Why is the BBC covering up #Pizzagate?


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The BBC is the last organization on earth that should be weighing in on a pedophile scandal, but the state-sponsored outlet with a shameful history of covering up elite pedophile scandals has declared Pizzagate “fake news” and dismissed the scandal as “the fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread.”

That would be the same BBC who covered up their star presenter Jimmy Savile’s decades of extreme pedophilia until as late as 2012 – only relenting and acknowledging the scandal after it was forced into the open by independent investigators.

Just this year Dame Janet Smith’s report into the Jimmy Savile pedophile case concluded that BBC bosses must have been aware of Savile’s activities when he sexual assaulted numerous young girls, some as young as 10-years-old, whilst he was presenting the BBC’s Top Of The Pops program.

Another BBC employee, TV presenter Stuart Hall, was also found guilty of sexually molesting children. Again the BBC had to report that that its bosses were aware of Hall’s activities and did nothing to stop it.

Now the BBC are attempting to cover up Pizzagate. Their article quotes James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong who maintains his total innocence and claims Pizzagate “ignores basic truths.”

They ignore basic truths. For instance, the conspiracy supposedly is run out of the restaurant’s basement. We don’t even have a basement.

It seems that the BBC, while attempting to dismiss the Pizzagate scandal, may have accidentally caught Alefantis in a lie. He told the BBC that his restaurant doesn’t have a basement. (Pizzagate investigators claim the secret basement – of which they have uncovered damning photos – is central to the operation.) But just last year, before the scandal broke, Alefantis is on record telling Metro Weekly that Comet Ping Pong has a basement in which he stores his own produce.

The BBC’s idea of investigative reporting is asking a powerful person if they are guilty and when they say “I’m innocent” the BBC says “Case closed!

Basic truths“? How about a dose of those awkward things called “facts“?

Why is James Alefantis lying about having a basement at @cometpingpong? Liars often forget their lies.

Of course Mr Alefantis may well be confused, or have been misquoted, but the inconsistencies don’t help his case, especially as he shared Instagram photographs of construction work in his basement.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

You can tell the BBC, NYT, WAPO didnt even look into because they didnt even ask James Alefantis the location of these photos.

Naturally, the revelation that Mr Alefantis is changing his story as the investigation continues went over the BBC reporter’s head.

Let’s take a look at some more of the BBC’s spurious claims:

No victim has come forward. There’s no investigation. And physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either. But thousands of people are convinced that a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party is operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant.”

The BBC are ignoring those awkward things called “facts.” There is an investigation. Three pizza restaurants have been raided and proprietors arrested on pedophilia charges in recent times as law enforcement continues investigating the pizza-related pedophile culture that the FBI warned about in emails released by WikiLeaks.

The story riveted fringes of Twitter – nearly a million messages were sent last month using the term “pizzagate”.

The BBC are up to their old tricks, attempting to cover for pedophiles. By informing their readers that the story exists “on the fringes” they are trying to stigmatize it, essentially warning their audience they will be considered fringe loons if they take an interest in the scandal. However the BBC can’t keep up the lie for the duration of a single sentence. “Nearly a million messages” sent about pizzagate in the last month suggests it isn’t fringe – it’s mainstream.

So how did this fake story take hold amongst alt-right Trump supporters and other Hillary Clinton opponents? Let’s start with the facts.

See what the BBC is doing here? By shamelessly claiming the “fake story” is an “alt-right Trump supporters” theory, they are further stigmatizing it, attempting to politicize an issue that is much more important than fleeting partisan politics.

In early November, as Wikileaks steadily released piles of emails from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, one contact caught the attention of prankster sites and people on the paranoid fringes.”

There they go again with the “paranoid fringes” slur. You’d have to be crazy to believe an enormous public institution could be covering up the actions of elite pedophiles, wouldn’t you? It’s almost as if the BBC have forgotten about Jimmy Savile already.

Of course none of this proves that Alefantis, Podesta, or anyone else caught up in Pizzagate, is actually a pedophile. What Pizzagate investigations do show however is an enormous amount of compelling circumstantial evidence – and people want answers. Mainstream media attempts to portray the scandal as a crazy, fringe alt-right conspiracy theory simply won’t wash.

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