Going out with a Bang

By Joe Ragonese

President Obama cannot help himself.  He does not have the quality of character to be as gracious and dignified as was President George W. Bush to him when he ascended to office in 2009.  Obama is; after all, a community organizer to his core.  For those who do not know what a community organizer is, look no farther than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  They are the most famous community organizers.  To be a community organizer one must be confrontational, arrogant, a liar and a thief.  Obama is all of those things and a true Communist ideologue as well.

He understands that he leaves office having accomplished absolutely nothing that will last beyond the first two years of President Trump’s administration.  A long lasting legacy is based on legislative accomplishment.  He has none.  In order to meet that requisite one must work to form a consensus of legislators and formulate legislation acceptable to both parties.  Obama, in all of his arrogance, never attempted to deal with Republicans, rather he bullied them and when they wouldn’t budge, he cried racism.  The end result was that no legislation was passed with bi-partisan agreement, and our nation is more divided along racial lines than at any time since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.

With the exception of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (that over-regulates banking and business) there were no meaningful laws passed during his tenure in office.  Both of these pieces of legislation were passed without a single Republican vote.  They led to Democrats losing the majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster proof Senate in the mid-term elections.  Everything Obama did, because he could not convince Republicans to join him in his Marxist totalitarian rule, was done by executive order.  Many of those orders were illegal and some have already been overturned by the courts.

An executive order can be reversed on day one of President Trump’s term of office.  Obamacare and Dodd-Frank will take legislation to do so.  As both houses of congress are now controlled by Republicans, those two awful laws will be repealed.  That leaves Obama with nothing to show for eight years in office other than his weakness, cowardice and inability to lead.  His legacy will be below that of President Jimmy Carter.

But Obama has those community organizer roots and temperament, and believes that he is smarter than anyone else.  He isn’t leaving quietly, and he will not allow President Trump to govern, once he is in office, without criticizing everything he does.  He is already showing how he will act once out of office (it can’t be soon enough) with his attempts at boxing in President Trump’s governance through a last minute flurry of incredibly inappropriate actions, executive orders and proclamations.

There has only been one other President who behaved so improperly as he prepared to vacate the office in the history of this nation.  That was President James Buchanan.  Although Buchanan was from the State of Pennsylvania, he was a die hard southern sympathizer, who on the eve of the Civil War allowed the southern militias to confiscate all of the weapons in federal armories, in all of the southern states, prior to their secession; thus allowing them to arm for the coming war at federal taxpayer expense.  His Vice-President, John Breckinridge, left office and immediately became a Confederate General.

Most Presidential historians rank Buchanan as the very worst in our nation’s history.  Obama will rank somewhere below this man when historians finally rate him, because of his divisiveness, lack of leadership and weakness.  His only lasting legacy will be that he is the first black President.  His ranking will suffer, too, because of the actions that he is now undertaking, such as changing direction in international relations with only three weeks left of his administration, and the expected interference he will provide after leaving office.  That behavior will also tarnish his standing among Presidents.  Unfortunately, he is not intelligent enough to understand that each action the takes now, will have consequences later.

That change in direction of international relations is, of course, with Russia.  For those who live in a bubble, he has placed sanctions on Russia, removing 35 of their diplomats and closing two Russian offices, because of their interference with our election.  The reality is that he is doing this to weaken President Trump and delegitimize his upcoming tenure.  His strategy is to first delegitimize President Trump’s election to office, and then try to save his legacy by going to a willing press once he is out of office, and then to criticize every action President Trump takes.  He hopes that crying to his minions in the press will somehow keep his Marxist policies from being repealed, thus ending his legacy.

If Russia did interfere with our election, they should be punished; however, President Trump should be the man to do so.  To date, Obama’s actions dealing with Russia throughout his eight years in office have been to refuse to act when Russia invaded and later annexed the Crimea into their nation, he did nothing when they sent their surrogates into Ukraine to overthrow a democratically elected President.  (Congress, not Obama, placed sanctions on Russia.)  He did nothing when Russia invaded Georgia and annexed a part of that nation.

Obama started off his administration appeasing Russia by not placing missiles that were promised (by President Bush) in Poland and the Czech Republic, both NATO allies.  He sold out our allies in favor of Russia, and received nothing in return.  His posture with Russia can best be understood when he was caught in a hot mic situation where he told Russian President Medvedev to let then President-elect Putin know that after he (Obama) is reelected that he will have more leeway (to appease Russia.)   His policies dealing with Russia had been, for all of his eight years, one of cowardice and appeasement; until his last three weeks in office.

Now he is doing everything in his power to make it more difficult for President Trump to govern.  From imposing massive last minute regulations by creating environmental prohibitions that must be reversed, to trying to stir up bad relations with Russia, Obama is abusing the power of the Presidency beyond any outgoing President in our nation’s history.  His ego knows no bounds.  A few days ago he said that if he had run against President-elect Trump, that he would have beaten him.

Of course, he is completely insane, because he did run against Mr. Trump.  We all heard him cajoling Democratic voters, while campaigning for Hillary that his legacy was on the ballot (Obama may have forgotten that he said those exact words to try to convince people to vote for Hillary.)  He insisted that a vote for Hillary was a vote for a third term of Obama.  He ran as hard as he could against Mr. Trump, and made it very personal, trying to gin up support for Hillary.  Obama placed his years as President directly on the line letting people know that if they voted for Hillary they were voting for him.  We all know that both he and Hillary lost; he then had the audacity to tell a useful idiot at PBS that he could have beaten President-elect Trump.  Only a complete idiot, or a reporter from the MSM, would believe it.

This out of control ego and audacious behavior does have consequences.  Hillary may not be the only person from his administration who needs a pardon.  Eric Holder comes to mind, he did lie to congress about Fast and Furious and obstructed congress in other ways.  Obama knew about those actions as well.  He also knew about Hillary’s private server and sending classified information over it.  He lied about that knowledge and he himself used that server using a fake name.  Could it be that with just a little deeper digging that other nefarious acts were committed by him?  Could those actions have broken any laws?  We will never know; unless President Trump directs his Attorney General to investigate.  Obama is betting that he can bully President Trump not to punish him for his bad behavior; especially if that behavior occurs after he leaves office.

Obama has underestimated President Trump from the very beginning of his Presidential run.  He continues to do so now.  Obama is used to dealing with Republican politicians. President-elect Trump is not a politician.  While Obama bullied Republican politicians into submission by utilizing the race card shamelessly, President Trump will not be cowered into this worldview.  Obama will attempt to bully President Trump during his time in office, but Mr. Trump is not a man who is bullied.  Obama, and those politically correct radical leftists, will learn that there is a price to pay for bad behavior.

I, for one, can’t wait to see this play out!


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