Globalism vs. Nationalism – The New Civil War


Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle

I have delayed writing this piece for two days. The delay was not caused by my lack of confidence in my ability to connect the dots of America’s impending doom. My hesitation was due to the fact that the upcoming scenario is so devastating to our country and I find the material to be emotionally unnerving. Therefore, I am issuing a “viewer discretion” warning related to this two-part series.

The Motivation to Attack Trump and Nationalist Movement

All wars and revolutions first start in the mind. And from this perspective, America is already embroiled in a civil war. This civil war can be accurately characterized as the globalists vs. the nationalists. Before these bipolar opposites related to governance are analyzed, let’s first look at the prime directives of the globalists because they are the least understood by the general public.

The New World Order seeks to enslave humanity in the following manner:

  1. The evisceration of all national boundaries and native cultures to make it easier to impose the globalist will upon the people. The refugee/resettlement program is a prime example of this “global” thinking. Trump and his followers are a threat to this version of the global agenda where immigration is controlled by national authorities instead of being ignored by the executive branch of government. If Trump is able to establish national control of our borders, globalism takes a big step backwards.
  2. The establishment of autocratic global governance is key to the master plan for a New World Order. The free-trade agreements (e.g. NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP) are a cornerstone to destroy national boundaries, the political sovereignty, and national economies in order to achieve their global governance goals. The notion of tariffs has become antiquated. National governments no longer exist to protect the people, they exist to protect and maximize corporate profits. The wholesale relocation of businesses overseas in search of cheap third-world labor has replaced mercantilism as the primary system of economics. This lasissez-faire approach to economics wrestles all political authority away from a nation’s political structure and replaces it with global and corporate governance. Nations will eventually die as will the civil liberties of each country such as the United States. Under this system, the people become the property of the fascist corporate state and these individuals will be bent to the will of the globalists. Therefore, the modern nations, such as the United States, with its constitutional republic, must be totally and utterly destroyed. With Trump’s proposal to impose a 35% tax on all imports, in order to save American jobs, spits in the face of globalism. Does anyone believe that the New World Order is going to respect the rule of law and comply with the express will of the people who elected Donald Trump? Of course not, and that is why we are in a state of war.

The establishment of the New World Order and the threat that Donald Trump and his followers pose cannot be accurately portrayed in the typical left-right paradigm. It can only be portrayed as a Globalist vs. Nationalist agenda.

The Fake News Paradigm

The designation of “fake news”, or what Congress is now calling it,  foreign propaganda, is typical of this globalist thinking. All loyalty is owed to the corporate, global-governance and any nationalist movement is viewed as not only antiquated, but treasonous and will eventually be dealt with in the same manner that President Lincoln dealt with the South when they attempted to withdraw from the Union.

Any website or radio show that professes belief in Constitutional ideals and Christian principles, is a traitor to the cause of globalism. Therefore, when the CSS expresses support for the Bill of Rights, I am committing an act of terrorism against the new global state that has hijacked our government.

The Historical Significance of the Trump Movement

The survival of all nation-states is on its last legs. The enemy is not within the gates, the globalist enemy has seized control over all of our institutions and have destroyed our cornerstone institutions such as education and the Christian church. On Sunday, when Trump said he wanted to restore prayer in school, it is clear to me that he has an appreciation for the moment that he occupies in world history.


America is at the abyss of a desolate dictatorial tyranny like the world has never seen. Americans are on the verge of not only losing their freedoms, but ultimately, we will lose our soul if we do not individually and collectively change course from a spiritual perspective. Further, globalist governance is a threat to 95% of the humans on this planet as the globalists, themselves, have advocated for the elimination of all of the useless eaters, all 95% of us. This is what Clinton meant when she used the word “deplorables” to describe the noncompliant nationalists. Does it make sense now why the globalists would promote a 4th degree Coven witch as a presidential candidate?

Due to sheer length and nothing else, this analysis must be broken into two parts.

In part two, there is a decided three-tiered approach to end the populist threat of Donald Trump. America is in the middle of this threat. The threat, if successful, will culminate with the prevention of Trump taking office, or moving to the more vile threat of the possible assassination of Donald Trump. It is clear from the emerging scenario, the real threat to the American people is what will follow the death of Trump’s populist movement.

Did anyone catch the Army-Navy football game? I don’t watch much football anymore. However, the Army-Navy game has been a family tradition since I was five years old. I still catch part of each Army-Navy game in remembrance of my father. This past Saturday, I just happened to catch when the crowd realized that Donald Trump was in attendance and began to chant in unison, “Make America Great Again”. It was enough to bring to tears to one’s eyes. The globalists must move swiftly against Donald Trump and the Independent Media in order to prevent the rising tide of nationalism. In part two of this series, I will describe this previously mentioned three-tiered approach to taking down America’s last nationalist movement. America is indeed on life-support. Can we awaken our nation from its self-induced coma? Part two answers these questions. Please pray for Donald Trump as well as nation.

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  1. Spot on. The globalist viewpoint is the crack in the foundation of our country. We must be alert to all the attacks wherever they come.

  2. Globalism is the end point of Marxism since without ALL following Marxist principles it will fail. Well it will fail anyway but cause misery to billions of people over a long time frame.

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