Islam and Muslims: Incompatible With 21st Century Humanity

By Frosty Wooldridge

This week, Muslims killed 12 and wounded 48 in a truck attack in Berlin, Germany.  Another Muslim executed a Russian diplomat with eight shots to his back at point blank range.  German authorities reported they thwarted two planned attacks in the past week.

For the past four decades, Muslims in all Western countries continue their prime directive dictated by the Quran: “Convert or kill all non-believers.”

Their methods: 9/11 mass murder attacks.  Also, lone wolf attacks. They infiltrate governments with their operatives, i.e., Barack Obama and his 10 Muslim aides in the White House, hijra or “seeding” host countries with Muslim immigrants to eventually install Sharia Law.  They employ beheadings, be-handings and honor killings that terrify women worldwide.  Muslims kill gays,  and kill anyone who remains an infidel or non-believer.  Worse, you never know which Muslim will kill at what time or place.

When confronted with reality, Muslims kill the truth, they kill the truth messenger and they kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Will it take a Paris, France slaughter once a week to help civilized leaders to deport all Muslims?  Will it take a Brussels, Belgium airport bombing once a month to convince leaders to rid their countries of Muslims?  How about a Nice, France barbaric attack at weekly intervals to finally help all Western countries to come to the simple conclusion:  Muslims and Islam—Incompatible with 21st century humanity.

Notice 1.5 billion “moderate” Muslims do nothing to stop the terror.  They don’t speak up.  They do not condemn.  They don’t lead their religion out of the Dark Ages. Muslim mosques all over Europe store weapons while imams instigate terror attacks.  Worse, they spew incredible hate toward all other religions.

In the USA, Muslims commit barbaric acts regularly.  Whether it’s honor killings of women or female genital mutilation or arranged marriages or threats to gays—the US State Department and FBI counter terrorism agencies remain on full alert to stop Muslims from terrorizing America 24/7.

But they can never stop lone wolf Muslim killers.  That’s why we face another Orlando, Florida slaughter or a San Bernardino or more Ohio State University stabbings.

That’s why Muslim Barack Obama jumped the Syrian migrant level into the USA by 339 percent in the month of December.  He wants as many violent Muslims to enter America before his time in the power ends. (Source: Fox News, December 21, 2016, Hannity)

Muslims don’t make any bones about it: they expect to conquer America or die trying.  Muhammad gave them 72 virgins as a sexual reward in heaven for their jihad.

“When the sacred months have passed, then kill the infidels wherever you find them. Capture them. Besiege them. Lie in wait for them in each and every ambush but if they repent, and perform the prayers, and give zacat then leave their way free.” Quran Chapter 9:5

In 2002, John Muhammad, the Beltway Sniper, lay “in wait” for various infidels and killed 17 of them. Since then, from Boston to San Bernardino—Muslims carried out killing sprees.

“When Allah revealed to the angels, ‘Truly I am with you. So, keep firm those who have believed. I will strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So, strike them at the necks and cut off their fingers.’” 8:12

Remember the Muslim who beheaded his co-worker Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma on September 26, 2014?  The liberal media claimed Jah’Keem Yisreal committed workplace violence instead of jihad.

Islam’s dictates become painfully real for individuals who suffer death or injury whether the Boston Marathon bombers or White Cloud, Minnesota mall knife-wielding Muslim or the Fort Hood killer Major Hassan pretending to be a U.S. Army officer.

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has made one superior to the other and because they spend to support them from their means. Therefore, righteous women are obedient and they guard in the husband’s absence what Allah orders them to guard. And, as to those women from whom you fear disobedience, give them a warning, send them to separate beds, and beat them.”4:34

Why aren’t feminists in all countries demonstrating to stop all Muslim immigration?  How do first world women accept Muslim men who force their women into black bags and stone them to death for being raped?  How about the 20,000 honor killings annually in Muslim dominated countries?  Anyone got a problem with that ritual?

How do you defend from such barbarism in the 21st century?

Since we already suffer 3.3 million Muslims within our country, we must defend against them harshly and effectively.

Solution: we Americans demand all Muslim immigration stopped.  We as a people must deport any Muslim or Muslim organization that advocates Sharia Law. Start with C.A.I.R. and the Islamic Society of America, Muslim Brotherhood and others.  We must monitor all mosques with mandated video coverage. We must deport anyone who espouses individual or collective violence toward our citizens.  Ban the Burka or hijab that destroys a woman’s right to her individuality.  Deport or jail any Muslim imam who speaks or organizes anyone toward violence.  Do not allow Muslims into the military, period.

Mandate that any Muslim that commits female genital mutilation, an honor killing or arranged marriage to be jailed and deported after time served.

In other words, make America so harsh against this violent, barbaric and incendiary religion—that they repatriate themselves back into their own countries—where they can practice their barbarism without consequences.

Historian Adnre Servier said, “Islam was not a torch, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use by a barbarous people, it was, and it remains, incapable of adapting itself to civilization.  Whatever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse toward progress and checked the evolution of society.”

Final solution: Islam mandates a violent political-economic-religious system diametrically opposed to a free republic and in violation of our U.S. Constitution.  Demand the prohibition of Islam in America. Enforce the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952.

3 comments on “Islam and Muslims: Incompatible With 21st Century Humanity
  1. I believe that a temporary ban on all immigration to America is needed. We can see that millions of people come here but very few assimilate to American culture.

    We obviously need to secure our borders and overhaul our visa systems, 1965 immigration law, and refugee resettlement program. We need to remove all government handouts to anyone who wants to come here. We need to see that laws on the books are enforced.

    We should utilize discretion and have the final say on who is admitted into our nation, PERIOD!

    We need to hold President-Elect Trump to account for his promises. We must stay on top of our members of Congress as well to ensure this problem is addressed

  2. Thank you sir, but this is nothing new. We, have simply forgotten what our grandfathers knew.

    “Islam is as dangerous in a man, as rabies in a dog.”
    –Sir Winston Churchill

    In the grocery store parking lot, the other day, November 8th, after my wife and I had voted, we went to the grocery store…

    Being partially disabled, I was in the car, just sitting minding my own business, people watching and waiting for my wife to get out of the store. Then comes this lady with the ‘hijab'(Muslim head scarf) on. She unloads her groceries, a massive load, two cartons of soft drinks, and her kid climbs out of the cart and gets in the car… ok, fine. I have no prejudice, I could care less.

    But then, she plays around with the cart, positioning it ‘just so’ it wouldn’t roll, it was setup for the next driver that pulled into that slot to slam it into the car ahead of them…. perfect! She started to get back in the car with a smile. ‘A smile’, I thought? So, being helpful yet suspicious, I rolled down the window and in the nicest way possible, assuming she was just a ignorant refugee or something, I asked her ‘Mamn, you need to put the cart in that rack over there so nobody else will run into it’. I was truly trying to be helpful… I had seen these carts get bounced around and cause accidents as cars swerve to avoid them, or they cause all kinds of havoc if left to roam around the parking lot on their own…

    Immediately, it began, she went into full Muslim victim(Taqiyya) mode “You can no speak to me! You can no speak to me! Why you speak to me? You hate Muslim? You racist?” she immediately yelled at me… Ok then, she wanted to ‘play the card’…’ I thought. So I immediately went into warrior mode, being a veteran, and a student of Islamic warfare, including the passive aggessive forms of Jihad which are ‘Taqiyya and Sharia’, I simply ‘Held the Line’, and raised my voice, telling her “You need to put the cart in the RACK!” At that point, her companion(mother?), and her went into a hissy fit with Arabic jibber jabber. Both of them came out of the car, approaching me in full frontal attack posture, screaming and shaking their hands in the air, “You hate Muslims? You racist!”. I exited the vehicle and simply smiled “You want to fight? Where are your men?”

    Long story short, they were running around in circles screaming and shouting and they stopped a car, yelling “RACIST!” at the top of their lungs, and tried to enlist the aid of a black driver, who jumped out of the car to investigate, then, saw my Veteran’s cap, heard me, forcefully tell them to simply put the cart in the rack and everything will “be good”. The ladies, and I use the term loosly, tried desperately to get him to attack me. He cringed, told the ladies to put the cart in the rack and “leave him alone, he’s a Vet”, I heard him say as he got back in his car and speeded away.

    Then they went around with hands in the air crying and screaming about ‘racist, muslim hater’, and I knew at that point we had a ‘turn the cheek’ moment. That I had to keep my hands to myself, or face the police, that they were now calling 911, and taking my picture with their cellphones, and, my license plate… When they came around from the back of the car, I just smiled and said “TAQIYYA, will not work anymore, this is America, not Europe!” “What you say? What you say? What you know of Taqiyya?” their faces revealed they were crumbling, as their histrionics mostly fell on deaf ears.

    There was another vet there, who saw the whole thing, he asked “What’d you do man?” and I explained they were pulling the victim card after what they did and what I told them. At that point my wife got back and putting the groceries in the car said “Lets go.”. The other vet told me to go on, that he ‘had my back’, since I had not ‘laid a hand on them’, he would stay until the police arrived. They went into full meltdown as we backed out of the parking slot, “You can no leave, we have called police!” My only response to them was “Go to hell…” No, it was not ‘nice’, but, in this world, nice guys finish last, and the knowledge of The Grail will set you free to fight evil, using the methods of the Meek Warrior, force or deceit, requires equal force in response. To turn the cheek against Islam, is like turning your back to an animal, you will get devoured. Europe is getting eaten alive now, as we sit and watch their civilization deteriorate into animalistic chaos driven by Islamic rabies. It is like inviting a rabid bear to come in your house and live with you, you would be lucky to survive.

    This is the Problem in a nutshell, when we allow ourselves to be divided into denominations using ‘doctrines of devils’, that allow evil to thrive because we are admonished to remain totally passive, ‘trust in authority’ and turn the cheek. But this is not what The Word of God says, it is what individual preachers preach when they build a denomination on the foundation of a few verses. You follow God’s Way or the Way of Men. Either integrate The Word, and The Body of Christ into One, or lose to evil. To do that first requires you to learn what evil is, and how to fight it. It is not that all Muslims are ‘evil’, no, there are good Muslims, but, they know and will tell you(if you would listen), that Islam itself, is not reformable in the modern sense of becoming ‘secularized’ and ‘acclimated’, because it is not a ‘religion’, it is a Theocracy. At its core, it is a system of government based on a religion that demands total world domination over secular societies. This is even what the word itself ‘Islam’ means in the original Arabic. You are told that Islam means ‘peace’… that is untrue, the Arabic word for peace is; salam. Islam is a ‘command verb’, that means;

    “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah”(little a deliberate).

    There is only one way to interpret this… they are the mortal enemies of Christianity, especially WASP culture. And their primary tool is political correctness, a tool that conquers the mind, causing a person to become frozen in fear, fear of causing ‘offense’, when offensiveness changes on a daily basis. When taken to its logical extreme, you see societies making decisions based on feelings, instead of cold logic, then they cannot make decisions at all because each decision will cause offense to some group. In the end everybody is everybodies enemy, and society fractures… you see this process happening now, today, in Europe and the beginnings of it in America. After World War II, the Allied powers understood more about Islam then, than we do today because political correctness has destroyed the minds of our leaders. After WWII, the Allies setup secular dictatorships and kingdoms for one reason, to keep Islam in check, while giving freedom to all other religions. We forgot, that we setup the middle east for reasons of oil, and the political stability that would allow the oil to flow. It was never a perfect solution, but there are few perfect solutions in this world, a world of relative truths ruled by Mystery, and everybodies truth is equal to every other truth, regardless of the facts that one truth may be based in evil. This is because of the relativity of lack of absolute knowledge of good vs evil, and the political correctness that keeps people from seeing the truth. Good is salt, and evil is sugar. This is absolute, and has been forgotten in this age, but this was prophesied in The Revelation of John, and ‘The Little Book’.

    The Left allies themselves with Islam, because they are both believers in The Little Book of Revelation 10, The Way of Conquering through your Heart using the tools of passive aggressiveness and political correctness. You must be the one to understand the message in The Little Book, that; “… sweet words on the tongue like honey, grow bitter in the belly”, and that bitterness is flowing throughout the world. The crocodile tears of the leftists, like the victim cries of the Muslims, social justice warriors all, work hard at turning adults into whimpering children, in a world of lies. Likewise, feminism, the passive aggressive way of warfare, is a sister tool of political correctness, allowing themselves to attack without attacking, to leave their enemy, men, in a state of confusion. They now join forces to attack WASP culture, and Christianity in general. For they know, they can only have their one world utopia, if we are gone, for we white MEN, built our civilization, and are the only ones who can ‘Hold the Line’ against its downfall.

  3. Muslims inbreed… they have sex with cousins, uncles, daughters, sons etc. No other species does this. The whole world of humanity and animals avoid breeding incestuously EXCEPT Muslims. Centuries of inbreeding has created an Islamic sub-species of quasi-Monsters. This Islamic disease has to be rounded up or otherwise destroyed for the good of humanity.

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