Cloud Cuckoo Land: Merkel insists Germany’s migrant influx has not led to a surge in violent crime


Daily Mail

  • Iraqi refugee Zaid K, 31, accused of sexually assaulting two Chinese students
  • He came to Germany in 2015 with wife and children, living in city of Bochum
  • Comes after arrest of an Afghan migrant over the killing of a student in Freiburg

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted a record influx of refugees has not led to a surge in violent crime, despite a spate of high profiles cases.

She said the rape and murder of a German student allegedly committed by a teenage Afghan asylum seeker and the arrest of a 31-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker over sexual assaults on two Chinese students were ‘terrible isolated incidents’.

Merkel, whose CDU party is holding its annual conference in the city of Essen, called for ‘tough sentencing’ where people were convicted of serious crimes.

But she said she had faith in ‘the response of Germany’s rule of law’ and said there was no reason to suspect all refugees.

Merkel, who is planning to run for a fourth term as Chancellor in next year’s elections, said: ‘We have looked closely at the crime rate among refugees and the picture is varied. That is also the right answer: that you have to differentiate.

‘The fact that some people want to exploit that is something we have to withstand and defend ourselves against.’

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