Merkel the Destroyer: Angela Merkel Says Germans Need to “Integrate” With Multiculturalism


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During a speech at the Christian Democrats party conference this week, Chancellor Angela Merkel lectured German citizens, telling them they need to “integrate” with multiculturalism even as a migrant crime wave continues to sweep the country.

“Some people who have always been living here in Germany are in urgent need of a course in integration themselves,” said Merkel, adding that she was concerned about people making inflammatory comments on the Internet.

“There are cases where the government has to get involved, that’s when the State Prosecutor is responsible, even on the internet; the internet is not an extralegal space,” she continued.

Merkel, who has overseen an open border policy under which over a million migrants have poured into the country since last year, then blamed right-wing sentiment for the “strong polarization of our society”.

“It’s hard to believe the amount of applause she receives. And look at the ecstatic faces of her supporters in the CDU!” remarks the Gates of Vienna blog.

Her comments are likely to only cause more furor amongst Germans, who are laboring under a nationwide explosion of crime, with migrants responsible for over 402,000 extra crimes according to government statistics.

They also contradict Merkel’s 2010 statement in which she admitted that multiculturalism had failed.

High profile cases of migrants engaging in the sexual assault and mass molestation of women also continue to make headlines, with the latest being the rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman in Freiburg by an Afghan refugee.

Meanwhile, as Merkel lectures Germans about their need to integrate, Green Party politician Volker Beck saidGermans need to to learn Arabic, and that migrants shouldn’t have to speak German.

German President Joachim Gauck also said he believed that Germany will eventually have a Muslim president.

As the video below illustrates, Angela Merkel’s commitment to “cultural enrichment” has come at the expense of the safety of the German people.

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