Blood on His Hands

By Joe Ragonese

2016 was a very bad year for America’s police.  It was the culmination of eight years of brazen anti-police, anti-white behavior from the very worst President the United States has ever had in its existence.  The war against police began soon after Obama was first sworn in as President.  On July 16, 2009, only six months into Obama’s first term, black Harvard professor Henry Gates Jr., was arrested for failing to comply with police orders to produce identification.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Police responded to a call of a burglary in progress at Gates’ house.  He had been out of the country for several weeks and upon his return he could not find the key to his front door.  He and his driver, also a black man, began breaking into the house, a neighbor called that a burglary was in progress and police units responded.  Those officers, led by Sgt. James Crowley, heard Gates’ explanation and simply asked for identification to prove that the man providing the information was who he said he was.  None of the officers on the scene knew Gates personally.  Gates refused to produce the identification and became belligerent.  He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and at that time identification was provided.  The charges were dropped on July 21.

The day after the charges had been dropped, President Obama, during a press conference, brought up the incident stating that he didn’t have all of the facts, but blundered ahead anyway criticizing the police, stating that they had acted stupidly, and further saying, “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all of the facts, know what role race played in that (event).  He went on to say that “There is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”  There it was, his anti-police doctrine laid out within his first six months in office.

Throughout the rest of his first term he used race shamelessly to his advantage against any and all of his critics.  He shamed Republicans into silence using the race card and began making blacks in America feel that they were the victims of whites, and blue (police officers.).  It didn’t matter that white people lost their jobs at a rate higher than blacks or other minorities, only that they were white.  The term ‘white privilege’ was coined, meaning that if you are born white you have an advantage in life.  It sure didn’t feel that way to all of the whites who lost their jobs under Obama; but he made blacks believe there was an inherent advantage of whites over blacks that dates back to slavery and Jim Crow laws.   It all came to a head when in February, 2012, a black man in Florida was shot to death by George Zimmerman (who was half white and half Latino), when he killed Trayvon Martin (a black thug) because he feared for his life while being beaten by Martin.

Zimmerman, then 28 years old, was carrying a legally concealed pistol and was a member of the local neighborhood watch program.  He noticed a man, hiding his features with a hoodie pulled over his head walking close to houses (not on the sidewalks) in the gated neighborhood and confronted him.  That man was 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Martin became angry having been questioned and instead of backing off, as any reasonable person would have done, attacked Zimmerman, gaining an advantage over him and pummeling him in the head and face, causing damage to both the front and back of Zimmerman’s head.  In self-defense and in fear for his life, Zimmerman shot and killed Martin.

Obama immediately weighed in on the situation, criticizing Zimmerman and the local police for not arresting him.  Obama went as far as to say that if he had a son he would have looked like Martin.  He then sent the U.S. Justice Department to investigate a hate crime.  The Justice Department investigated the Stanford, Florida, Police Department as well as Zimmerman, causing the police chief to lose his job.  Three years later the Justice Department dropped the case, finding that no wrong had been committed.

It was a pattern that persisted for the next four years, with every police shooting of a black man being criticized and the U.S. Justice Department rushing to judgment, only later to learn they were wrong.  It didn’t matter if that officer was white, black, Latino, Asian, male or female.  They only needed be blue (the police) and shoot a black man.  No matter how wrong the African-American’s behavior was, Eric Holder and his Gestapo charged into town, usually followed by Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, and would always find some fault with the police handling, based on racial divisions.

In Ferguson, Missouri, the culprit was a black man who robbed a store, and when stopped by a police officer (who didn’t know about the robbery) charged and attacked the officer, trying to take the policeman’s gun away from him to kill that officer.  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a black man turned and was going to shoot a police officer with a stolen pistol.  The officer fired first, killing the gun wielding thug.  That officer was an African-American, but he was blue.  That was all it took for Holder and his Gestapo to charge in.

This abuse of federal power was done with the full help of the MSM, in many cases the media would alter and lie about the events to bolster the false narrative of police wrong doing.  Obama’s interference led to riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His constant anti-police rhetoric caused the birth of the George Soros’ funded terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, which are directly responsible for the deaths of at least a dozen police officers.

Five died from ambush in Dallas, Texas, killed by a black lives matter conspirator, three died in an ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, two in New York City, New York, there were black lives matter murders and police shootings committed in states across the country.  If these shootings had been attributed to ISIS, the nation would be in an uproar over them.  But people seem less likely to support our police because of the hateful lies and rhetoric of Obama and his useful idiots in the main stream media.

Facebook provides a useful tool in understanding the mood of America.  This writer used it as a gauge in the run up to the November election of Donald Trump.  Looking at it I could see the trend toward Mr. Trump that the MSM completely missed.  This reporter is proud to have predicted the election’s results whereas the MSM all got it wrong.  OK, enough patting myself on the back, back to Facebook and its insight into what America is thinking.  During the summer this reporter was shocked by how many people supported black lives matter and cheered the killing of police.  Black youth were especially vitriolic in their hatred of police; spurred on by Obama and his entire racist administration.  That included Clinton, who always sided with evil over the police.  Facebook showed the huge racial divide in America brought on by the bigotry of Obama and spurred on by the MSM.

The results of Obama’s constant anti-police bias were obvious to anyone looking with an open mind.  Officers were denied food in many restaurants, people jeered and showed disrespect to police openly, while cheering Obama’s attack on them.  Gone was the memory of September 11, 2001, when people couldn’t commend enough the police and firemen who rushed into the burning and collapsing twin towers when all the good and high paid citizens of Manhattan were trying to get away from them.  That was when we had a President who appreciated law enforcement.

The constant hectoring by Obama against our thin blue line has taken its toll on our officers.  2016 saw a 68% increase in police murders this year over last; with a 56% increase of firearms deaths.  (The 68% number reflects ambush type murders while the 56% is all other police shooting deaths.).  139 police officers died in the line of duty in 2016, by comparison, there have only been 14 soldiers killed in our wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.  There is another side to the rising death toll.  Police officers are no longer proactive in their daily work.  It was proactive police work that led to all of Obama’s gestapo tactics and the ruining of untold officer’s careers.  Our officers understandably stopped being proactive and only responded to calls, being reactive to crime.  In Chicago, it has led to the highest murder rate since the 1970’s; a time when liberals controlled the White House and both branches of congress, while nationwide homicides are up in all large cities as is all violent crime.  That’s what happens when politicians chose criminals over police.

A large percentage of police deaths can be directly attributed to black lives matter dogma, which is the direct outgrowth of Obama and his lackeys in the press.  Fake news rules the MSM with their repeating of the hands up-don’t shoot lie told after the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, and constant praise of evil men like robber and thug Michael Brown.  Whenever there is a choice between white and black the MSM always choses black over white, furthering the racial divide in this nation, leading directly to the recent travesty in Chicago where four black people kidnapped and tortured a white man who has a mental condition.

There is a direct connection between Barack Obama and the death toll among police in 2016; and the growing racial divide in this country.  The blood of each of those police officers gunned down this year is on the hands of Obama and his fawning minions in the MSM.

Thank God for police officers across America that 2017 will see Donald Trump as the President and that law and order will once again prevail.




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  1. This article is a superb summary of what the so called race problem is and who created it. Thank God that Obama and his administration are on the way out! However, so much damage has been done that turning things around. This is going to be a huge task particularly if the establishment Republicans don’t get on board to fight this nation destroying propagandized situation. President elect Trump and his new administration needs our undying support to turn things around.

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