Winning the Jihad War


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With Trump’s excellent team, such as USMC (Ret) General James Mattis in charge, the U.S. government has all the battlefield expertise it needs to win the Jihad War. We can start by keeping in mind that the U.S. military won every engagement it wanted to win in Iraq — the ones we lost are due to our dreadful civilian bumblers. Nevertheless, losing naval control of the Gulf, for example, still puts us in a damned awkward position. Vladimir Putin has put on an almighty show of military fireworks, most obviously when Assad invited Putin into Syria to fight against American-backed jihadis on behalf of Assad’s jihadis — a complete madhouse morally, strategically, tactically and in every other way. If you can’t even define who is on which side, you can only lose.

It’s not the least of Donald Trump’s accomplishments so far that he has finally pinpointed the enemy,  both morally and strategically.

Liberals have not been able to defined a strategic and moral U.S. enemy since Joseph Stalin, so they are the last to find any sense of clarity in the current mess. They still get their strategic nuggets of wisdom from old newspaper cartoons: “We have found the enemy, and he is us.” No wonder they spread nothing but defeatism.

Well, Donald Trump has now defined the enemy, and he has done so very cleverly. ISIS is the most atrocious wolf pack since the Totenkopf SS and Khmer Rouge, and destroying them is morally unambiguous: Or do you have any doubts about defeating the newest Nazis?

Declaring ISIS as the face of evil is a good move, morally, historically, and strategically. Even the Saudis and Qataris (who sponsored ISIS in the first place) are unwilling to take their side in public.

Then Trump also makes his definition of the enemy practical: Any “enemy combatants… or who pledge allegiance to ISIS.”

Vladimir Putin can wholeheartedly agree with that one, because it allows him to shore up Assad of Syria, his own ally, and makes it okay for Russia to send cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to bomb the most truly evil monsters, including his own Chechen jihadists. Having associated our joint enemy with the moral atrocities of ISIS, we can now count on support from Egypt (which has been asking Obama to do just that), and (slyly) from the Saudis, the Europeans, and sane, modernist Muslims, who can be found in every country.

Americans forget that Muslim modernism has been on the rise in the Middle East ever since the end of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s, so that Lebanese Arabs speak French, the Saudi military speak American English, and all of Israel’s neighbors have explicitly called for a final peace settlement in the Middle East.

The Obama administration inexplicably took the side of global Jihad against civilization, supporting the Nazi-era Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for example, and then acted surprised when anarchy spread everywhere in the Middle East. Hillary was personally responsible for the criminal invasion of Libya, overthrowing a neutral Muslim power instead of an enemy, and it seems that the Clinton Foundation is still trying to make nice with the forces of antediluvian radicalism. The word “stupid” doesn’t come even close for the Democrats and their foreign policy.

Simply by giving the right signals Trump and his team have already outlined the shape of the new modernist alliance in the Jihad War: Egypt’s president El Sisi has openly called for a religious reformation in the reactionary war theology of Islam, an act of great personal bravery. The new alliance for civilization will include NATO, Russia, Jordan, Israel, the Arab League, India (and probably Pakistan), China (which has its own jihad problem), and even Turkey (even though Erdogan claims to celebrate the Ottoman Caliphate, complete with massacres of competitors of the victorious sultans). Trump has just defined the strong horse, just as Bin Laden said, and guess what? The strong horse is us!

The rise of Jihad has set back the progress of modernism everywhere in the Muslim world, a plain fact that no American leader has called attention to. Literally every Muslim country in the world has passionate modernists who hate Jihadist oppression and backwardness. We know they exist, because for half a century modernist Muslims ruled Turkey, bringing education, peace, and prosperity to that corner of the world.

As soon as the new alliance for civilization becomes clear to all, fence-sitters like Libya and even Yemen will jump to the right side. That will only leave a shrunken Wahhabi war sect pursuing Jihad from the Gulf States, and in time, it may even bring down the Mad Mullahs of Qum.

Since the history of modern Jihad has been one pack of lies from beginning to end in the West, we may as well set the record straight.

The Saudi attack on Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11/01 was planned, funded, guided, and lied about for fifteen years by the Royal House of Saudi Arabia, which is identical to the Wahhabi war cult. Chances are that the Saudis have also funded, planned, collected blackmail money, and otherwise colluded in so-called “lone wolf” terror attacks, which are considered just hunky-dory in Jihad warfare. They are approved and blessed by almost every imam and mullah in the world. The first Saudi attack on us was an act of suicidal madness, just as the Bushido War Cult attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was an act of suicidal madness. The simple fact is that suicidal war theologies commit acts of suicidal madness, both individually and collectively.

All American presidents since Clinton and Bush have colluded in the massive media lie of some mysterious hidden “terror sponsors” in the radical Muslim world, but now the news is finally out: it was the Saudis. (Yes, with the full cooperation of the Iranians, whenever they could hide behind the Saudis). The media oligopoly from New York to Tokyo unanimously lied and covered up the perps for one reason: Oil, which is truly the blood supply of the modern world. Had we retaliated against Riyadh, as they amply deserve, they would have cut out national blood supply. That little bit of Realpolitik has dictated the Regime of Lies followed by Democrats and Republicans, by Left and Right around the industrialized world. We might as well ‘fess it all up by now.

Naturally the Democrats were even more sociopathic about the Greatest Lie of the Third Millennium than the Republicans, since the Left took gobs of oil money through the Clinton Foundation and the Center for American Progress, George Washington University and many other U.S. universities, and enthusiastically joined the murderous enemy in the Jihad War. Post-Soviet Leftists took money from Jihad, and managed to launch what Tony Blair called “Third Way Socialism” as the new Hope for Global Government by Liberals. American Democrats secretly betrayed their country to its Communist enemy (and yes, Blairite Globalism is nothing but post-Soviet Communism). But the Democrats abandoned any moral pretenses so long ago that they now think Stalin and Mao were on the side of peace and love.

Nobody is more cynical than Hillary, who idiotically greeted the murder of Muammar Ghadafi with the words, “We came, we saw, he died.” That little PR release was supposed to show us all how tough Hillary really is.

So — other than putting our A Team into power, how do we deal with the Jihad War? How about starting with telling the truth about Saudi guilt for 9/11/01 and any number of other Jihad attacks on innocent people since that event? How about promising tit-for-tat retaliation against Riyadh for every single “lone wolf” attack demanded by Jihadist war doctrine? How about demanding confiscatory compensation, following Qur’anic Law, for every single act of evil committed by the Wahhabi chain of command?

The last time a few Western news outlets threatened to tell the truth about Saudi guilt for 9/11, they threatened us right back to sell all their American investments… and somehow those trial-balloon stories disappeared from the headlines. But fracking is inevitably going to win the day, the price of hydrocarbons will drop to a permanent floor (because exploiting shale is inherently cheap and there are no strategic bottlenecks like the Gulf), and the Jihad Nazi monsters will be gently moved out of positions of power in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Deprived of Saudi money and Obama’s secret support, ISIS will wither on the vine, and those of its maniac killers who try to go back to Belorussia to kill some more innocents will be put away somewhere in Chamkatka. The media will close its eyes, the way they generally do.

For the sake of poetic justice I would hope we could tell the Saudis they will personally be held accountable for any — meaning any — “lone wolf” terror attacks. The Law of the Claw (Lex Talionis) proclaims “head for head in retaliation”, and Islamic Law sometimes allows for financial compensation.  Hopefully they will carry out their own internal justice by the sword.

Economic projections today show that Saudi Arabia cannot survive long without its oil monopoly, so they will need us soon to defend the Arabian Peninsula against the Iranians. Perhaps the Saudis can be quietly forced to build permanent refugee camps for all the jihadis they sent to the civilized world and train them to dig sand.

Jihad never really stops, not according to the Qur’an. It only transmogrifies, like some great beast, into either bloodier or less bloody forms. But in Turkey, Jihad war preaching was suppressed for fifty years, before the European Union stupidly allowed Erdogan to be elected to bring in the new Caliphate. Let the Turks deal with their own radicals in their own way.

Jihad makes war on the world. That is a simple fact, and it is cast in concrete as long as the Qur’an is read. But other scriptures have changed their interpretations when time and necessity overwhelmed the written word. The Hindu Bhagavad-Gita is also a story of war, but we do not think of most Hindus as warriors. The Mormon Church is also committed to convert the world to its particular beliefs, and Islam can (in principle) become as peaceful as the Ahmaddiya sect claims to be. People do change, especially when the alternative is death and destruction. It happened in Imperial Japan not so long ago. It’s all a matter of incentives.



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