Captain of the Titanic, Angela Merkel, Stands by Insane Immigration Policy, Says Fight Terrorism with Compassion


In her New Year’s speech, Chancellor Angela Merkel affirmed that her government will win the fight against terrorism with compassion and denied that her open-door mass migration policy, which directly brought terrorists to Germany, was wrong.

In the federal chancellor’s New Year address to Germany, Merkel asserted that the terror attacks committed by Islamist migrants in Würzburg, Ansbach, and recently at a Christmas market in Berlin were not attacks on Western civilisation but an attack on ‘refugees’ and Germany’s willkommenskultur (‘welcome culture’).

She stated terrorists “mock [the willingness of Germany to help] with their deeds [acts of terrorism], like they mock those who really need and deserve our protection.”

Adding that it is “particularly bitter and repulsive” when terrorist attacks are committed by migrants, Merkel pushed back against criticism of her unwavering commitment to mass migration, saying that Germany will fight the “hatred” of terrorism with “humanity” and “unity.”

“With the images of bombed-out Aleppo in Syria, it is important to remember once again how important and correct it was that our country has helped in the past year those who need our protection,” she said.

Acknowledging that Islamic terrorism is the biggest test for Germany, Merkel hinted at new security measures for the year ahead – but not at changes to her open-door mass migration policies.

Over one million unvetted migrants from the Middle East and Africa entered Germany alone at Merkel’s invitation, including potentially hundreds of Islamic State fighters and bringing with them the risk of the terror organisation weaponising migrants already in the country.

Asserting that “[the] state is doing everything to ensure its citizens’ security in freedom,” the chancellor said that in the midst of mourning for the dead and injured in these “difficult days,” Germans should seek “consolation” in each other.

Merkel closed her speech, which will be broadcast Saturday, by asserting that Germans need “openness” and “an open view of the world.” She stated she had “confidence” for 2017 – this New Year confidence an extension of her “Wir schaffen das” (“we can do this”) mantra.

Over the past two years, Germany has experienced its worst series of terror atrocities since the 1980s, with Islamist suicide bombings, shootings, axe attacks, and a truck rampage. The country has also experienced waves of mass sex attacks, social unrest, crime, and pressure on public services brought upon by the mass importation of peoples from the Islamic world.

Terror attacks in Würzburg, Ansbach, and Berlin in 2016, the year Merkel calls “a year of severe tests,” were committed by illegal migrants who, in Merkel’s New Year’s address for 2015, she referred to as Germany’s “chance of tomorrow.”

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  1. If a global leader makes a policy that defies reality you can rest assured that the person making that decision is a globalist and is working towards the one world government agenda to create massive global chaos so that eventually the world will beg the worlds leaders to stop the chaos and create the “Peaceful” world government and make us all safe once again?!
    NO FOLKS——This is about global CONTROL!

  2. Germans are renowned for being thick headed she is a perfect example. Cannot admit you are wrong even when staring you in the face. She will go down as Germany’s 2nd worst all time leader nipping at the heals of der fuehrer !

  3. Merkel is a globalist to the max. She is in sync with other EU leaders in bringing the nation states under globalist control. Many Muslims in Europe and too late to turn it around, because the Euro folks are going along with the agenda as few protest, won’t matter when the crack down comes. Families will be separated and chaos from then on, turning the EU into a third world caliphate.

  4. Forgive her, Father. for she knows not what she does! poor Angela, who apparently is blind, is following the wrong path. True, Christians are compassionate people, but fail to recognize what followers of Islam are taught in the Quran, to kill all none believers. If you are not of the Islamic faith, you are a non-believer, ergo, you are to be killed! If you can’t comprehend that, better watch your back, because there will always be a Muslim who will be a true believer. Don’t let them come into your country. to do so, begs for death!

  5. HANG Merkel & Juncker …….. as an example for the next leaders to do their DUTY.
    It is government’s MAIN DUTY to KILL raping, pillaging, murdering, INVADERS at the BORDER.
    Then to HANG any TRAITOR who opens the City Gates to them ……..
    SINK the Invader’s Landing Craft and SHOOT any that make it to the shore line.
    LEADERS protect their Citizens ….. TRAITORS allow enemies in to attack the Citizens.
    As for all the “human rights activists” … to let so many people in unfettered, infringes on the HUMAN RIGHTS of the native population so YOU go to THEIR country to help them.

  6. Steve Quayle nailed it perfectly by responding evidently her compassion doesn’t extend to the German people who are being raped and murdered. That is exactly how i see it and unfortunately most of the German people too.

  7. WELL who would have guessed,GERMANY IS DESTROYING EUROPE FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A HUNDRED YEARS,and as all the leaders before ,there was an insane leader running the country,AND NOW THEY HAVE ANOTHER ONE,but germany won’t survive this one,she has started a war she can’t win,and ALL of europe will be destroyed this time…THREE STRIKES AND YOUR OUT………

  8. Merkel is part of the Khazarian Mafia. An enemy of the German people. She needs to be tried for treason, then executed.

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  10. I paraphrase here but I believe the Lord told us to: “Welcome the stranger to your land, for you yourselves were once strangers in the land of (Isreal). If that what God Himself says, then so be it. I’ve respected Mr Quayle for the most part, but here he is wrong. Angela Merkel is a great and conscionable leader who has actually verbalized that Germany was built on Christian principals. God be with her, she’s a fine lady.

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