An Open Letter to Meryl Streep

Dear Ms. Streep,

Congratulations on your award last night. You’ve had a long and successful career. Bravo for you. I’m sorry to say, I personally don’t like your films or your acting, but I guess I’m just another deplorable who watches football and “mixed” martial arts when John Wayne movies aren’t on TV.

In typical Hollywood tradition, you used your moment in the spotlight on stage to bash President-Elect Trump and soon to be President Trump.

As Jackie Gleason said, “How sweet it is…”

Your little tirade on stage consisted of a myriad of criticisms launched against Mr. Trump. In true liberal fashion, they were filled with emotion and fury and signified nothing.

You couldn’t help bringing up the Birther issue could you? Well, let’s examine some facts. Barack Obama took several years to produce his birth certificate. Most Americans, when asked, will either have a copy of theirs in a file cabinet at home, or will simply request the county where they were born to mail them a photocopy. Strangely, the hunt for Barack Obama’s birth certificate became something tantamount to the search for Bigfoot.

When the President produced his birth certificate many experts believed that it was indeed a fake and printed out not on a 1961 typewriter, but on a modern day computer using a Microsoft Word font, strangely called, ‘typewriter.’

Imagine that…

Most interestingly, President Obama’s college and law school transcripts are locked up under court order. He is the only President in recent memory who refuses to release his academic records to the press. I wonder why…

You quickly segwayed into the issue of immigration, by pointing out several foreign born actors in the audience. President-Elect Trump is not interested in the immigration status of Dev Patel or Ryan Gosling. He is interested in the immigration status of nearly 12 million illegals from Mexico and Latin America who have seized American blue collar jobs and subsequently driven down wages.

Mr. Trump’s call for a temporary ban on immigration from countries that breed terrorists like rabbits, such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan would have no effect on the audience at the Golden Globes, unless, perhaps, Amy Adams is working for the IRA.

I think we’re all fairly certain that Ryan Gosling isn’t a member of ISIS. But, how is the nation supposed to vet hundreds of thousands of undocumented single males from the Middle East. It is a task that is fundamentally impossible. That is a fact, Ms. Streep, whether you or the Hollywood liberal community wish to accept it or not.

It is the job of the President of the United States to protect this nation from all threats, foreign and domestic, not to bow to the whims and emotional vacillations of a post-menopausal actress, who has had several glasses of Chablis, courtesy of the Beverly Hilton and Merv Griffin’s estate.

You then proceeded to verbally accost President-Elect Trump for making comments about a disabled reporter. Yet, Mr. Trump continues to disavow that story entirely to this day. Speaking of disabled and mentally challenged people, where were you when the story broke concerning the four African American thugs in Chicago who tortured a mentally challenged 18 year old white man?

Did you find that acceptable behavior because he was white and therefore possibly a Trump supporter?

Naturally, you stated that you were against any forms of violence, yet your party was instigating violence at Trump rallies across the nation, through paid professional anarchists and sundry criminals financed by George Soros. You might remember a certain Project Veritas video where the DNC’s nefarious plans to incite anarchy were laid at the doorstep of the American people.

I have to admit I agree with you that the nation needs what you deemed a ‘principled press.’ Unfortunately, the mainstream media is neither principled nor journalists anymore. They are nothing more than lackeys, paid hacks, kowtowing to whatever directive emanates from the White House.

I also agree with you that we need a Committee to Protect Journalists. Of course that committee could have helped the journalists that were being targeted and imprisoned by President Obama who seemed to have declared war on the press and whistleblowers.

Undoubtedly, Ms. Streep, you are still suffering from what ABC Sports once called ‘the agony of defeat.’

Perhaps, when you’re alone and counting one of your 15 million dollar paychecks, you might reflect on the fact that Mr. Trump won the election because Americans are hurting. Nearly 95 million Americans are out of the workforce, 50 million are living in poverty and 47.5 million are on food stamps.

The average American doesn’t have the luxury of pondering the issues of our time over a glass of Dom Perignon like you do. They’re in a battle day and night, 24/7 to put food on the table while working three lousy jobs because your President and your party are a trainwreck for this nation.

So instead of giving a pedophile rapist like Roman Polanski a standing ovation, like the one you gave him at the 2003 Oscars, you might want to give the nation of working deplorables who buy tickets to your films that they can’t afford a standing ovation.

You, Ms. Streep, like the majority of the creative community in Hollywood need a serious reality check. You need to come down off your cross on Mulholland Drive and mine some coal, drive a truck and stock some shelves at Walmart with the rest of the country.

Get used to saying President Trump.

How sweet it is!

Ray Starmann

Editor in Chief, US Defense Watch

56 comments on “An Open Letter to Meryl Streep
  1. Excellent rebuttal to that elitist, out of touch, snobby, leftist entertainer who lives and makes her money in a “make believe ” setting.

    • Very well said. Your letter is accurate and to the point. Middle America (we deplorables) needs to boycot Hollywood and let’s see what they do then!

    • Gotta love birthers!! NOT! The author still doesn’t believe our President is a US citizen. He wants to see Obamas college transcript? Where is his curiosity when it comes to Trumps tax returns?? Is it not troubling to the author/suporters that a six time loser can get loans for his businesses. It’s hard to to get loans with one bankruptcy let alone six. But let’s talk about a typewriter.

  2. Hurrah! Used to enjoy her movies but not so much anymore as they are the usual hackneyed stories with little depth or any relation to my life. And no, I am not a walmart worker or truck driver I am a college educated, primary care physician who is among the deplorables that find you and your ilk “deplorable” “self absorbed” and lacking any depth of thought. You and your mindless liberal minions leaving me reading rather that following the idiotic drivel you spew. Haven’t been to a movie in years and don’t miss it. I am 65 years old so part of your generation in case you think these are the ramblings of an old woman.

    • Hurrah! Used to enjoy her movies but not so much anymore as they are the usual hackneyed stories with little depth or any relation to my life. And no, I am not a walmart worker or truck driver, I am a college educated, primary care physician who is among the deplorables that find you and your ilk “deplorable” “self absorbed” and lacking any depth of thought. You and your mindless liberal minions leaving me reading books rather that following the idiotic drivel you spew. Haven’t been to a movie in years and don’t miss it. I am 65 years old so part of your generation in case you think these are the ramblings of an old woman.

  3. One thing we agree on. Meryl is an overrated actress. Other than that the topics you raise and your comments on them are just plain stupid. Your country will – for the nextfour years have the grossest most repulsive leader. Guess He will get to grab alot of pussy once he is the president. Side benefits. I feel verysorry for your people. You and others who spout this clap trap deserve what is going to happen in the USA.

    • Donna….
      “Us people”? If you don’t live in the ” United” states, maybe “you people” should keep your opinion on putting us all lumped together to yourself. I believe in positivity. You and Meryl are the same type. Negative and your opinion needs to be kept to yourself. Give our new president a chance. He is already been slammed with more ridiculous comments las the ones you so disgustingly brought up then any other president that has been in office. The last 8 years were horrible. I myself am ready for some positive change. Please keep your negative comments in your brain. Good place to store them.

    • Donna you must be a vero ignorant person. We, the Trump supporters, are very happy that we will now have a leader who will help make OUR country prosperous and safe again.

      • Wow – pull your head out of the sand. How stupid and ignorant can you idiots be? Why would Trump do anything to help anyone other than himself and his family? He doesn’t even pay taxes – HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR THAT! But no, rich assholes can do anything they want and ignorant voters are too uninformed on the REAL issues to see what he is doing. UNBELIEVABLE!!!


  4. President Elect Trump will prove to be the most respected President world wide. If I was American I would have voted for him.

  5. WOW! Streep should be humbled. Will she, dought it. Those that live in LA-LA land hardly ever see reality like the little people in America. Good letter Sir!

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  7. I am literally jumping up and down applauding while fighting back tears!!!

    As a proud American who works very hard day in and day out to keep my small business running and profitable – I just can’t say thank you enough or this…

    I have always believed that a big part of what makes America so great, is the fact that we have the right to our differing beliefs, religions, and ways of thinking…

    Meryl Streep used what should have been an honorable platform – to further divide, abase and vilify – our already divided nation with propagandized rhetoric that was clearly from an uneducated, and entirely inaccurate stand point.

    Using reckless antics to further a pointless agenda, that is fueled with revengeful animosity – was not only irresponsible, but 100% unacceptable.

    Whether Meryl is right or wrong in her political beliefs is irrelevant at this point – she was 100% wrong for doing what she did.

    It really makes me wonder whatever happened to the whole, “when they go low – we go higher” thing they used to claim they stood for…

    I know that America can be great again – and it starts with exceptional role-models that you are clearly an example of…

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you…

    Take note Meryl – This is how it is done!!

    • I am certainly amazed that President Trump, who holds the most important job in our country, has time to name call, put down and criticize these liberal people who are using their right to Freedom of Speech. Doesn’t he have more important things to do? I am quite sure other presidents have been criticized however they did not try to get revenge on individuals who are public citizens. It is the I don’t like what you said – so I am going to get even with you. What is up with the revenge thing? Get ready for the Trumpety ride that we are on!!

  8. Obombie & Reptillary, CIA Operation Zero Footprint, overthrew Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Syria, killing half a million, creating millions of refugees.

    “Where is Eric Braverman” investigative series on YouTube explains this genocide and racketeering that President Trump will expose and prosecute.

  9. Thank you Ray Starmann for saying what people need to hear & understand why Americans voted Trump for president! If we like him or not he is going to be our president for the next 4 years so stop your whining!

  10. I whole heartedly agree. Hollywood is so out of touch with the “regular” America. We are the people who really care about America and want it back to what it use to be. Thank you for your wonderful letter.

    • That sums it all up Susan – Thank You, and Thank You Ray Starmann for your wonderful true account to the very wealthy out of touch liberals who do not have a real clue on how us real Americans have to live our lives.

  11. FRANCIE MARAIS, since when does Donald J. Trump NOT have the right to defend his criticism that was laid on him. WHY does Hollywood think that they are the most magnificent people in this world? They do not pay any of our bills, raise our children, or anything for us EXCEPT gladly hold out their hands for their millions.. This is why I will not go to another movie that prompts our children to do some of the rotton stuff they’ve seen on the BIG SCREEN!

  12. this is a good clear open letter.. i agree that the awards were no platform to bring in politics…. if she has a beef with PE Trump then she should sort it out with him….. there is too much witch hunting going on in USA….. is making you all look immature and childish… I am not american and live in a different country…. but when Meryl Streep done what she did at the awards it made me feel sick…. and ashamed to be human…when someone has a beef…. as adults we should sort it out face to face… or just walk away and say nothing…. but Meryl Streep sounded like the with that was hunting

    • Thank you Gillian for your comments especially since you are on the outside looking in and seeing what is going on in our country. Thank you, thank you, thank you in hopes others will see your words and take them into account!

  13. What do you expect from Hollywood’s clientele . A great deal of them,not all live in a make believe and plastic world. They have not a clue what goes on in the real world and what most Americans have to deal with on a day to day basis. Get off your soap boxes and away from the cameras and get educated to the real issues and president elect Trump’s plan . He is smart and knows very well what must be done to make America great again.

  14. I just cannot believe that Meryl Streep had to get up there and say something about I will never ever watch any of your movies going to be a lot of the other stuff I thought you were disgusting I’m sorry but I just can’t believe that you had to do that that evening you act like a child

  15. I don’t know why all you people are attacking Donald Trump are soon to be president he has done nothing but good for the country nothing but good Barack has done nothing but bad I still wonder if perhaps perhaps you are getting a break on your taxes for getting from your taxes the only thing I can think of that would make you so violently verbally cruel to a man who has done nothing but good for the country so far but you prefer to have Obama in office Obama is a traitor he is supplying money and weapons to Isis but you prefer that we have an illegal immigrant who is a traitor to our country who is deliberately destroying our country

  16. OUTSTANDING!!! Hollywood exists for our entertainment. We don’t care or want to hear about their politics.

  17. I never did like Meryl Streep or any of her movies, and what she did on stage bashing Donald Trump just showed everyone how much of an insane fool she really is. I don’t understand why she thinks her opinion counts, which it doesn’t, no one gives a shit what this worthless ugly person has to say, Meryl Streep is a worthless nobody and needs to learn how to keep her ugly pie hole shut. After what she pulled on stage, I know her ratings will drop like hot cakes and no one will ever watch another crap movie she’s in , if she’s ever in anymore, besides her being a total insane fool, she’s old and ugly and all washed up.

  18. Hillary used the word “Deplorables”. However she applied the title to the wrong party. the full title should be The Deplorable Democrats.

  19. Good for Meryl Streep love her. She was only saying what everyone else was thinking. Why is it okay for trump to be an ignorant asshole , but no one is suppose to stand up to his tyrants!!! Trump will be the worst president in history with an approval rating of 37 percent going to the White House…since all you trump lovers love him so much you can pay for the wall he is trying to make us pay for now….another lie!!!!

    • Actually, the illegals will be paying for it, with a 10% fee added to their wire transfers to Mexico. VIVA EL TRUMPO!

  20. Absolutely BRILLIANT!! Please send her, her publicist, her agent, all papers in California oh pleeeeeeeease do!!

  21. your worst acting scene ever Streep & if it wasn’t an act you’ve been a make believe person so long you no longer truly feel anything (no doubt you think you do, it’s a mirage dear) All these public personalities (actors/musicians) trying to force their wishes on the masses even to “threaten” to leave the country have shown themselves to be unworthy of their “fans” (apology would be appropriate) for whom are you to say that their idea for leadership {Trump/Clinton/???} is wrong or right? It’s their choice NOT YOURS!

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