The Uncivil War


By Joe Ragonese

Donald Trump went on a thank you tour of America last week.  His first stop was in Cincinnati, Ohio, to thank those from the rust belt for having faith in him and America.  It was a tour that neither Obama nor Clinton would have ever though to do.  In fact, I cannot think of any other candidate, who after winning the Presidency, toured the nation to thank those who voted for them.  Mr. Trump showed the nation that he truly is the blue collared billionaire.  Rich as he may be, he is a true gentleman and one of the people.

At the Cincinnati rally he reinforced his campaign promises, stating that he plans to make America great again by being the President for all Americans.  President-elect Trump said that he was going to work to improve the conditions in the inner city, as well as in poor rural American areas, both hard hit by underemployment and stagnant wages.  He continued stating that the border was going to be secure and radical Islamic terrorism would be fought for the first time in eight years, starting by not letting in those who could not be properly vetted.

In completing the last two items he would increase the opportunity to work for black, white, brown, olive, tan, yellow and any other color Americans who want to rise above their present stature.  President-elect Trump said that he wanted to work with every nation that was willing to work with us to make fair trade agreements that would benefit everyone.  And then he said that he was the American President, not the world president, and that America and its citizens would come first in his dealings worldwide.

His speech was inclusive of every American, those who voted for him, as well as those who did not.  He intends to lead all of us into prosperity and make the world a safer place.  Listening to him made me very proud.  How, I asked myself, could anyone argue with what he says?

And then I read the news.  It was full of stories from Trump haters.  CNN and the MSM attacking every word he has said in his life and hit pieces from people lying about being victims of racial discrimination at the hands of Trump supporters.  There were other articles about California planning to succeed from America, how the vote recount has been expanded to over 36 states, and Clinton supporters still screaming about Trump being a bigot, racist, homophobe and a white supremacist.  I was wondering what they were talking about.  Nothing that he has said or done, especially since becoming the President-elect, has in anyway come close to the hysteria on the left.

The left, both the radical Marxists, who masquerade as progressives, and those dupes who only saw Clinton as the first female President, see a very different America than the majority of Americans do.  It is not an accident that this has come about.  It has been a concentrated effort, for many years, to replace America from a constitutional republic into a Marxist state.  Knowing this makes all of the hysteria and contempt for President-elect Trump more understandable.

There are two opposite views of America that cannot coexist.  During the past several months this writer has stated that this election was one between those who will vote for America and those who would destroy it.  All of the hatred and hysteria from the left proves the point.  They do not like America and do not believe in the Constitution.  This election was going to seal the fate of America one way or the other; thank God that more love America than hate it.

The problem is that almost half of Americans today either hate it or do not like it much.  Many young people do not like America through ignorance; due to Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education.  Today our youth are not taught history; especially American History.  They learn more about Communism then about America’s greatness.  Everything they learn about America is tempered with the scar of racism or revisionist themes of everyone else being better than those who created the greatest nation on earth.

Our students are taught that the accomplishments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be denied because each owned slaves; or that our westward movement, starting at the shores of Plymouth Rock, was evil because we displaced aboriginal tribes.  In one of the most egregious lessons that has ever been taught, this writer, when working as a substitute teacher, read a lesson plan that included the statement that Ho Chi Mien and Mao Zedong, the communist mass murders of Vietnam and China respectively, were equal to George Washington, in that all three were revolutionary leaders taking their nations out of the hands of imperialist empires.  Never mind that Washington refused to loot local farms, with the permission of congress, to feed his starving army at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, because it was wrong, while both Ho and Mao murdered millions of their countrymen for simply thinking that the two might be wrong.

There has been a silent war being fought between nefarious Marxist operatives in this nation and patriots who oppose them, ever since the birth of communism following the Russian Revolution in 1918.  Their weapons of choice, after the tumultuous 60’s and 70’s, where the radical communist tried fomenting a true shooting revolution, has been to obfuscate their desire to overthrow the Constitution.  They have done that very well.  Today if one mentions communism they are immediately branded a kook and a right wing white supremacist.

Today’s Marxists have changed the narrative through the use of political correctness and infiltration of the mass media and the nation’s schools, from kindergarten through post graduate university studies.  The lower grade schools are, thanks to Jimmy Carter, one of Stalin’s useful idiots who really didn’t have a clue what he was doing as President, and the college campuses due to the fact that professors tend to think themselves superior to the rest of us in their ability to understand geopolitical reasoning.  More useful idiots.

The culture wars were another way to hide the true intent of undermining our constitutional republic.  By dividing us the task of taking control of America became a reasonable objective.  A nation divided cannot stand; as famously stated by Abraham Lincoln.  It was as true when we entered the Civil War as it is true today while we enter the uncivil war.  The person most responsible for our present division is Barack Obama.  He has successfully divided us into so many divergent categories that everyone is at everyone else’s throats, no matter what they say or do.

The Marxist left thought that they had won the war to dismantle our Constitution, Obama had set the stage for victory; all it would take was a Hillary win at the polls.  It had taken them over 40 years of divisive and treasonous action to get us to this point.  Had Hillary been victorious, they would have won and Obama’s statement that he was the transformational President would have come to pass.  The transformation that he envisioned was one from a constitutional republic into a communist state.  It would have been, if only so many true American Patriots had not stopped them.

Those who were about to savor victory, only to have it snatched from their greedy hands, are besides themselves and have entered into an uncivil war of words and deeds.  It has been nasty up until now, but it is going to get much nastier very soon.  The gloves are off and the losers will do and say anything to nullify the will of the people.  To Marxists, the end justifies the means.  So to lie, kill, steal, or through any other nefarious means possible, they want to undue the results of this election.  I will be ready for anything, from California actually succeeding from the union to domestic terrorism from Marxists as well as jihadis, as should you.  The two will probably work with each other to accomplish their ends of destroying America.  But anything can happen, the radical left is very devious.

The left’s counteroffensive has begun.  It will not end until one wins and one loses.  The Marxists were within two states electoral votes of victory, as scary as that is, it is true.  But We The People fought them back no less than did those minutemen who stood their ground at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, in 1775.  The British were not happy about having to retreat, under fire, back to Boston; yet they did and then they regrouped and began their counterattack shortly afterward, in Charlestown, across the bay from Boston, at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  For those who attended school after 1979, I will provide you with the historical answer; the British defeated the Patriots even though they suffered extremely heavy losses.

We won a battle on November 8, 2016, but not the war.  It continues today with the shrieks of those on the left who want to destroy America.  Whether they want California to succeed from the union, or wish to overturn the election results by threatening the lives of Trump electors in the Electoral College, or simply intimidating we the people who proudly voted for President-elect Trump, the uncivil war has begun in earnest; only now the American haters have let down their guard enough that it should be obvious to all what their intentions are.

We cannot let down our guard, now.  We must be prepared to join in combat, at every level, with those forces of destruction, on a daily basis.  Whether it is in the alternative media, at the ballot box, in the courts, or on some battlefield, if it comes to that; which might look very much like the terrorist attacks that we have suffered under Obama; we the people must take this fight to its conclusion.

It is a more dangerous time in America today than at any time since the cannons fired against Fort Sumter, South Carolina, in April, 1861.

One comment on “The Uncivil War
  1. Absolutely Right On!
    Since the 1960’s when the Marxist SDS swore “solidarity in struggle” with the al Fatah to join in war against the USA and our allies. Then the ground gained through the subversive infiltration of Community Organizers into every department of government, education, labor and media. Taking over and transforming from a student protest movement into a Political Movement then taking over a political party (DSA & DNC no difference in ideology today).
    The election of a Radical Communist/Islamist to the Office of President of the USA was their ultimate coup.
    Now we must keep in mind since Trump has been elected, Their Communist Revolution USA is not over. They will never give up the ground they have taken without one hell of a fight. Their rapid increase in Radical Islamist Hostiles Obama has been flooding the country with, since the election, is for his final thrust for victory to over take the USA. These tens of thousands unvetted insurgents are here, not only to honor their old bond of “Solidarity”, but, for war on the American people with the expectation of their jihad’s share of the spoils of this war. The spoils are your head then claim your home & family and all your property as promised by this Grand Jihad.
    Time to take notice and Stand to Horse, be prepared to mount and draw sabers in defense of your Country.

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