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J. Stewart Cook’s Canadian Commentary

All aboard, welcome to The Donald’s “Magical Mystery Tour!”

Are you serious? That’s right Bill, it’s leaving shortly and I don’t want to miss it. But Hillary, this is nonsensical. I know Bill, but that’s the whole point. Let Donald believe that we now support him whole-heartedly and we’ll join his “political train.” You know it won’t last. And when it fails, we’ll jump off and clear the pathway for us and our “friends” once again. Bill, look who’s already on board. There’s Joe Biden, John Kerry. So many are jumping on board. But where are the Obama’s, Hillary? I don’t see them. Who cares Bill, we know they’re history!

The “Magical Mystery Tour,” was one of The Beatles best known albums. Who would imagine that The Beatles, Britain’s most popular music group, would somehow be “inculpated” in the 2016 USA election. It’s “Magically Mysterious!”

If one looks at the Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” and the concept of the “New World Order,” under Donald Trump, you will note the similarities enveloped in both circumstances.

Beatle, Paul McCartney, wanted to create a film based upon the group and their music. The film was to be unscripted: various “ordinary” people were to travel on a coach and have unspecified “magical” adventures. The resulting Magical Mystery Tour film was made, including new Beatles songs. I can only chuckle thinking that Donald Trump’s campaign was virtually filmed and “unscripted” and to many Americans filled with “ordinary” people, including “chants” and “slogans!”

The magazine, the New Musical Express, stated “that The Beatles were at it again, stretching pop music to its limits”. It continued: “The four musician-magicians take us by the hand and lead us happily tripping through the clouds, past Lucy in the sky with diamonds and the fool on the hill, into the sun-speckled glades along Blue Jay Way and into the world of Alice in Wonderland …. This is The Beatles out there in front and the rest of us in their wake.” Ah, so reflective of The Donald’s campaign trail…he in the front and the rest following him no matter what he said or did!

Mike Jahn, of the Saturday Review, hailed Magical Mystery Tour saying it’s “distinguished by its description of the Beatles’ acquired Hindu philosophy and its subsequent application to everyday life”. A common thesis associated with Hinduism is the view that events in a person’s life are determined by karma. The term literally means “action,” but in this context it denotes the moral, psychological spiritual and physical causal consequences of morally significant past choices. Coincidentally, would this not form part of Donald Trump’s philosophy? There are certainly shades of it!

And then, there was one of the biggest hits in this album, “The Fool on the Hill.” So appropriate under the present circumstances…”it describes the titular ‘fool’, a solitary figure who is not understood by others, but is actually wise.” Was Donald Trump to be the “fool” on Capitol Hill? It is to be seen, but I hardly expect this to be!

As the Magical Mystery Tour continues, let us examine the New World Order in the mind of Donald Trump?

The term New World Order refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government. The common theme is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history’s progress. I can only think that Donald Trump may want to lead such an “Order,” however, it is not his intent to be a one man leader of the entire world!

During the 2016 election, I believe, I came to understand how Donald Trump runs his world and will share with you what I think is his “master” plan.


“Generals, take the world map and open it on the table. In front of us we have every country in the world. But before we proceed, I’m going to move this to our world of technology and have our techies shoot the map on the digital screen. Using technology and digitization, we are able to examine each country, not only inch by inch, but simultaneously have a complete written analysis of the region we are examining. The analysis provides us with the type of people living in a given area, their religious affiliation, the economy of the area, the social stability, etc. It also provides further breakdown allowing us to know if conflict or war has been part of their history. There are no limitations to the information we can obtain and, therefore, it will be used to bring forth the “New World Order.”

“As you know, I have been elected to, not only change the way we live and thrive in our country, but bring this “new” approach to the world at large. I am the “NEGOTIATOR” and wish to institute the “process” of negotiating with the rest of the world. You can avoid conflict my means of “negotiating” and I have a proven record in doing so and also ensuring peace during the entire process. We are not here to conquer the world, but to set an example for the whole world to emulate. We wish to generate wealth for our country and partner with the rest of the world. Be it single or multiple negotiations, we are seeking CONVERSION through NEGOTIATION.

Is Donald Trump unconventional? I would have to say yes. Is he unpredictable? I think we would all concur. Is he presidential? Without doubt, but will need to convince all Americans that he can “run” the country according to his “new” plan.

Donald Trump is a true “negotiator” and, with all negotiators, you must be aware of your surroundings. “Successful and effective negotiators play the win/win game ‘masterfully’. They have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to navigate the negotiation process with all of its rules, rituals, strategies and tactics in a way that achieves mutually acceptable results. And that’s not all… they also do it in a manner that enhances the relationship they have with their counterpart.” By Donald, I think he’s got it!

At the onset of the election, The Donald could not exemplify more The Beatles famed “Magical Mystery Tour.” Over time, as the election moved on, a picture was emerging that his campaign was no longer a “Magical Mystery Tour” but falling into line according to his vision and leading Americans into what he believed was making America great again. The beginning of the “New World Order” with the “enemy” not conceding!

Hillary, where the heck are we? I’m not quite sure Bill. Everyone on board is a little “mystified” to say the least, including myself. I don’t even see Donald conducting the train. People are asking questions and we have no answers. Bill, let me get out and see where we are. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Hillary, you’re back. What took you so long? So, where are we and did you hear or see anyone? I’m not sure where we are Bill, but I did hear people talking. I heard this one voice screaming…Boss, boss the train!

  1. Get on board or get left behind. The new USA will be bigger and better and the foolish crybaby libs need to get out of the way!

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