Donald Trump has gone to war with the media – and nothing is going to stop him

Prison Planet

Last week, Donald Trump was supposed to have held his first proper press conference in five months. But then the event was put off; his aides now talk vaguely about holding it early in the New Year. It being merely a case of battle deferred, not battle avoided.

If one theme of the next four years already seems set, it is that of conflict between the 45th president and the media – yes the hoary old mainstream media, fighting off countless new challengers to be sure, but which still sets America’s real news agenda.

The sheer novelty of the situation will make the conflict more intense. Trump is a President-elect who has defied every standard rule of politics, who said and did things that would have destroyed any normal candidate, but not him. He gives every sign of continuing that way in the Oval Office.

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