity to write an autobiography about it, only leaving out the parts where he broke the law when scamming Harvard.

When he entered office, we American loving conservatives ran wild through the streets of Washington D.C. smashing windows and police cars as he was being administered the oath of office.  The next day millions of us, fearful of what he might do over the next four to eight years, marched through the streets across the nation shouting hateful verbiage against him, while wearing red, white and blue top hats in peaceful protest against his coming reign of terror, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the French Revolution.  All the while the MSM reported accurately and fairly about our fears for the future because of his radicalized background, highlighting that another of his mentors, the one who openly asked God to damn America and was thankful that we were attacked on 9/11/2001, was as unrepentant as was the President.

He was given the Nobel Peace Prize for having been born.  An honor he proved worthy of by being the only President in the history of this nation who kept the nation at war every day of his term.  He proved that he had the right stuff to be our Commander in Chief by calling Islamic terrorism at Ft. Hood, Texas, an act of workplace violence and supporting our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, noting that the death of our Ambassador was caused by a video of Mohammad.

Of course, the MSM reported these facts openly, honestly and fairly.  All the while we American lovers openly criticized that man for every illegal executive action that he took in spite of a congress that tried their best to stop his illegal behavior.  That congress, under the watchful eye of the MSM, was right on top of every scandal throughout his Presidency, including Fast and Furious, the illegal actions at the IRS, his excellent handling of the worst oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the illegal activities in every agency of his administration.

The MSM was quick to out him and openly report every time that he illegally changed the Obamacare laws without the consent of congress, who by constitutional decree is charged with writing and changing laws.  The MSM was quick to challenge his use of the Justice Department to subpoena telephone records of James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, by using dubious criminal co-conspirator language out of the Espionage Act to gain access to his personal records; and again doing this to the Associated Press, when they ran stories in opposition to him.

The MSM never let up on the death of veterans caused by his inept Veterans Administration denying care to those who served us the most, and they never let up when the Agriculture Department gave away tax dollars to fictitious black farmers during the pigford scandal, or the green scam at the Energy Department, the release of five hardened prisoners from Guantanamo for the release of one traitor, Bowe Bergdahl and the payment, in cash, of over $400 Million to Iran for the release of four Americans.  It was just like the way the  MSM reported on the Clinton email scandal and Obama’s part in it using a fictitious name.

Oh, wait, that never happened.

What did happen was that we American loving people silently withheld judgment to see how he would govern, as the world was mesmerized by the most radical man to step into the Presidency since James Buchanan Jr.  The MSM, on the other hand, ignored every one of the many scandals throughout those eight years.  When real news outlets, like U.S. Defense Watch and others, broke the news, the MSM simply ignored them and called it fake news if they could get away with it.  If they couldn’t they would find some way to spin the atrocity as something that everyone does.

Now, that Donald J. Trump is President, the MSM reports every unsubstantiated rumor and lie as if it were true and does so as if they had any credibility left as truth merchants.  The hypocrisy is so blatant that words alone cannot describe it.

America is a changed place due to Muslim lover Barack Hussein Obama, aided by a fake MSM.  There is a divide between the elite and the rest of us.  (The elite includes the wannabe elite, like Hollywood actors and their groupies, which includes most of the MSM.). It is hypocrisy on steroids that is an affront to this writer and to everyone who supports Donald J. Trump or simply loves America.

Nicole Kidman, probably did not vote for President Trump, but she is bearing the burden of speaking the truth by simply suggesting that we try to get along with the new President.  She is being savaged in the MSM and will probably lose work as an actress because of it.  The small minded people who supported Hillary do not want to get along with the Party of Trump, they want to destroy him and all of us who agree with him.  The hypocrisy is only the tip of the iceberg, the mass just out of sight waiting to do as much damage as possible is just below the surface in the form of George Soros.

The battle has been joined.  President Trump must bar the press corps from the White House and not allow them to roam the halls of the West Wing.  Their intentions are malevolent and no good can come from dealing too closely with them.  They are the lead warriors in the battle to destroy President Trump.  The battle lines are drawn and should be clear to anyone watching.  The time to end the hypocrisy is now, by showing it for what it is, a power grab of the elite to again subjugate we the people.

One comment on “Hypocrisy on Steroids
  1. Brilliant article!
    I was shocked beyond belief today when I heard a MSM clip of President Trump’s inaugural reference to “America first” as having a “Hitlerian background”. I never thought that in my lifetime I would be witness to such a treasonous remark! I feel so alone…and yet I’m not alone….America has spoken and elected our President! You nailed it Mr. Ragonese when you wrote “that we American loving people silently withheld judgement to see how he [Obama] would govern”…..I cannot even begin to fathom an outcome if we had literally flipped the switch on Obama’s election even remotely similar to what we’re seeing today…complete with SNL dedicated programming trashing Obama!
    At the very least where has decency gone…and love for our country, Constitution and our beloved Flag!
    President Trump is truly trying to actualize what I believe to be the key to helping bridge the racial divide and all other divides in this country by talking to us about “opening our hearts to patriotism” as in doing so “there is no room for prejudice”……..now those are the epitome of Presidential words!!

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