Femme Fatale: Feminism’s Destructive Path

Joe Ragonese

Men and women are different.  It seems obvious to most of us, but Millennials have a hard time understanding that concept because they have been taught that men and women are the same, with different parts.  They believe that Bruce Jenner is really a woman now that he has had his parts clipped off and some added.  The truth is that he is biologically a man and will always be one.  But his gender isn’t as important as how we got to the point that a large number of people, throughout the world, don’t know the difference between men and women.  That ignorance is the reason western civilization is headed the way of the Dodo bird; extinction.

To understand how we got to this point, we need to know how we developed into our unique civilization in the first place.  In the beginning homosapien, that distinct sub-group of humans that we now call man, only survived as a species because it met certain requirements to endure long enough to populate the earth.  At first we were a weak prey species, like a rabbit, until we developed a brain large enough to create tools to turn us from prey into predator.

Our brain developed only because we are carnivores.  The protein from animal flesh provided enough vitamins, minerals and calories to not only develop our brains, but our muscle mass as well.  Both brain and muscular development enabled us to secure a sufficient supply of daily calories through hunting to enlarge our brain matter.  Hunting; however, more often than not did not produce the animal flesh that we needed to enlarge our vital organs; historically only one in five hunts ended with game in the bag.  In order to provide a constant supply of calories to sustain our species, other sources of food had to be secured.  Luckily, homosapiens are omnivorous (they eat both plant and animal).

The trick to our survival was that while men hunted, women gathered fruits, nuts, grasses, flowers, fungi, seeds, and anything else to sustain the family unit while the men obtained the protein necessary to grow.  This division of labor was the key to the success of homosapien, while all other homo species became extinct.  Homo is the all-encompassing group of species that walk upright, while sapien is the subgroup of  humans.  Neanderthal is also a subgroup of the homo (genus) group.  There were many other hominid species, and only homosapien, us, made it because of this division of labor between men and women.  It took male and female working together as a team, doing the task that they were born to do, for the species to survive.  This is important to remember.

Men didn’t chose to be hunters, it was in their DNA, just as gathering is within the DNA of women.  God (or Mother Nature) made it that way.  It is why we survived, and it is why women think and see things differently than men, it is in their DNA.  Ask any woman what color a pink skirt is and she will tell you something like fuchsia or salmon, while a man will only see pink.  Conversely, men will say go north while a woman will say to go towards the white house with red shutters.  We see and perceive things differently because when our species existence was still in doubt, these alternate abilities meant the difference between life and death.

It was what allowed hunting men the ability to go into lands they were unfamiliar with, locate game, kill it and return to the home cave; while women’s abilities to differentiate between colors to better spot and pick the eatable types of flora, allowed them to select the useable fruits and vegetables that sustained us on a daily basis, until the man returned with meat.  Women also raised the next generation and taught them the fundamentals of survival, insuring the continued success of our species.  These basic instinctive skills are still in use today, in different forms, even though feminist try to suppress the basic instincts of human beings, by turning boys into metrosexuals who do not know what a man is supposed to be or how he is supposed to act, while trying to convince, or shame, women into behaving; in ways that their DNA never intended.

Once the species was safe from failure, the population grew to the point that rules needed to be established so that the tribes in the same area could co-exist.  These rules eventually became civilization, which accounts for the differences in belief systems in areas separated by many miles.  Western civilization developed over thousands of years, with its culture and religious teachings making it one of the worlds most advanced.  Over those thousands of years of development the fundamental structure of the culture was established around a nuclear family unit with a husband, wife, (man and woman) and children, where the patriarch was the dominant member; often controlled in the background by the female.  The apex of western civilization was during the 1950’s.  From the end of that decade western civilization has been in a rapid downward spiral, brought about by the damaging effects of unfettered feminism.

The most illogical part of that spiral, is that it only happened because men (in western civilizations, not in Islamic or eastern civilizations) allowed it to occur.  Before all the women reading this leave, this is not to blame them for wishing to have power that they have never felt before; only to say that it is a destructive power.  There has never in the history of the world been a successful female dominated society.  Before everyone goes crazy and yells about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, remember, they were the monarch that served at the behest of the all male parliament.  There is a reason for that, and it has to do with their DNA.  Women see and react to threats differently than men do. To prove the point, let’s look at Germany today.  Germany is the tip of the spear, it is what will happen to all of us if we allow our future to be shaped by women and men who do not know how to behave like men.

The reason that the Muslim men in Germany are raping women in such outrageous numbers is because German men allow it.  So do the women in their own way.  Neither the men or women of that nation know how to act in their own best interest; this is due to feminist teaching.  There are more Muslim men in Russia than in Germany, but you don’t see Russian women being raped indiscriminately.  It is because Russian men are still men (Eastern European Civilization), and if the Muslims tried to replicate their rape groups in Moscow, the men would be there to beat them away.  German men don’t because they have been told by women that it is wrong to fight.

The self-deprecation of Germans began as a direct result of the shaming they have lived with since the end of World War II.  The men were neutered and not allowed to behave as men, while the women behave just as women always have, in what they see as their best self-interest.  German women want father Germany to take care of them, in that way they let the state decide exactly what they should do.  When the state says we will have open borders, the women welcome in the invaders with open arms.

The liberal philosophy has been that nations create wars, so we will do away with the national boundaries.  That thought process led Angela Merkel to open Germany’s borders to hordes of Muslim men who do not believe in western values.  They do not believe that women have any rights.  This non-nation philosophy (the same Obama tried with America’s southern border) will lead Germany to fall, probably without a shot being fired, to Islamic rule in the next few decades.  The raping of German women is part of the plan, just as was the hordes of Attila the Hun, to conquer, pillage and rape, leaving behind more Hunnish offspring so as to conquer the tribes from within by displacing the inhabitants with offspring like them.

Merkel has fallen into the feminist trap, believing that accommodating ones enemies will placate them; not understanding that the accommodation will only embolden them.  It is the difference between how men and women perceive the issue, and why there has never been a great female dominated society. That feminist philosophy will allow the men they fear most right into their bedrooms.  Germany may be too far gone to save.  There will be no fighting back the Islamic hordes, because there are not enough real men left in Germany to fight them off.  England is already fighting back. Brexit was the first round fired in the battle.  America saw through the feminist trap and elected Donald Trump as President.  (Everywhere except California which is no different than Germany in philosophy.)

The rest of America saw right through it and fought back.  The feminization of our military was a part of Obama’s attempt to destroy our nation.  He, and Hillary, did not believe that America should exist as a nation, that’s what open borders is all about.   While feminism has caused many problems in this country, it is not so far gone as is Germany.  American women have always been different than their European counterparts.  They are more self-assured and independent.

American women have always been in the fight alongside men, no matter the fight.  Our form of feminism is not as radical as is that in Europe, because American women would not allow it, even as the radicals in the feminist movement did their best to destroy masculinity.  American women still want a real man beside them; after all, we still have bears roaming in the woods.  It is the reason that Donald Trump received so many female votes in spite of the shaming and bullying done by the radical feminist and leftist in this country.  (They still are trying this tactic through Hollywood, look at the shaming of Nicole Kidman who only said that we should try to get along with Donald Trump.)

Donald Trump’s election may mark the beginning of the end for the extremist feminist in America.  They will go down shrieking and crying, as seen after President-elect Trump’s victory at the polls last November.  The snowflakes melted down.  But we saw just how close we are to total collapse with the whimpering and rioting caused by those extremist on the left.  As this is being written, those radicals on the left are still trying to destroy the mandate from every state in America, except California, to make America great again.  They do not see that their philosophy has been solidly rejected, somehow, in their clouded minds, they think that America simply needs to be redirected to their way of thinking.  That, of course, is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

The feminization of America was a choice made by the radical left as the way to transform America into a third rate nation.  They came very close; having succeeded in Germany, Italy and France.  But Americans chose to stand against the radicals.  That choice is good for America and the world.  Feminism will destroy western civilization if allowed to continue.  But the signs are encouraging that a change is coming.

President Trump’s election is the world’s wake-up call to stop thinking that a man crying in public, who spends more time in front of the mirror getting ready than a woman, is somehow an acceptable behavior.  In order to keep the world safe, the millennial generation will have to move out of their parents’ basement and learn how to man up or else feminism’s destructive path will be the end of western civilization.


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