CALEXIT Backers Open Embassy in Moscow


LA Times

California gained an embassy in Russia last weekend, at least in the eyes of those who have promised to seek a statewide vote on secession, nicknamed “Calexit,” in 2018.

Louis Marinelli, a San Diego resident who is the leader of the group promoting an effort to turn the state into an independent country , organized the Moscow event that was publicized on social media.

“We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now,” he said in an email Monday.

Marinelli is currently working as an English teacher in Russia, and said he is there working on immigration issues related to his wife, who is a Russian national….

2 comments on “CALEXIT Backers Open Embassy in Moscow
  1. Let me get this straight. If any other state wanted to leave the union. It was considered treason or it was top hear all of you people tell it. So what makes California any different? They are pushing this when the idiots couldn’t even be original with the name. They are copying it from the brexit. How about trying something original first.

  2. Calexit is one of the most wonderful ideas for advancing the cause of liberty for the rest of the United States! Yes, if their effort succeeds that should mean Hollywood goes with them! I can’t wait. Can out of state folks vote for the Calexit initiative in that they are not residents of California? I sure hope they can in that it would be discriminatory not too as other classes of illegal aliens are allowed to vote there. I wonder if we can build a wall to keep Californians from swarming over the border in the future as they are further taxed and regulated to death. Also, maybe now we can get all of those damned stickers off of all of our products that state not to use them because in California they have all been found to cause cancer. I think California is also responsible for those multiple foot long safety stickers on ladders that warn you not to fall off or you could get injured. I also hope that we can go back to the traditional “Howdy” rather than the imported greeting, “Namaste”. That would truly be a blessing to the ears. One last thing, would it be possible once Calexit is verified to start removing those 18 inch long, 3 lb gasoline vapor devices from the gas pump handles? That would sure decrease tendonitis and save on physical therapy costs.

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