Trump: “People are pouring in from the Middle East. We have no idea who they are…we’re going to stop that dead”


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The question is simple: allow in more Muslim migrants, among whom will inevitably be an unknowable number of jihad terrorists, or stop that migration at the risk of being called “racist.” In reality, it is not a racial issue, it is a national security issue.

“Trump vows to ‘stop dead’ Mideast immigration: ‘We have no idea who they are,’” Times of Israel, December 2, 2016:

President-elect Donald Trump vowed to “keep America safe” by cracking down on immigration from the Middle East and favoring “stability” in foreign policy.

Speaking to a raucous audience of thousands of supporters in Cincinnati, Ohio at the start of what his staff have billed as a “Thank you” tour of the American Midwest, Trump seemed to double down on key campaign promises about Muslim immigration and a wall on the Mexican border.

“The job of the president is to keep America safe, and that will always be my highest priority,” Trump said.

“We will do everything in our power to keep the scourge of terrorism out of our country. People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East. We have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they’re thinking. And we’re going to stop that dead, cold, flat,” he said.

“People coming into the country have to have the potential to love us, not to hate us,” he said.

He added: “We will stop looking to topple regimes. Our goal is stability, not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country. It’s time.”

Trump also used the address to take a stance against hatreds: “We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all of its forms,” he said. “We denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation. We have no choice. We have to, and it’s better.”…

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  1. WARNING: It’s not over yet. Hillary and Jill Stein are scheming to prevent a Donald Trump Presidency. A Silent Coup Is In Full Force To Steal the Presidency From Donald Trump And Give the Presidency To Hillary Clinton
    “…a “silent coup” is now occurring in America against President-elect Donald Trump by forces loyal to Hillary Clinton to deny him the presidency by causing the US States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to fail to meet the 13 December US federal law deadline to certify their Electors prior to their voting for the next president on 19 December.
    This Hillary Clinton “silent coup” against President-elect Trump was… also, accelerated …with Clinton backer Jill Stein stating that she was dropping her lawsuit in a Pennsylvania State court to demand a recount and, instead, is planning on filing a US Federal lawsuit tomorrow—and that Trump’s lawyers warned the courts this case now threatens this State’s ability to certify its presidential electors by the 13 December US federal deadline.”

    “US State Department Document Stating Hillary Clinton To Be Inaugurated As President Stuns Russia”

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