The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


By Joe Ragonese

While driving through the neighborhood my wife noticed that there seemed to be more Christmas lights up this year than in the past several years.  Throughout the next few days I too noticed that there was an abundance of Christmas decorations.  People seem happier than ever; except those who fervently supported Hillary.  While most Americans are animated by the hope of change coming out of the last election, Hillary supporters are in a downward spiral of despondency like nothing ever witnessed before in America.  While a raging alt-left succumbs to LWS (loser withdrawal syndrome) the vast majority of America is in a better mood than we have been since before 9/11/2001.

The stock market is soaring, rising on the hope of a Donald Trump Presidency, while holiday shoppers, feeling confident about the future for the first time in over eight years, have spent at record levels.  Even an Islamic terrorist attack at Ohio State University could not dampen the enthusiasm of most of us.  Hope is in the air and the possibility of American greatness being just around the corner is infectious.  It is evident by the Christmas displays, the happy mood of shoppers and an overall general feeling of happiness and good cheer, and at just the right season.

This is all possible because real Americans went to the polls on November 8th and elected a President for the people.  Many who voted for Donald Trump did so because they were out of work and out of hope.  Mr. Trump listened to them and heard their cries for help.  No politician has done that in a long time; at least not in the 21st Century.  The political class is shocked by it; yet shortly after becoming President-elect, Mr. Trump carried out one of his campaign promises, by calling Carrier Air Conditioner Company and convincing them to remain in America.  It will be a very happy holiday season for the families of the 1100 employees whose jobs were saved by this deal; whether they observe Christmas, Hanukkah or any other religious celebration at this time of the year.

The left, media, elite, and the entrenched political class, both left and right, are screaming foul.  It is unheard of to actually carry out a campaign promise.  Elitists are showing their true selves in droves.  George Will for example, someone always known as a conservative columnist for the Washington Post, has disgraced himself by opining, on Fox News, that Donald Trump, by saving those jobs at Carrier, had opened the door to socialism.   Really?  Does Mr. Will even know what socialism is?  Keeping an American Company in America by offering incentives to procure high profit margins sounds more like capitalism than socialism to this writer.

Will never opined that Obama’s policies stunk of socialism, even though his attempt to put coal companies out of business and regulate banks and private companies to the point of controlling how much money their CEO’s earn, is exactly what communist countries do on a regular basis.  The hypocrisy of the elite knows no bounds.  They are so out of touch with America that they haven’t a clue what it means to a family to be fired at Christmastime, let alone the humiliation of not being able to find work, no matter how hard you try; because some know it all politician traded off your job in the name of internationalism.

Real Americans are not losers who only want to sit on their butts and collect food stamps.  They want to be proud of earning a pay check and supporting their families.  These are the people that Hillary called deplorable and irredeemable.  Under the elite politicians, of both parties, they felt weak and impudent.  This election saw them empowered for the first time in eight years.  It was what the Tea Party was all about; but all of the elitists ignored what they were trying to tell them.  The Tea Party was not a racist, homophobic, white supremacists organization, it was real Americans engaging their elected officials and telling them that they wanted real change.

None of the elite heard.  Donald Trump listened to them, and heard what their grievances were.  He agreed with their assessment of the current political situation, and spent millions of his own dollars to do something about it.  The people believed in him, in spite of overwhelming opposition from every elitist and Marxist in the world, and that opposition was shocked when he won in a landslide.  They should not have been; the handwriting was on the wall, all they had to do was stop listening to themselves and listen to the people who were crying out loud for this change.  Since his victory, the elite, especially the elite press, attack President-elect Trump at every opportunity possible.

All of the main stream media reports about Donald Trump’s ability to earn huge profits for Trump companies, including his new Washington D.C. hotel which is full of foreign diplomats expected to attend his Inauguration.  They wring their hands that he could corrupt his office by passing legislation favorable to his family’s business.  This writer would put more credence in their concerns if any of them would have stated those same misgivings about Hillary and the Clinton foundation while she was Secretary of State.  Everything possible is done to undermine the legitimacy of his remarkable victory by the elite, MSM and worldwide Marxists.  The hypocrisy is limitless with the MSM, elitists, and Democrats.

Speaking of the Democrat Party, they just reelected Nancy Pelosi as their minority leader in the House of Representatives.  After her appointment, she said that the Democrat Party need make no change in direction; they were doing fine.  They learned nothing from this last election.  Many Democrats voted for Donald J. Trump.  They still call themselves Democrats, but cannot vote for the people that the party gives them as candidates.  Pelosi is pretending that this large number of Democrats does not exist.

The Democrat Party was always known as the peoples party, while the GOP was known as the party for big business.  Yet, the Democrat Party has not given the working people, their base, anything during the last 40 years.  The only winners in the present Democrat Party are those top earners and those who earn nothing.  In this election cycle they even insulted their base, calling them deplorable. They also belittle working class whites, the majority of their base, claiming white privilege gave them an upper hand on immigrants, legal or not, and all people of color.

That may have been a good selling point to the elite living in large cities on both coasts, but it didn’t hold true for the person working on an assembly line that manufactured goods in Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin, after their job went to Mexico.  White privilege exists only in the minds of wealthy, privileged people (of all colors) who group themselves in cities on the east and west coasts.  The rest of us are offended by the phrase and the thought that somehow we have an upper hand having been born of European stock infuriates us.  Not being able to find work that pays the bills, even if you and your spouse are working two to three part time jobs each, because you can’t find full time work, mostly because of Obama regulations, does not seem like privilege to us.

People of color also find themselves in the same predicament.  Although they are not charged with having white privilege, most cannot find work like their white neighbors, due to the same reasons.  The elite hurt them as much as they do working class whites.  All working class Americans have been deeply hurt by Obama’s economic policies.  Don’t think for one minute that people of color like being held down by Washington’s rules any more than white people do.  That is why both African-Americans and Hispanic people voted for Donald Trump in larger numbers than any Republican Presidential candidate in over 30 years.   Mr. Trump is a Republican in name only.  He is a fiscal conservative whose ideas more reflect working class Americans than any other Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.  Listen to him, he sounds surprisingly like a Democrat back in the days when they were really an American Party, not anti-American.

The two things about white privilege that Democrats seem to forget when they bandy about the phrase is number one, America still is made up of over 70% white people, and two, only 1% of them were privileged enough to get ahead because of it.  The premise is a hoax just as is the idea that whites are overwhelmingly homophobic, racist, sexists and xenophobic.  The rest of that 70% work really hard to get ahead and the majority live by the rule of live and let live.  Overall, Americans are great people, giving in all ways and proud of this country.  This past election proves the last statement.

The argument that college educated whites voted for Hillary in overwhelming numbers is a myth.  College educated whites overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Trump.  Just because you have a college education doesn’t make you stupid.  Only those white, college educated elitists voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, the rest of us voted for Trump because we know that socialism is a failure.  Hillary was preaching socialism as much as Obama.

The truth is that the Democrat party of today is not your parents and grandparents party.  Democrats abandoned the working people of America after the Marxist took over the party at the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago.  It took 48 years to get to the precipice of that Marxist abyss that Hillary would have led us into.  Throughout those years more and more people understood that the Democrat Party was not working in their best interest, until today, we have a Democrat Party that is broken and does not, or will not, know or accept that fact.  Today’s Democrat Party is a radical Marxist party; no matter what they call themselves.

The good news is that Nancy Pelosi was reelected Minority Leader and most Democrats do not think that they need to change.  That demonstrates the arrogance of the left and their ignorance in not understanding what happened in this election.  It will lead to the end of the Democrat Party that exists today, because it lost its base and they will not return unless the party changes.  They don’t seem to be smart enough to make that transition.

In order for the Democrat Party to be relevant at any level in the coming years they must become acceptable to working class Americans once again.  If not, a new party will fill that void or the Republican Party will become less elitist and welcome them with open arms.  If Democrats continue down the same path they are on now they will become as irrelevant as the Green Party.

All of this makes this the most wonderful time of the year, the anticipation of the coming Trump Presidency and the changes that will make America great again.  It kind of makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And watching the left convulse provides all of the laughter one needs to make for a very happy New Year!


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