‘How Trump Won’ Makes Debut as ‘Inside Story of a Revolution’

Pamela Geller

Ask Democrats, and they still can’t fathom why – but a new book that just made its debut in electronic version, with the paperback version on its way, offers an inside account into just how Donald Trump won against the heir apparent Hillary Clinton.

“How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution,” written by Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak and New York Times bestselling historian Larry Schweikart, is available as an e-book from Regnery Publishing right now. Democrats, puzzled by Trump’s win, as well as those in the Republican Party who are still shaking their heads and bemoaning the failure of their fellow GOPers to elect a candidate of Mitt Romney caliber, ought to pick up a copy.

An excerpt, from Breitbart:

“Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election for many reasons.

“He had a celebrity profile, the ability to self-fund, and a gift for piercing his rivals with a single put-down.

“He held skeptical positions on immigration and trade that millions of Americans also support, but which both parties had previously shut out of the debate. He also worked harder than Hillary Clinton, campaigning in blue states experts said he had no hope of winning.

“But one reason stands above them all: Donald Trump won his party’s nomination and the general election itself because he, alone among Republican candidates, dared to defy the media and to speak directly to the American people.

“He did not ignore the media: on the contrary, he probably granted too many interviews for his own good, and carted journalists around on a dedicated press plane for months.

“On the contrary: they ignored him.”