Merkel’s Germany: “Almost three quarters of all Algerian immigrants have popped up as suspects” in sex assault cases


Jihad Watch

“Hundreds of young Muslim men treated women as objects to hunt down. They know what they do is prohibited by law. But they also think German women are sluts. And in addition they know their actions have no consequences. The German police do not fear the refugees, they fear to be branded as racist when dealing with them.” — Bassam Tibi

The solution: obvious! Bring in more Muslim migrants!

“‘There are big problems’ Outrage as migrant rapes soar by 133% – in just ONE YEAR,” by Belinda Robinson, Express, December 9, 2016:

…German authorities say they are also facing similar concerns over a rapid increase in rapes by migrants.

Markus Ulbig, the Saxon Minister of the Interior for the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, said that 169 sexual offences had been committed by migrants in 2016 in his state.

This was compared with only 25 similar cases the previous year in Saxony, reports German newspaper Bild….

Men who were living in Maghreb states were often repeat offenders, according to Ulbig.

He said: “Almost three quarters of all Algerian immigrants have popped up as suspects.”


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