Migrants uber Alles: ‘Our streets and squares are under MIGRANT control’ says German home affairs minister


UK Express

MIGRANTS are controlling Germany’s streets and squares because the country cannot control its borders, a German Home Affairs minister warned yesterday.

The fast approaching anniversary of the Cologne sex attacks prompted Christian Social Union politician Markus Söder to blame the country’s “deteriorating” security situation on mass migration that is leaving citizens, feeling “unsafe”.

Söder – whose party is aligned with Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union – said: “Our wives and daughters are increasingly afraid of sexual assaults. The state must act more decisively than in the past.

“Last year we lost control of our borders. Now we are beginning to lose control of streets and squares.

“When citizens no longer feel safe to visit neighbourhoods, the state loses its authority… this is now about homeland security,” he said speaking to a German newspaper.

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